Only two more days until Christmas goes into full swing over in the Taylor household. I've been holding off on all things Christmas (including plugging my ears every time a song or commercial comes on). It's hard you guys, especially because this is my favorite time of year! And to prove it I'm holding my own little (early) "Black Friday" sale for you all!

For the month of December, I'm offering my medium ads for $5.00!! Yep, you read that right. $5.00 to sponsor HLL for the month of December! HLL is the perfect little space on the Internet for fellow bloggers, growing companies, small businesses, and artists to share and spread the word while reaching thousands of new readers & customers along the way!

* Please email tj.hislittlelady[at]gmail[dot]com! For current HLL stats see HERE.

P.S. Whose going to be watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with me on Thursday?


1. If there was ever a time to get photobombed on your wedding, this is the way to go.

2. Something so magical.

3. Come to me my furry friend.

4. This took up most of my Sunday night.

P.S. Our two giveaways below have closed! Make sure to check out if you are a winner!


Hey guys! I hope all of you are taking advantage of the amazing giveaways happening below: A $100 gift card to Missguided & a pair of tmbr. sunglasses and phone case so that we can match! Again, I want to give a shout out to my lovely sponsors (who can be found on the right sidebar) for hosting such awesome giveaways just in time for the holiday season!

Today I am so excited to introduce you all to a company that I have been collaborating with for the past few weeks, The Tye! The Tye makes tie dye and solid hair ties and headbands that are gentle on your hair, unbreakable, super cute, and versatile! Wear them in your hair or on your wrists as an accessory, you really can't go wrong. Having thick hair has always been a curse when it comes to finding sturdy ties that don't stretch out or break on me half way through the day. Couple that with my often times tangly hair, and taking out those bad boys is a mission in itself. When I stumbled across this company, I was first drawn to their fun take on the simple tie. I loved the sparkly felt material, the colors, the playful ends, and most of all the price! After receiving a handful of fun samples I have just loved mixing and matching them up with my outfits!

Please make sure to check out their shop HERE, you will not be disappointed!


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Oh hi there! Today I'm dressed head to toe from the online boutique Missguided. How did I get to be so lucky? After months of crushing hard on Fall hats, I finally got my hands on this pretty one! Even better, these things will be in style all year round (double score)! And this momoko shift top has quickly become my all time favorite. Being able to easily dress it up or down, along with those longer sleeves, I just love it!!

Missguided is so gracious to offer one lucky HLL reader the chance to win a $100 gift card in the spirit of Thanksgiving and all it's holiday goodness! Make sure to leave a comment below with the products you would get with your $100 along with what you are thankful for this year! This year, I am thankful for the ability to travel! I think deep deep down I'm a nomad at heart, wanting to travel the world! I'm so thankful for my husbands career that has allowed us to see parts of the world, to see Germany, Austria and now Florida! I just can't wait to see what adventures we have in this coming year!

Winner will be announced Monday, November 25!

P.S. As Cyber Monday is creeping up, Missguided also wanted to offer everyone 20% off your entire order so make sure to head to their site for all your shopping wants come Cyber Monday! 

Side note about these photos: Eric and I went on a walk around the neighborhood to find the perfect backdrop for this outfit post. We found this pretty building (not really sure what the actual building was) until a cop car pulled up letting us know it was the police station. Made a fool she let us take our pictures but man was that embarrassing. Oh well, all for the love of blogging I suppose! MUAH!

UPDATE 11/25: Congratulations to our winner below!
Please email me at tj.hislittlelady (at) gmail (dot) com to collect your prize!


Nothing brings more happiness to the heart than the word "Friday". Well, maybe one thing.. a giveaway!

My HLL sponsor tmbr. was so gracious to send over some of their lovely pieces from their company for me to hold not only a sponsor post, but also a lovely giveaway to one lucky reader for us to match (just in time for the holiday season)! If you're anything like me then you like switching up your phone cases religiously! My last phone case was dainty and colorful, I was happy for a change moving into the holiday season for something sturdy and earthy like this Zebra wood iPhone case! Something about it just makes me want to grab it and head up to a snowy cabin in the woods! And don't even get me started on these fun, bright Yellow Wood sunglasses! Just looking at these pretties puts a smile on my face!

So what do you say, lets be twins! To enter, head over to the tmbr. website, take a look around and follow them on their Facebook page. The winner will be announced next Friday, November 22. Good luck!
P.S The phone case is for an iPhone 4/4s!

UPDATE 11/22: Congratulations to our winner below!
Please email me your contact information at tj.hislittlelady (at) gmail (dot) com


You oughta know - Treasures & Travels

Yep, today we have the lovely Treasures and Travels ladies on HLL for the "You Oughta Know" feature. I thought we all needed a little pick-me-up for your Tuesday, and what better way than getting to know these pretty faces. You may recognize Bethany from a past feature, but I thought it was time you got to know the rest of this amazing trio! I've been reading T&T for quite some time now. Grabbing some bits of inspiration for fashion, recipes, DIY's, and pretty much to just stare at pretty pictures. With their quick growing following and many new adventures on the way, Treasures and Travels are definitely someone "You Oughta Know".
P.S. That cute little heart font was designed by T&T which you can download here.
NAMES: Lindsay Sjoberg, Bethany Menzel, Tegan Klenner
AGES: 22 (L), 21 (B), 25 (T)
CITY: Vancouver, BC
CAREERS: Bethany - I'm so excited that I can finally say blogging is my main job, I also do hair styling on the side! Tegan - I spend my weekends making yummy coffee at a cafe down the street from home! Lindsay - I work at a cafe as well as play in a band with some of my best friends called Behind Sapphire.
KALOS: The name Kalos came from the first time we were selling our feather earrings (yes, we used to sell feather earrings, it's how this all begun!) The word Kalos is tattooed on Tegan's food, and girls who were buying our earrings were asking how they could find us online and we quickly decided to call our business Kalos! Since then it just stuck and our store has changed a lot over the last four years, and out of it came our blog which has slowly taken over the shop side of things and we've put it on hold a bit while we focus on Treasures & Travels.
STYLE PREFERENCES: Bethany - I'm currently 7 months pregnant, so I don't have too many options left in my closet haha. I wear my leather looking American Apparel Leggings almost every day, with a long tank top and chunky sweater. But when I'm not pregnant, High Waisted BDG jeans are what I live in! Tegan - My black high waisted BDG jeans, a cozy sweater, plain tee and my LL Bean rain boots. Autumn in Vancouver is wet and pretty cold, this is pretty much my everyday attire! Lindsay - At this time of the year, I live in giant cozy sweaters. I have a small obsession with crazy sweaters, I practically have one for every day of this autumn season. Tights and dresses are always my go-to!
RECIPE OF CHOICE: Bethany - I love to make donuts. I love all donuts in general, and I've always wanted to be the homey old lady that makes donuts for everyone haha. So I'm starting now on perfecting them! Tegan - Pie! I love to bake pies, I find it very relaxing spending a few hours making the dough, trying new recipes and finding yummy fruity fillings! Mmm, I just love pie. Lindsay - I love making smoothies and milkshakes, depending on the time of the day! Homemade french fries & sweet potato fries with different dips are always fun to make.
THRIFTING: Bethany - My favourite finds have been furniture. I have a couch, dresser, and a credenza that I found for our house when I was engaged and they are teak and very retro looking (not the bad 80's kind). Tegan - Clothing! I feel like I have had some really good luck with clothes and shoes, my favourite boots and shoes are thrifed and last winter I found an amazing Zara jacket at the Salvation Army down in Vancouver, which I think would be my best find to date! Lindsay - I am a sucker for little treasures that I find that are nostalgic. Things that remind me of something from my childhood, or something I saw at my grandmothers house. When you find something special like that it is the best feeling!
NEXT BIG ADVENTURE: Since September we have been secretly working in a cute little studio space in White Rock. We're so excited to be launching a youtube channel we've been filming content for this past little while. Filming video is a whole new category for us, so it's been a really exciting venture! Also, having this space to work and be creative has been so exciting and inspiring for us.
YOU OUGHTA KNOW: Bethany - Love reality TV. Kardashians, freaky eaters, basketball wives, it really doesn't matter. If it's on MTV or TLC I'm probably obsessed with it. Tegan - I love to write and sing with my husband in our little side project (The Klenners). I cry very easily, my hubby always makes fun of me because we will be watching TV and a phone commercial can get to me, it's bad. I love being outside, I love road trips and adventures, my favorite food is cheeseburgers. Lindsay - I think one key to finding joy is really knowing how to appreciate the little things in life. Find things that make your heart happy and search for those things in your life and recognize them daily! It makes all the difference :)

Thanks ladies! xo
For more "You Oughta Know" features, click here.



shirt: Madewell (old), ring: Pale Violet c/o
It's Friday! Can I get a hallelujah?! Not only does the mister finally get home from his business trip from DisneyWorld (yeah.. I know), but I'm also so excited to announce an HLL sponsor post from Pale Violet. Usually I go for a minimalist look when it comes to accessorizing (and by that I mean I rarely ever wear any). But lately I've found myself pinning lots of pretty rings and was happy when I stumbled across this little number, the peacock ring. I loved the color, I loved the diversity it gives for accessorizing with its size, and I pretty much just love that whenever I wear it I feel like a princess. (I think I've been watching one too many time period shows thanks to "Reign" and "The Tudors".)

But back to Pale Violet! They are so kind to offer my HLL readers a 25% discount off their entire order using the code hislittlelady. I'm telling you that you will not be disappointed! Some other pieces I have my eye on are this, this and this!

Well, what are you waiting for? Happy shopping!
And thanks Pale Violet! xx


 Oh Pinterest, what would I do without you?
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Of course weekends here aren't complete without a little visit to the beach. Eric and I first hit up the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk. If you are ever in southern Florida you have to visit this little paradise. It's the epitome of everything you think of when you think of this place. Gorgeous people in swimsuits, old people in speedos, rollerblading, cruising, entertainment, rows and rows of restaurants, and of course the white sandy beaches and lots of palm trees!

We ended our day meeting up with friends at another beach down in Sunny Isles were we went crab searching and rock climbing. Needless to say, we live in a beautiful place and for that I can't complain.
Happy Monday!


The past few weeks have been pretty breezy here in southern Florida (which definitely helps you beat the heat), so when our friends Jared and Sarah asked us if we wanted to go and fly some kites we jumped at the opportunity. Believe it or not I've never flown a kite before so I was all over this! Of course as soon as we got there the wind decided to not cooperate with us, but we got a few good flights in before the sunset. I love the sunsets here against the palm trees.
What did you do this weekend?

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