After finding out that we were having a little girl two years ago, I couldn't wait to jump onto Pinterest and look up every cliche thing there was about little girl rooms. Typically I am a neutral person at heart, but the idea of having soft girly pieces sounded just perfect. Imagine my surprise when Eric told me he wanted to paint her room PINK! It took a little convincing on his end but I finally caved (of course we compromised and made it the faintest pink in the entire world). By the end, Zoe's room is actually the only completed room in our entire house, ha! Of course kids rooms are never finished. As she grows so does her room. We used to have up these pretty tassels above her bed from tassellove, but just this past week Zoe became too tall and started pulling them down. I loved having just a simple piece behind her crib so I loved when I stumbled across this pretty Meri Meri Wool Garland from The Baby Cubby that were shorter in length to keep out of her reach. Her stuffed animal collection has started to grow so adding in this Meri Meri Tassel Basket was another add on. Can we also talk about that adorable Mermaid! Gah! Apparently I really like Meri Meri products...

If you've never heard of The Baby Cubby before, definitely make sure to check them out! They carry name brand baby items and price match everything (even Amazon!) so you definitely know you are getting a great deal! They also only carry the highest quality and safest gear so that you can shop confidently. This was definitely important to someone like me that freaks out about every little thing. Zoe is a daredevil AND taste tester when it comes to everything so I want to make sure that what we keep around her is sturdy and safe. The things I've researched since having this little one is kind of crazy, but so well worth it. I sleep well knowing that her room is a safe zone, especially because the older she gets the more she wants to play in her nursery. My favorite thing is when she wants to play in her room with all of her stuffed animals. There is nothing more endearing than seeing your little ones imagination bloom. I love peeking around the corner and seeing her having little "conversations" with her toys. Toddlers are incredible, and so observant I've come to find. I just can't wait to see what little things we keep adding in there. I'm thinking a pretty laced teepee for Christmas!

What are some of your favorite finds for your babes nursery?

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