I'm sure a lot of you have seen the Jimmy Fallon/Justin Timberlake #hashtag skit. But just in case you missed this parody gem by one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Trop Rouge... you're welcome. Something light for your Monday morning.

P.S. A shout out to my girl, Gavi, on her fabulous birthday! Here's to many more!!


Who says the new year has to start January 1? I say you can have a fresh start any day of the year! So with that and a new month ahead, I want to take this opportunity for a fresh start with his little lady. Don't worry, HLL at the core will remain a lifestyle blog (a daily journal of my adventures).

When I first started this site I centered more around fashion posts, and then it became about my engagement and wedding, and then life with the mister. With the help and encouragement from my friends and even my amazing husband I thought that I would give fashion another shot. Now by no means would I say that I'm some super fashion blogger. The worst thing ever is when I'm browsing some of my favorite fashion blogs, drooling over their wear, and come to find its some $300 dress or $200 shoes or $150 blouse. I'm not blessed with a Mary Poppins wallet. My hearts content with Forever21, Gap, H&M, and even money friendly places like thredUp. So here's to all you money savvy ladies, I'm hoping to show you can always look amazing without spending over $100!

Opportunities! If you are a boutique owner, smaller company, etsy shop owner, what have you, and looking for partnerships, make sure to email me with the subject title: "HLL Fashion Partnership". I would love to help get your companies out there! You can find my email in the right column.

Now what are some things you are wanting me to style? Let the challenge begin!


1. Wanting to wear this for the cold weather that is hopefully coming. (countingstonesheep.tumblr.com)
2. Pennyweight can do no wrong(instagram.com/pennyweight)
3. I haven't gone camping in over 4 years. I dream of going here someday. (handcraftedinvirginia.tumblr.com)
4. Ashley Olsen. Duh.  (theberry.com)
5. Never give up on your dreams. (thenastygal.tumblr.com)
6. Sometimes simplicity is bliss, like this white simplistic bouquet. (musla.fi)
7. The ultimate low messy bun(media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com)
8. Ombre and layering for the Fall season. (themarcystop.blogspot.ca)
9. Booties, liquid leggings, hats. Perfect combo. (styledavenue.com)
10. Wanting to DIY this for a side table(www.domainehome.com)
11. Anxiously waiting to eat my first piece of pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving! (eatmeblog.com)

What are your pin obsessions of the week?


Over the weekend we also made sure to check out the first ever national Red Bull flugtag while we explored downtown Miami. It didn't help that the weather was 90+ degrees surrounded by giant crowds and no shady areas in site. But the people watching and massive glider fails made it all worth it. If you don't know much about flugtag, teams create self-constructed gliders with one pilot steering as they launch starting 30 feet in the air and try and get the furthest distance over water. Funniest thing ever! The winning team this year actually happened in Long Beach, California when they ended up breaking the world record and flew 258 feet. Definitely wishing I could have seen that one! Below are some of my snapshots I was able to get in Miami through the crowds sweaty raised arms.
Make sure to learn more about the National Red Bull Flugtag here!


During church my girlfriends and I were talking about date night ideas. My friend Samantha recommended heading into the Wynwood Art District of downtown Miami. On her phone she showed me all of the amazing murals that cover the area. She told me how artists from all over the world were flown in to decorate the vacant buildings to show off their artistic talents, and to better the community by bringing in more tourists. I couldn't wait for the weekend to explore with our friends Sarah and Jared! Below are just the countless few that I snapped shots of with my iPhone.
 ^^ No big deal, just people walking around wanting you to hold some giant snakes... for $20! I managed to snag this shot of my friend Sarah before we realized we had to pay. I think her face says it all. ^^
To learn more about the Wynwood Art District and all it has to offer, make sure to check out this site.
I can't wait to head back to see more soon!
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More about this lovely place, and all about these photos on the blog tomorrow...


Interested in sponsoring His Little Lady for the month of October? 
All information on partnering up can be found here. I'm so excited to get back into this blogging world. I know that I've been a little MIA the past few months, but I'm here to stay! Welcome back blogger, and welcome new readers! I'm glad you found my little space on the Internet :) 
Happy weekend!


1. Love this quote forever and ever. (curiano.com)
2. Oversized frames are my new favorite. (roomed.nl/tussen-bohemian-en-chique)
3. McDonalds and high fashion street style make a beautiful combo. (www.dulceida.com)
4. Trying my hand at gluten goodness, starting with these bad boys. (cannellaemela.blogspot.co.uk)
5. Contemplating cutting off all the hair and going brunette. What do you think? (intothegloss.com)
6. These kids. Enough said. (www.refinery29.com)
7. In my opinion, Andria Lindquist can do no wrong. (andrialindquistblog.com)
8. Need to get myself a green thumb. (www.designlovefest.com)
9. What's better than MK&A? Practically nothing, but their sister! (syvende.tumblr.com)
10. Cut-out booties for Fall. (sincerelyjules.com)
11. Dark lips for the dark upcoming season. (peachesandparis.tumblr.com)

What are your pin obsessions of the week?


Some insta-faves from our time here in Florida so far!
You can see all of them here!

01. Miami beach at night.
02. Downtown Fort Lauderdale before getting caught in the rain.
03. Lifetime bucket list completed at Zoo Miami when I got to feed giraffes.
04. Celebrating our anniversary at Disney World!

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Eric and I spent our Saturday exploring more of Miami's treasures. More beaches that bring nothing but bits of paradise. The infamous Lincoln Road Mall that brings Shake Shack, street performers, some of the best people watching of all time, and fabulous shopping. Happy Monday!
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Happy Friday readers! Today I'm so excited to say that the "You Oughta Know" feature is back to HLL, and here to stay! As a refresher, each month I choose one blogger/designer/photographer/creative artist/what have you to spotlight as someone "you oughta know". This person will be someone who I have grown to admire and want to learn more about, and today is no exception. As one of the very first blogs I started reading when I entered into this crazy world, Kelli Murray has done nothing but grow to be one of my favorite blogs of all time. From her easy going, California style, to her design portfolio, and her beautiful daughter. You'll soon see why Kelli Murray is someone "You Oughta Know".  
NAME: Kelli Larson (aka Kelli Murray)
AGE: 28
CITY: San Diego
SPOUSE: Sam Larson
CAREER: Illustrator / Graphic Designer
DESIGN PIECE: I think my favorite illustration to date is a recent one I did titled "Avery".  I think it's a good representation of where I am at as an artist and where I want to go.  It's soft and feminine and evokes a kind of emotion that I strive to portray in a lot of my work.
STYLE PREFERENCE: I tend to lean toward bohemian or vintage pieces....but I definitely like to mix it up.  I've never been one to stick to a particular look or trend....instead, I wear what I am feeling.  Lately, I've found myself gravitating more to simple colors and silhouettes....timeless pieces that mesh with my on-the-go lifestyle as a mom.
SPARE TIME CHOICES: Ironically, paint (which I also do as part of my job sometimes)....go to the beach with my family, shop, craft and consume pizza (in moderation, kind of) :)
NEXT BIG ADVENTURE: My husband and I are actually going into business together and opening our own brick and mortar retail space!  We are just at the beginning stages and plan on having the doors open by November 1st.  It will be a curated retail concept and community space dedicated to premium brands with a focus on American made goods.  It's a huge undertaking and big risk for us....but we are following our hearts and look forward to what this next year will hold!  We can't wait to reveal what we've been working on!
YOU OUGHTA KNOW: I was cured of celiac's disease when I was pregnant with my daughter Rylee and it pretty much changed my life. I'm a borderline workaholic and have a really hard time sitting still. The beach is my happy place and there is no where else I'd rather be than there with my family.  I'm a total homebody.  I love Jesus. And the one piece of advice I'd give to anyone is to take chances.  There's no better time than yesterday to follow your dreams.

Thanks Kelli! xo 
To view past "You Ought Know" features, see here & here


1. That Summer look transitioning into Fall. (collagevintage.com)
2. Basically, the leaning frames along the floor are my favorite. (myscandinavianhome.blogspot.com)
3. Wishing I had a flower crown at my wedding. (theglitterguide.com)
4. I mean, really. How stinkin' cute are Hailey and Brad? (somethingdevineblog.com)
5. Braids for days. (thenletitbe.tumblr.com)
6. I've made a promise to myself that I will go to Paris next year. It's happening. (syvende.tumblr.com)

What are your pin obsessions of the week?



When I saw this on Vimeo the other day I knew that there was no way that I could NOT share it! Just watch and try and tell me you aren't instantly in love. I dare you!

Quang + Ellie: Slow Motion Booth from Super Frog Saves Tokyo on Vimeo.


A few more photos from our Labor Day spent at Vizcaya Museum & Gardens and Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park that I didn't want to go undocumented. Including one of my favorite photos of the mister and I shown above. Adore him!

*All photos taken with my iPhone (mainly because I always seem to be missing my sim card or forget to charge my camera before we leave. Got to make a mental note of that for next time). 

^^ Still obsessing over my Harper Gold Bar necklace from milk + crown. Make sure to click on her ad found on my side bar to the right. You won't be disappointed! ;) 


Over Labor Day weekend we took advantage of our extra time together and explored our new town hand in hand. With food trucks, gelato popsicles (delicious), live music, late night beach walking, football games, museums, lighthouses, we did it all! We even made a special trip to check out the Shake Shack that they have down here in Florida. I've never been to New York before, but all Eric ever talks about is how addicting the place is. So when we found out that they have not one but three Shake Shack's, all within a 30 minute drive from us, we had to check it out! With each new adventure we are quickly falling more in love with you Florida! Here are a few of our captured adventures (some found on my instagram).

I hope you all had a fabulous Labor Day weekend!

^^ The water is so gorgeous and warm. I can't believe we live here!

^^ The whole time we were at the game I was waiting for Ace Ventura and Dan Morino to make an appearance. It never happened. 

^^ Shelling at Red Reef Park in Boca Raton. 

^^ Vizcaya Museums and Gardens. Absolutely stunning! It was taking a step back into Europe all over again. Wishing I could have taken pictures inside of the mansion. 

^^ Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. I wanted to go here purely to explore the lighthouse, but came to find friendly people, good drivers, a perfect island and calm waters. A definite must to go back and try paddle boarding soon!

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