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I can't believe how long it has been since my last post. Time keeps slipping away! As I am typing this I'm snuggled up on my couch with a giant fluffy blanket, wearing bright purple sweatpants and sweatshirt, hair in the messiest of messy buns, and listening to the pouring rain outside. I felt it important for you to have a visual of this momentous occasion. It is officially Fall!! Although just yesterday I was walking around the sunny streets of West Hollywood (post to follow), I couldn't be happier to be back home and experiencing the magic that is Fall out here in Seattle. Leaves galore! What are you looking forward to most for Fall? 

To catch up on life lately, I bring you a little 'Ladygram' full of snapshots from the past few weeks. Follow along on my Instagram adventures!

^^ Seattle always has the best lighting when it comes to overcast weather. Also, loving that it is officially fedora season. ^^

^^ Lovely surprises from the hubby. Nothing beats a handsome man walking through your door with pretty flowers. ^^
^^ Tiny details from an afternoon. Tumblr. Dainty rings. Seasonal nail polish. With a side of T.Swift. ^^ 
^^ Spent the weekend at the family cabin. Bear spotting, pretty sunsets, piggyback rides, & lookouts at Sugarloaf Peak. ^^
^^ Sweater weather is upon us. Couldn't be happier. ^^


TGIF guys!! This week has been pretty brutal for Eric and I. He hasn't been getting done with work until 11 o'clock, sometimes waking up at 6 to finish. To say that I am looking forward to some quality time this weekend is an understatement. We haven't planned out what we will be doing, but the weather calls for lower 80's so obviously water will be involved. I guess this is the Summer that doesn't want to end!

Moving on to hair!! I got this hairspiration from the lovely Barefoot Blonde. I'm telling you, the things that girl can do with her hair is unbelievable. Thinking I need to get my hair some extensions ASAP! A few simple tips to recreate this look can be found below! Would you rock this hairstyle? What look do you want me to try next? Leave your suggestions in the comment section below!

To Create
step one: Brush through hair and part down the middle. Grab a small section on the right side and start french braiding in a backwards motion and tie off. Use fingers to loosen braids. Repeat on the left side.
step TWO: Connect two braids loosely in back, connect with a small elastic.
step three: Gather rest of hair to the back, integrating the hair from braids, and create a simple braid down. Secure with hair tie.


A few "hairspirations" to get you through the season. There's everything from braids, ponies and down looks. All images can be found on my hair Pinterest board! Make sure to follow along!
Now let's make magic with our hair this Fall season!!

What look have you been rocking this season so far?


Wearing: JCREW Top (Old) - Similar Here | Anthropologie Skirt (Old) - Similar Here DSW Booties

I've been falling for fun patterned skirts and ankle booties already this Fall season. Something to add to the list: playful patterned socks to go along with it! I also straightened my hair for the first time in probably, hm,  2 years! I think straight hair tutorials will have to be next! 

Anyways... What is your go to Fall look this season?


Happy Monday loves! I can't believe how quickly this weekend flew by! It included lots of Thai food, the most perfect sunshine, Seattle visits, playing at the Snoqualmie Falls, dinner parties, and plenty of snuggles. Kind of wishing for a little repeat at the moment. So while I'm playing catch up with real life, I thought I would share a few gems my phone has snapped along the way (some old, some new)!
A moment not captured on film, getting locked outside my car at 10 o'clock at night after watching my little brothers high school football game. My own personal h-e-double hockey sticks!

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^^ Seattle was looking mighty fine this weekend! We headed into the city to drop Eric's Mom, Grandma and Aunt off at the port for their cruise up to Alaska. Afterwards we enjoyed some Thai food at Mae Phim (the one on Columbia St. is the best!) and stumbled across this pretty wall along the way so of course pictures had to follow. 
* And for those who asked on Instagram: shoes, skirt and tee. ^^ 

^^ Snoqualmie Falls. Definitely worth the drive to see if you are in the Seattle area. A favorite of mine during the Summer is to grab friends and float the river - rope swigs and large tree branches to jump off of along the way. Stop by Small Fryes when your done and grab some delicious and greasy fast food! ^^

^^ Braids and waves! ^^

^^ My dear friend Annie came up to visit over the Summer, and it was pretty magical! I hadn't seen her in almost 4 years. She is pretty much to thank that Eric and I are together. Love her! ^^

^^ My number one man! ^^

^^ All of these Washington fires were pretty scary this Summer. Driving over to Idaho and seeing one first hand. Also, Eric is my little monkey man. ^^


As we start to transition into Fall, I thought I would share two of my favorite and very simple looks you can rock this coming season: low wrapped fishtail pony & low messy ponytail. I'm really hoping ponytails make a big comeback, especially for all that scarf wearing!

Which look is your favorite?

To Create
step one: Loosely gather hair into a low ponytail, leaving out a small section at the nape of your neck (to use as the wrap around). Secure with elastic.
step TWO: Fishtail braid the ponytail, secure with small elastic. Use fingers to gently pull and separate hair to make it a messy fishtail braid.
step three: Take remaining section under pony and wrap around in a counter clockwise motion. Secure with bobby pins. 

To Create
step one: Part hair down the center. Loosely gather hair into a low ponytail. Secure with elastic.
step TWO: To give a messier look, back-comb ponytail.
step three: For that extra messy look, pull small strands out around face.


I know what you all are thinking, and before you say anything, I promise this is the last of my hiking adventures from this weekends excursions! But you guys, seriously, I wish you all could have been there! I will never get sick of these rolling mountains! On our last full day in Idaho we took a quick ride up as a family over to the border of Montana, and of course it did not disappoint! So much pretty yellow and little touches of the Fall season.
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P.S. Please note in that last picture I finally touched up my roots. That was something that was of top priority to mention just now I guess... Okay, enjoy!


This Labor Day weekend was very good to us! I love running away to the mountains to reaffirm my love for the nature and trees that I so often take for granted here in Washington. I'm already dreaming of our next visit to Idaho, most likely when the green will be covered in perfect fresh powder over Christmas break! Is it too soon to talk about Christmas? Eeeee!

The weather in Wallace was all over the place, proving that Fall is just around the corner. Of course the one day we had planned to go swimming at Upper Glidden Lake the weather turned on me! But I had been dying to go swimming all weekend so I put my brave girl pants on and pushed myself out on that inner tube (seen above) and clung to it for dear life in that 35 degree water. Hash tag numb bum!

Speaking of Fall, I'm staring out my window right now and already seeing yellow leaves. Am I the only one who is super pumped for the Fall season?! I can't wait to wear layers, watch holiday movies and eat really scrumptious warm food!

What are you looking forward to this Fall?


Happy Labor Day to all my American friends! Eric and I are currently riding motorcycles and hiking up the mountains of Idaho and Montana at the moment so excuse our absence. I just love coming out to Eric's family getaway home and spending quality time with the extended family - big family dinners, flea market hunting, hiking, atv and motocycle riding, huckleberry picking, late night ice cream runs, movie nights. One of our destinations this weekend was Striped Peak. I love reaching the top of any hike and getting to look out at the hundreds of rolling hills and innumerable trees. My little nature heart goes pitter patter every time. My favorite thing to do once we reach the top is find the best ledges to look out on, no vertigo for this girl! Idaho, you're beautiful!

What did you do this Labor Day Weekend?

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