I was fooling myself when I thought that I would steer clear of braids for a while. I mean, come on! I feel like braids and I are now a packaged deal. That and flower crowns… and eye liner… and of course Eric! 😉

I’ve played around with up-braids before (like these milkbraids) but lately I’ve been drawn to all of the pretty braided crowns that I’ve been seeing on Pinterest. If you follow my hair board, this is nothing new. All I can say is, my hair would be suffering big time if it weren’t for Pinterest and all of its magical wonder.

This look is so fun and absolutely elegant! It is that perfect look for a wedding, a bohemian vibe along the beach, or for those times you just want to feel fancy in your own apartment. Below is a quick tutorial, because I’m telling you it’s so simple!!

To Create

step one: Part hair down the center. Create two equal fishtail braids and secure with small elastic.
step TWO: Take one braid, bringing across hairline and securing just behind opposite ear using as many bobby pins as necessary.

step three: Take second braid, bring across to opposite side just behind previous braid. Secure braid with as many bobby pins as necessary. And you’re done!!