I had a few people write to me wanting to know all the details for Zoe's party. Where I got things, how I made things. So here's a quick little guide to Zoe's 1st birthday! Let me know if you end up trying any of these and tag me on Instagram (username: tanyajtaylor)

^^ These tassels are one of my favorite decorations! I wanted to keep with the bright, fun whimsical theme and tassellove got everything spot on! She made all the colors perfect to what I wanted! If you are into tassels for a birthday, cake smash, superbowl party, head to tassellove. ^^

^^ Zoe's flamingo costume! I got a lot of emails about Zoe's little outfit, which I found on Etsy, by The Wishing Elephant! They have a lot of other cute baby costumes that you should check out! My other favorites are the personalized flight suit and the black swan! Her headband I made myself just buying fake flowers and hot gluing them on one of her old headbands. Easy peasy. ^^

^^ When prepping for Zoe's party I was all over Pinterest all day every day. Her party wasn't animal themed, but our family costumes were so I wanted to keep everything tied together.  I saw these donuts on Pinterest: the flamingos and pandas. I couldn't find any tutorial for the flamingo donuts so I had to just eyeball it from the computer, and use my own imagination. But for the panda donuts, I based mine off of these! Her animal cookie cake I based off of another Pinterest find from A Subtle Revelry!  ^^

^^ Zoe's invitations! I got the inspiration for these from Oh Happy Day! As soon as I saw these I knew I wanted to use them for Zoe's birthday invites! After a little photoshop magic, I was able to change around the wording! You can find the template and how-to on the above link! ^^

^^ The floral backdrop is what I got the most questions on! If you are thinking about doing these they really are simple to do, but EXTREMELY time consuming. Of course I decorated nearly two walls so it all depends on how many flowers you are planning on making. My backdrop has nearly 1,000 pedals, if that gives you any indication, ha! You can find the template and a how-to video on The House That Lars Built! ^^
^^ The photobooth cardboard cut out stand I saw on an IKEA website. Unfortunately there is no template, I simply eyeballed it. But I found other photobooth cardboard cut outs that would be fun to do too right here!

Mondays are a great day to be inspired! Cheers to another week, and happy Halloween!!!


I've been keeping a secret! Welcome Tiny Remix!!! 
Tiny Remix is a brand new children's vintage clothing brand inspired by music. And just like any record, they are releasing their tees in volumes. Seriously, how cute is that?!?! Each item will be limited and will soon become vintage! So here to launch vol.1 of the collection is our very own Zoe!! We were so honored to be included in the site launch, and to be apart of the #mytinyremix tribe.

A little about their tees, they are seriously the softest and stretchiest little tees, just right for those big baby noggins. I can't tell you how many times I struggle putting on Z's shirts around her head while she squirms around. The durable rib necklines on these tees are sooo perfect! I promise you'll thank you! So what are you waiting for, grab your vintage tee while it's still in stock.

And just in time for the elections, make sure your babes rock the "Young American" tee!
Even better, here's a 15% promo code to make the gifts keep on giving:
Make sure to type in BOWIE at checkout!


 ^^ Hold me closer tiny dancer. I will twirl you forever, baby girl!! ^^

 ^^ My whole world!! ^^

Fall has finally hit Seattle, check out those leaves!! The rain let up over the weekend, so we packed up our little family and headed to the pumpkin patch. This is the same pumpkin patch I grew up going to, so it was so fun to finally share it with Zoe. Last year she was only two weeks old and too little to enjoy all things Halloween. It's going to be great as she gets older getting to experience all of the holiday seasons with her! Also, can we please note the matching outfits! Gah!!!!! I die every time!

Can you believe that Halloween is almost here? I haven't even watched one Halloween movie yet? Top picks for this time of year: Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown (1, 2, 3, 4, ha), Casper, Double Double Toil and Trouble. What are some of your favorites??


 ^^ I never went to sleep before midnight the whole week before Zoe's birthday party. Making every tiny decoration like these cut out flamingo bodies for her donuts. Or that floral wall backdrop. It was all so much fun, but this may be Zoe's one and only birthday party, ha! ^^

 ^^ This picture makes me SO happy every time I look at it. Two of my favorite people. My best friend since the 3rd grade surprised me and flew in from North Dakota! The second I saw her I fell to the floor crying! I've missed her so much since she's moved away! Thanks for making Zoe's birthday that much more special Kimberly! ^^

^^ My girl Jordan, her little man Milo, and hubby Devin (who is dubbed JT because he looks just like Justin Timberlake). I LOVE this girl and was so excited when she showed up to the party! She cracks me up every time I see her, and loves to call my hubby "Coach" because of his name, Eric Taylor. She's the cutest! ^^
 ^^ Stella, Hailey, Luke, and Zoe! It's a miracle we even got a few babies lined up long enough to snap this picture! ^^
 ^^ This picture is just the cutest! My other BF Gavi flew in from Los Angeles to wish her a happy birthday!! ^^

^^ The little cut out I made for the boys of the party, so they wouldn't feel like they were being taken over by everything girly. Too bad it ended up being only the girls using it! ^^

^^ I can't believe I forgot to get a picture of this amazing cake my mom made for Zoe's party! Who wouldn't want frosted animal cookies on a birthday cake. YUM! So enjoy this half eaten cake a day later! ^^

^^ Zoe's birthday invites! I loved this little flamingo theme to go along with her costume. ^^
 ^^ Those open mouth kisses are just the best. Although Zoe didn't like the taste of my nose make-up so much, ha! ^^
 ^^ Zoe and Milo. Prom King and Queen, class of 2034! ^^

^^ When Zoe was born everyone would always comment on her furrowed brow expression. What better than having a "pin the furrowed brow on Zoe" game at her party! I don't think I'll ever take this down. It's just too funny!! ^^
 ^^ Baby Stella and her pretty parents! Shouldn't she be a baby model?! She's too cute for words! And SO independent! I can't believe all the things she can do at just 13 1/2 months! ^^

^^ Having friends with babies around the same age is so much fun! And Zoe loves watching these two littles, baby Hailey and baby Luke! Hopefully she starts learning from them and takes her first steps soon. Also, can we please note in the picture above little Luke's nose picking skills, ha boys! Love him!! ^^ 

^^ Zoe is all about the sharing. After "she" blew out her candle she reached in and wanted to feed me. She's going to be such a good big sister some day! ^^

Hey everyone! I'm writing this just after watching the longest football game of allll time. Gotta love the Seahawks! To anyone who watched that Seahawks vs. Cardinals game and the millions of missed field goals, was anyone else thinking of the movie Ace Ventura?? "Laces Out!" 😂😂😂

Now back to happy thoughts. We had Zoe's first birthday party over the weekend and it was so much fun! All that planning and prepping. Hours of staying of late, cutting, gluing, "pinteresting", baking. It all came together. Big shout out to all of our friends who made the drive out to celebrate Zoe and her big day! Thanks to my pretty mama with helping me with the desserts. And even bigger shout out to my two best friends who flew in from LA and North Dakota. You ladies know who you are, and I love you!!! It was so much fun seeing all of the babies in their little costumes for Zoe's whimsical costume party. Who can pass up babies and costumes, am I right?

I sure love my little family! Can't wait to see what the next year brings us!

Until next time!

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