It's Friday! It's Friday! It's Friday!

This week just flew right by, which I'm glad because there were some definite challenges in there for the mister and I. For this weekend I wouldn't mind just staying in, sleeping in to ridiculous hours of the day, walking around the neighborhood (if the weather permits), and lots and lots of snuggle sessions. What fun plans do you have set up for this weekend?? One thing that should be up on your list is not forgetting to sign up for THIS fun little giveaway up on the site. Three winners will be announced next Thursday!

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Happy Weekend!!!


Happy Thursday readers! Recently I was contacted by the ever so awesome custom shirt design company, WhoopTee, to do a little collaboration project. Of course I couldn't say no! I've never worn something that I designed myself. The whole process was quick and easy, you'll soon want to make one of your own! To create a t-shirt all you have to do is make a design on your computer (or paper and scan it in) and send it there way. Next thing you know you'll be receiving your creation in the mail and wanting to wear it proudly all over the place. But for now, let's be twins! 
Today we have an awesome giveaway for not one, but THREE lucky readers! I'm telling you, this is the perfect boyfriend t-shirt you'll want to wear to sleep, on the road, and doing your day to day activities. It's cuteness factor goes up when walking down the street holding hands with your man ::winks::

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^^Board walking and carousel rides :: The Seattle Aquarium :: Wild Ginger (my favorite Asian food restaurant sadly not pictured) :: Mini photoshoot in my newly purchased Ruche dress :: Mexican festive birthday dinner (sombrero, tambourines and all sadly not pictured) :: Instax fun :: Pretty cake decorated with these 
pretty candles


First off, I just want to thank each and every one of you for all of the birthday love through bloggerInstagram, and Facebook. You all made me feel so special for the big 2-5, reading through each of your lovely comments! Twenty-five so far is starting to be one of the best years yet, and with lots of big and exciting plans around the corner who knows what will happen. The unexpected has never looked so glamorous and free! Speaking of glamorous can we talk about these leggings from Style Lately for a second? I don't think you realize how much I've been living in these bad boys the past few days. Eric is about to hold an intervention any second now. Not only are they super comfy and smooth, but they are that necessary statement piece I never realized I was missing. So while I enjoy my last moments before the intervention, I hope you all have a happy Tuesday!


Today I am 25. I'm waking up this morning not feeling any different than the day before. I don't feel any wiser, I don't feel older, I don't feel ... old. These past few days I have spent a lot of time reflecting. When I was younger I thought a lot about where I would be at 25. I thought I would be long gone from those high school days. I thought I would be living in California, winning my first Oscar for best actress. I thought I would be married (check) and have a baby (not check). I thought I would have been a world traveler. I thought I would have made a significant impact in someway to someone. When you're younger you feel like you have to accomplish everything straight out of college. You feel this silent pressure to be accomplished now that everyone's first question to you is "And what do you do?". You think by the time you are 25 you will have it all figured out. Yes, today I am 25. I may not have everything figured out. I may not have an oscar, have a baby, be a world traveler. I may not have made my giant footprint on the world just yet. I may still be asking myself what I want to be when I grow up. And that's okay, because what I have learned these past 25 years is that right now is just the beginning. I'm not that old lady I thought I would be, I'm just getting started. So here's to all you other twenty-somethings out there. Own it, love it, embrace it, cherish it. And happy birthday to me!!


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Bring on April, and exploring all that Germany has to offer in 24 days and counting! Eeeee!


Spring is finally here, and it did not disappoint in Seattle, wind storms and pouring rain in tow. But you know what they say about rain bringing the flowers, so I can't wait to see pretty colors and green trees outside again. Moving right along ... Today I'm so happy to introduce you all to another one of my lovely sponsors and to an amazing company, very jane. This cute shop has anything your little heart desires for a mere fraction of the cost! I especially adore their skirts as seen below. Make sure to check out and subscribe to very jane after this interview (if you aren't already). You won't be disappointed!


25 WHILE 25

The big 2-5 is now five days and counting. Dun-dun-DUUUUUUN! And with this "life changing" time coming up I thought it was about time that I really push myself to accomplish things while I'm still young, baby-less and no "huge" responsibilities just yet. These goals range from travel, personal accomplishments and lifetime goals. Big, small, there are no bounds. So here we go ... 25 things I hope to conquer while I'm 25 (in no particular order).


Pike Place Market // According to my iPhone
Pike Place Market :: Ferris Wheel :: Market Grill :: Spring Flowers :: Records ::
Photobooth (the same one from The Bachelor!!) :: Mae Phim Thai Food :: Back Entrance 


I love March! I love the beginning of Spring, the misty rain, the blooming flowers, and of course the fact that it's my birthday month! Woo! Is it sad to be turning 25 and still making birthday wish lists? I'll probably be making these the rest of my life. I mean, it's the one day that you get to feel entirely special for doing nothing but age another year. So for now I'll relish my last 9 days of being 24 and drop hints to the mister of all my little hearts desires ::wink::

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S Instant Camera for our European adventures.
2. A couples massage. A win/win for the mister and I. 
3. Lana Del Rey concert tickets in Munich while we are there!
4. This new beauty for the summer. Motivation to go to the gym for sure...


... SOOO I was super bored yesterday and started making little videos of myself dancing and lip-syncing to songs. You know, because that's what we all do when we have nothing better to do. And then I proceeded to make a little video about it. So this is to say, we are doing another Vlog series. Send me your questions that you want me to answer and let's all get to know each other better. Ready, GO!


Happy day readers! So sorry I have been absent from the blogosphere as of late. I'm going on 5 days now of zero sleep. Yes you read that right, ZERO! I think I've finally hit full blown hallucination status. Why is it when you want to sleep the most you just can't?! I guess my next step is resorting to the strongest over the counter drugs possible. That or getting my hands on an elephant tranquilizer. Any suggestions on how this can happen? So instead of going on and on about how I don't even know what day of the week it is, I'll keep you occupied with one of my lovely March sponsors, Stefanie from living deliberately. This Las Vegas native and traveling nomad will have you wanting to sell everything you own and hoping onto the next flight out of town. If you had wanderlust before, just you wait!! Make sure to check out Stefanie's site after this interview!

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California and Las Vegas over the weekend // According to my iPhone
Puget Sound :: Late night Yogurtland :: Viva Las Vegas :: On the road again, again and again :: 
3 hour walks around South Pasadena :: Palm trees and sunshine :: Plane rides

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