Happy Halloween all you ghouls and gals! The mister and I will be staying in cuddled up watching PG rated scary movies (yes, I'm a wimp when it comes to anything that goes bump in the night) and passing out candy to all the little kiddos that hopefully come to our door. But in celebration of Halloween, the last day of October, and the start of the two greatest holidays ever, we have a lovely little giveaway from Elizabeth and Gia.
There is going to be one lucky reader just in time for the holidays after this!

We are The Bradleys, a family of artists and dreamers moving to Scotland. We believe family life is an adventure and that true love lasts forever! I'm a huge vintage clothing addict and tea drinker :)
We're giving away an e-giftcard to Urban Outfitters to help you pick out some new clothes for the holiday season!

A $30.00 E-giftcard to Urban Outfitters

Hi HLL readers! I'm Gia, an 18 year old student and freelancer from New Zealand. I blog over at Lovely Serendipity, and today I am so excited to tell you that a lucky blogger will receive a free custom illustrated header! I opened up my online business, The Savvy Chics, just over a week ago and I am more than happy to beautify your blog. 

One custom banner illustration, a $35.00 value
Further examples of her work can be found here
Can't wait to see if you are a winner? Gia is offering a 15% discount to all HLL readers at her shop!!

To be eligible for entry, you must be a follower of His Little Lady (if you aren't already). 
You must be a follower of The Bradleys & Lovely Serendipity
For extra entries, follow Gia on twitter and like her Facebook page. You can also follow Elizabeth on pinterest and like her Facebook page.
Spred the word about this Halloween giveaway through your Facebook, twitter or even your lovely blog by linking up! 
Send me a tweet showing me the link!

*Leave a separate comment for each entry down below! The winner will be announced next Friday, Nov 9.  

UPDATE: 11/9: Congrats to our winner below!
Please email me your contact information: tj.hislittlelady [at] gmail [dot] com


Little bits of home on this gloomy day here in Seattle. So I'm taking it easy, catching up on emails, finalizing my November sponsors (a few spots still open if you are interested, see here), and spending time visiting best friends while they are in town. Stay warm on these rainy days. And sending many prayers to all those affected by #Sandy.


Another Monday, and another weekend that flies by. But do you use that short time to your full advantage? Every time Friday rolls around in the Taylor household the mister and I get so excited that we finally get to spend all of our time together. But then that overshadowing, dreaded conversation happens. "What do you want to do tonight?" "I don't know what do you want to do?" And back and forth that goes. Next thing you know you're both eating a late night bowl of cereal watching re-runs of Battlestar Galactica (nerd alert over here). A night in is never a bad thing. Sometimes you both need that down time to just snuggle and let your brains shut off. But what about those nights that you want to shake things up a bit?
Here are three simple tips for your next date night!

Eat out at a new restaurant
While we may all have our regular favorites, changing up our environments and eating something new can be just the thing to bring about excitement. With a new restaurant you both get the chance to order something different. Get extra plates, share each others meals. There is just something intimate about sharing and exploring together. And don't skip out on dessert!! Sometimes you just got to splurge a little ::winks::

Take a walk
With the chilly weather in full forth, it can be easy for us to make excuses to stay inside. But nothing is better than some fresh air and holding hands with the one you love. Take the opportunity to bundle up and take a walk. The mister and I love walking around the local neighborhoods and picking out houses that we like and daydream about our future together.

Go to the movies
This might be a "duh" thing, but hear me out. Yes, going to the movies can always be fun. But sometimes we have to take a bullet. We go and see the gory, action films that he loves. He sits through our romantic comedies that he says he doesn't like (but secretly does). How about finding common ground. Look for those theaters playing independent films or see a movie that you both would typically look over. Seeing something new can spark new conversation and leave you talking about it the rest of the night. Up next on our list: Argo.

What are your tips for date night? I would love to hear some new ideas!!


With the month quickly coming to an end (I mean seriously, Halloween is less than a week away, whaaaa?!!) His Little Lady is now accepting sponsors for the month of November. All information can be found here.

And this month holding my second favorite holiday of all time, I just can't wait to jump right in already. Who doesn't love mashed-potatoes and gravy, rolls, my famous green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, and stuffing galore!! And let's not forget The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (please tell me I am not the only one who looks forward to watching this every year!?)! Oh, I'm getting chills of excitement just thinking about it. So what are you waiting for? Let's be blogging buddies and sponsor HLL! You know you want to ::winks::
If interested email me at:
tj.hislittlelady [at] gmail [dot] com
Happy Friday!


Happy Thursday everybody! Today we have our last October sponsor, the lovely miss Tiana from L'esthetique. No words are really necessary when talking about how drop dead gorgeous she is. I mean really... it's not even fair. But can we take an even closer look at her wardrobe. Needless to say, I want it all. Can we be shopping buddies, Tiana? Please, and thank you!
Everyone make sure to check out her perfect little space on the Internet after this interview!!
xo TJ


Geometric necklace. / Newly opened Top Pot Doughnuts. /  Pumpkins Pumpkins Pumpkins. / Pretty Fall succulents. / Fox in his happy place. / The mister confidently holding baby Jane. / Downpour. / Aftermath = Double Rainbow. / Anxiously Patiently waiting for Christmas. / Late night hot chocolate with my love. 

I know I already said it but these last few days have been crazy busy. Either way, we were so happy to have Paige and her little chicklets in town!! We watched scary movies, ate LOTS of food, went to the movies, and had our baby fever sky rocket with easy going baby Jane. With a little bit of work time and getting back into a regular gym routine, blogging has gone on the back burner. But I am here to say that I am back, baby!!!

Oh, and before I forget. Did anyone catch the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode last night?!?! I missed it, but can't wait to catch up with the baby sister-in-law later tonight when she gets off work. After Modern Family, of course.


Sorry I have been a little distant from the blogosphere the past few days. The mister's older sister is in town with her little munchkins so we have been busy playing aunt and uncle. Some of our little adventures can be seen over here. Another excuse for my absence is the chilly weather. The Autumn season in Seattle is in full force. Rainstorms galore, and I kind of love it. Especially with all the blanket snuggles, movie marathon nights and when it brings double rainbows like this.


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 

I spent 5 straight hours on Pinterest the other day. 5 HOURS. How does something like this happen? Pinterest is a wonderful, inspiring and dangerous space on the Internet. And besides all things babies and home interior design, I have just been loving the art of photography on the site. Now that I am graced with another wonderful camera, I just want to jump start into my passion of taking photographs. I've been looking up all of my favorite local photographers, as seen above, and hope that someday I'll be as talented as them. Now, who wants to buy and teach me how to use Photoshop? But seriously... ::winks::

Happy Weekend! Here's to being inspired!


Happy Vampire Diaries day everyone! At least that is what the mister and I have grown to call it. Yes, even he is obsessed with the show. And if he will watch it, then I guarantee that a lot of your men will watch it too! ::winks:: 

Today also marks another day of introducing you lovely readers to one of my October sponsors! Carly from Lipgloss and Crayons is one of those girls that has an infectious personality and you want to instantly be friends with. It doesn't hurt either that we both got engaged and married at the same time. Love it! This LA school teacher is one stylish lady, with a rockin' man by her side. Make sure to check out her site after this little interview!!
xo TJ


There is something just so simplistic and moving about black and white shots. Here are a few final stills from my fun little photoshoot last week with my dear friend and her lovely family - continuing on from here.


The rainy season has finally hit the Seattle area, and nothing says Halloween like the rain. So to go along with the Halloween theme the mister and I visited the local pumpkin patch, rain boots in hand. The pumpkin patch offered face in hole cutouts, corn mazes, animal rides. But we just couldn't help ourselves as a Christmas tree lot was growing next door. And instead of finding the perfect pumpkin that day we wandered around all those Christmas trees and dreamt about stockings, lights, pancakes, snow, and presents. I know October is only half way through but December needs to hurry up already!!

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