Happy Friday everyone! Before I say anything else I just wanted to send out a big hug to all of you for your support the other day. Your kind words, emails, texts, and Facebook comments were so beautiful and heartfelt, I was completely overwhelmed with love and acceptance. You are all beautiful inside and out! All I can say is that I am just so happy that today is Friday! Not exactly sure what this weekend will entail past snuggles, wrapping presents, and Christmas movies. Who knows, maybe Christmas tree shopping will happen if the rain lets up for a little bit. Fingers crossed! What all do you have planned for the weekend?

And as promised, the winner of last weeks Thanksgiving giveaway can be found HERE. Make sure to check out if you are the winner!


- Sitting through an extremely cheesy made-for-TV Christmas movie that makes Hallmark movies look like blockbuster hits! Why do I do this to myself?
- This conversation:
          Mom: [Whispering] "Tanya, your gift arrived. It's sitting behind the couch in the living room".
          Tanya: "Why are you whispering? Oh, the gift I ordered?"
          Mom: [Whispering] "Shh, Eric's in the other room."
          Tanya: "Oh, it's just something I bought myself. You know, because I'm thoughtful like that."
- That time you're cuddling on the couch and realize that a giant spider is crawling up your husband. This is quickly followed by the hubby screaming, quickly flailing his arms around to get the spider off and then jumping onto the coffee table... It's in these cases that we're all reminded that the women wear the pants.

- Last nights episode of Modern Family.
- Boy Meets World is coming out with a sequel people! Cory + Topanga = 4ever!
- Many of our neighbors celebrated a beautiful holiday called Diwali - Festival of Lights a few weeks back. It was so incredible to be able to drive around with Eric and see all of the houses lit up and families outside lighting sparklers together. So serene.
- Finally seeing Argo in theatres. I have never seen a more moving and emotional film. By the end I wanted to cry due to so many mixed emotions of what all happened in those two hours. If you haven't seen this movie yet I highly recommend it!
- What better way to cheer yourself up than eating a pumpkin shake while driving around looking at lights and listening to Christmas music.
- Getting all of our holiday shopping done early. Now if only these next few weeks would hurry up so I can give everyone their presents! Eeee!!
- Family and friends coming into town.
- Stuffing and pumpkin pie leftovers.
- This giveaway. Don't forget to sign up, it closes tomorrow morning! Good luck! ::winks::


I'm sorry I am slacking on this site as of late. You could attribute that to the holiday season, cold weather or the food coma hangover from Thanksgiving. I'm sure all three of these are playing a role, but there's something else that has been weighing heavily on my mind. I sat up late last night in bed having many conversations with the mister. About our future plans, jobs, work out and eating routines, you name it. But the truth of the matter is, I'm sad. I love my life, I really do. I love my husband, I love my family, I love being back in my hometown, and I love this time of year with so many happy, festive movies playing repeatedly on the TV. I'm not sure what it is but lately I have just found myself obsessing over comparing every little bit of my life to those around me. And I can't help but think that I'm doing everything wrong. I'm working out so hard but see no changes. I see some of my friends with such incredible careers, chasing after their goals and making them happen and I'm just sitting on this couch. I see younger couples than me having babies with no second thoughts. Girls with effortless wardrobes. Elaborate weddings. Crafting skills. Upbeat and constant facebook statutes, tweets, instagram photos, blog posts. Don't get me wrong, I'm not naive. I know these people have their own worries, concerns and insecurities. Life is constantly changing for everyone and bringing those personal challenges for us to overcome, to be refined and made better and stronger. I guess this is just mine and right now I'm sinking. I feel like I have no direction or motivation. I wish I could magically be skinnier, in shape, a little bit taller. I wish I could just want a baby without thinking of all those scary needles, doctors visits, labor, lack of sleep, not getting to accomplish things that I've always wanted to do (but know that most of them won't really happen...but what if). I wish I could have a whole new wardrobe without dollar bills floating around my head. I wish I could get married every day (to Eric of course) with all of these pretty new dresses coming out and reliving that moment where everything is perfect and all eyes are on you. I wish I could have the desire to make my home a winter wonderland of DIY projects. I wish I could go outside and take pictures of every aspect of my life so I could share my own pictures on this site for once. I wish I could be one of those people who can constantly exude happiness 24/7.

The sin of comparison is so damaging to the spirit. And the worst is I'm doing it to myself. No one is pressuring me to compare, to not be happy for those who are happy. Who knows, maybe I just have to give myself a good cry and will be well. Just getting this out on my online journal here already has me gasping for air above the water, and those first breaths are relieving. I have faith that everything will happen on it's own time. All the things I truly desire will come right when they need to. For now it's all about choice, and I choose to be happy - one step at a time.


Happy Cyber Monday friends! I hope this site brings you comfort after all that shopping. This Thanksgiving weekend was just what I needed. As long as we don't focus on the fact that every pound I lost in the past month and a half of workouts came right back in a two day span. The way I see it that equals a successful Thanksgiving, right? And as always, the stuffing and pumpkin pie did not disappoint. The weekend brought great food, family, dessert parties with friends, dinner dates and live music, Christmas shopping, Christmas music, and Christmas movies. Those movies may or may not have included Elf, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Jingle All The Way, and A Mom for Christmas. Whoever knows that last one is officially moved into my best friend status ::winks:: Next up is finding that perfect tree. Our first Christmas tree as a married couple (since we didn't get one last year). I can hardly contain myself!

What fun things did you do this Thanksgiving weekend?


Happy Thanksgiving all my American readers! I hope today you are stuffing your face with delicious food, surrounded by the ones you love and remembering all the things you are grateful for before we all trample over each other and spend our hard earned money on this little thing called "Black Friday". But before we hurt ourselves and our wallets we have for you today a lovely giveaway from Arienne and Meagan. There is going to be one lucky reader just in time for the holidays after this!

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With a new year quickly lingering, this is the time my body aches for change. And one of the first things I reach for is the hair. To cut, to not cut? To go lighter or darker? I'm pretty set on what my decision will be and can't wait for a fresh change. I'll leave you guessing. But in the mean time I can't help but obsess over all of these little gems. You can find more of my hair-spirations over here. And a very happy Thanksgiving eve to my American readers!!

What things do you look forward to with a new year?

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6


There are only two more days left that separate me and everything that is festive! I'm still trying to decide what Christmas movie I should watch first after the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, any suggestions?
In the meantime we have my last sponsor for the month, the lovely Britt from The Magnolia Pair.  After interviewing this 'hot mama' to be, I realized we had so much in common and I kind of loved it! We both met our hubby's in high school. We both married our high school loves just 11 days apart and moved out of state and away from home. Of course I moved back to my rainy city and I'm not pregnant, but other than that I decided we are twins. Yup. Plus, she hails from the same stomping grounds as Ellen DeGeneres which makes her 1,000 times cooler in my book. I mean, it's Ellen people!
So make sure to check out Britt's site after this little interview. You know you want to!!
xo TJ



There are days when I don't feel like making dinner... so we order pizza and breadsticks, and hate ourselves later.

There are days I don't want to do anything... so I watch Real Housewives of fill in the city and feel fabulous doing it.

There are days I feel inspired to finally donate that t-shirt I've been holding onto since the ninth grade... but then I remember all the great memories and put it back in it's rightful place. Seriously, I need to go on "Hoarders" or something.

There are days when the mister and I get in an argument... I don't like those days.

There are days I want to make everything on pinterest... but then I remember I'm not creative enough and buy it instead.

There are days I feel lonely... but then I pick up my phone and call a friend.

There are days I walk into Madewell... only to walk out empty handed because everything is ridiculously expensive and then I hate my life.

There are days I want to travel the world... but then I remember what a homebody I am.

There are days that I spend too much time comparing myself to others... and this never ends well.

There are days I am happy... and I embrace it wholeheartedly.

There are days... and then there's today.
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With the holidays quickly approaching I could not be happier. And for me change typically means a new month and new sponsors! So with that, His Little Lady is now accepting sponsors for the month of December. All information can be found here.

December isn't like any other month for me though. When December rolls around I somehow feel like a little kid again. All of the Christmas lights, the music, the food, the movies, the spirit, everyone coming home for the holidays. You feel it all and nothings sweeter. So what are you waiting for? Let's be blogging buddies and sponsor HLL! 

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In honor of one of my favorite upcoming holidays, I thought I would share with you the number one thing that I am so very grateful for. Eric, I love you more than all the stars. You are the first person I want to run and tell all of my secrets, all of my failures, and all of my successes to. You are the best shoulder to cry on. The best person to laugh with. My number one fan. You found me when I never knew I was lost. I am so happy we sat next to each other in our first class of junior year of high school. I'm so grateful that you are my best friend, my partner in crime. So here's to you, my dear. Here's to eternity. I love you.

P.S. You can find me over here today.


As we get older we start to narrow down the people we want to share our time with. We have those relationships where you talk on the phone every day. The ones where we send the ever so often "checking in" text. Or the ones we see once every few months but it's as if no time goes by. Either way, these are the people we love and know that will be in our lives forever. I feel so blessed to have found such incredibly talented, caring and selfless people to call my friends. And today I'm proud to share one of those people with you. This is Gavrielle. She's going places, and I could not be more proud.


The weather in Seattle has been all over the place as of late. Extremely foggy mornings, followed by bright sunshine, and a little downpour... just to make things interesting. And after weeks of layering ourselves up in parkas inside, we finally decided to turn on the heater last night. Oh how glorious it is to be able to feel your fingers and toes again. I'm off for another adventure in the city with the baby sister-in-law, but here are a few glimpses into my weekend via instagram.


Happy Friday my loves! Today's post is going to be short and sweet because I am off to the gym and then catching up on everything Den of Thieves with the sister-in-law. Now that the fog has broken through and the sun is shining, I hope to take full advantage this weekend. Who knows, maybe I'll even have pictures of myself on this blog for once. Gasp, I know! It's been far too long. In the meantime, the winner of last week's Halloween giveaway can be found HERE.
Make sure to go and see if you are the winner and then shoot me an email at...

tj.hislittlelady [at] gmail [dot] com


After doing the Jillian Michaels Lean Leg workout yesterday I think I would much rather chop off my legs than deal with this pain. Honestly, how do people do this every day? Nevertheless, I'm going to get myself off this couch and do it all over again. Yep, it's decided. Wish me luck. Speaking of yesterday, I had an amazing late night dinner with some of my high school friends that I haven't seen since my wedding. There is nothing like a candlelight dinner being surrounded by those who make you laugh out loud. Not to mention we were one of those people who were the last to leave the closing restaurant. I think all the turned over chairs were our cue to exit. So while I get my work out on, I leave you with some lovely things that are making me happy as of late.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 


I don't know if I mentioned this on my blog or not, but the mister and I are on an exercise/diet for the month of November. Taking time to really focus on your health and happiness is just good for the soul. Especially with this upcoming month to reflect on those things we are grateful for. Today I am grateful for my body. I have put this body of mine through so many things in the past years. Countless sleepless nights, sometimes a lack of balance resulting in some pretty bad falls, broken bones, eating issues. Today I'm listening to my body and taking a break from the blog today to focus on myself and healing. So thank you Albert Einstein for reminding me that we always have time. I have time to answer my emails. I have time to blog. I have time to watch my favorite TV shows. I have time to give hugs&kisses to the mister. I have time to enjoy all of these things, one step at a time.

*In the meantime, don't forget to enter this giveaway. The winner will be announced this Friday.


Happy Elections Day! Can I get an amen? Even though pushing the clocks back has made it be pitch black in our apartment come 5 o'clock in the afternoon, I haven't lost site of all the pretty colors that surround me on a daily basis. A big thanks to the pretty Fall leaves desperately hanging on to their branches. These are just a few things I've been up to as of late, according to my iPhone.

+ I've had a pounding migraine the past two days. No amount of advil, dark and quiet rooms or hot showers seem to do the trick. Any suggestions?
These boots. Yay or nay???
+ Halo 4 was released yesterday. Why do I mention this? Because the mister played this (headphone set and all) until nearly one in the morning. No words...
+ For all those wondering if Wreck It Ralph is any good. It is.
+ Have you guys checked out this site? Have you ever wondered what some of your favorite celebrities, tv characters, or online friends are wearing and where to get it? Hello, Gossip Girl. Then make sure to create your profile and join in on the next big thing!
+ What should I put on my Christmas list?
+ Oh, and I love my friends!!


As you can probably tell from past posts on the blog, I have been day dreaming of traveling the world as of late. To drive to the airport and fly on a whim to any exotic or historic place. Yesterday, while I was cleaning up my folders on the ol' computer I came across these gems back in 2006 when I flew over to Hawaii to surprise my friend. I had never been to Maui before, and it is absolutely breathtaking. So I'm daydreaming of roaming this gorgeous island with the mister today on this dark morning. Aloha!

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