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i thought i'd only do this once, but seeing as there are just so many things i am loving at the moment on youtube, i just have to give this another go. 

my new blog crush of the week.
obsessing over this perfect / entertaining hair tutorial.
really happy he won.
still upset she didn't win.
and all around really digging this. seriously, could they be any cuter?
swooning over these floors.
and traveling here today.
and of course, dying to see this come christmas.

junieblake: jane dress

summer is upon us. with this lingering 90 degree weather that is to hit this coming weekend, it's the perfect time to find those summer dresses for all occasions. and when i was contacted by the lovely junieblake, a modest wear boutique based out of arizona, it could not have come at a better time! this up and coming fashionable clothing line is brought to you by a mother and her two daughters who wanted more options for a modest feel but not sacrificing their trendy and stylish selves. and boy did they deliver!
they sent over this "jane" dress that i wore to church the very next day, and out and about a few more times since than i'd like to admit. honestly, it is the comfiest dress that i own to date. the material is soft and breathable, which is a definite plus for summertime, and it hugs in all the right places, which the mister certainly likes. and with these coral stripes (my absolute FAVORITE) all the ladies wanted to know where it was from.
i mean, how many dresses can you wear and do high jumps like this and not flash the entire world? or just jump like this in general? don't mind the fact that i nearly snapped my ankle in the process of capturing this image. all for a good cause i suppose. head on over to junieblake to see the dress for yourself! 

blog love: Crescendo

happy tuesday lovelies! i hope you all had a wonderful memorial and sent out sweet well wishes and memories to all those who have or are serving our country. the mister and i had a great time spending time with the family eating a giant meal and playing lots of little sports outside, smores in hand! quite impressive if i do say so myself. but enough about me, let's move on to our last lovely sponsor for the month of june. meet krista from the coveted crescendo blog! i have enjoyed getting to know krista through her blog for the past few months. she is seriously a doll. and if you are ever on the hunt for finding ways to get organized, see her! and make sure to check out her site after this little q+a!
xo TJ

memorial weekend behind the scenes

birthday girl.
lipstick. smack!
my first french braid.
raindrops on roses.

i told mother nature that i was missing the rain, and boy, did it bring me rain. just in time for the baby sister-in-law's birthday celebration plans. that lovely picnic photoshoot we were hoping for was washed out. but we made the best of it by giving mother nature the "curse you" fist shake and hiked our booties up to that pretty old waterfall anyhow. followed by a lovely drive around sundance. SO pretty. of course, a birthday wouldn't be complete without "fine" dining, movie watching, nap taking, velvet cake eating, and candle blowing. happy birthday, allison!
and of course, another lovely shout out to my big sister-in-law, paige, on her birthday today! love you both!

bloggy guide: 101

happy friday my loves! i trust you all have some fabulous plans set in play for this lovely weekend! as usual, friday night is date night over at the taylor household. woo! but we also have some rockin' plans for the baby sister-in-law's 19th birthday. hikes, picnic's, photoshoots, amazing dinners, rockin' desserts. yes, yes, yes! but today i have a little something special planned for all those inquiring minds that have been emailing me as of late -- some blogging tips that i have taken to heart and learned along the way in my first year of blogging. 
warning: i am in no way an expert. these are just suggestions.

1. write what you know best, and keep that as the center point of your blog. 
stay true to yourself and write on topics that inspire you. one tip i've learned from what i wore is to write the way you'd talk or explain it to a friend. when people meet you, you want them to say "you're just like your blog!!"

2. it ain't nothing but a number. 
always remember the main reason why you started this blog. don't let your motivation change to that pesky number on the side. when you love what you write, people love to read it. BUT, if you are looking to share with more people it's important to use all of those amazing social networks that are open to you: twitter, instagram, pinterest, facebook. 

3. be invested. 
be invested in your blog and your readers. blogging can be a full time job if you let it. upload, comment, email. the more you show your readers you invest in them, they will invest in yours ten fold. *this for one i have really come to find to be true!

4. keep it visually stimulating.
people don't always have the time to really sit down and read a novel of a post (much like this one). they like lots of pictures and little text. keep your posts light and try to use good photos!
*hint: by making your photos "pinable", you allow more traffic to your site!

5. layout.
this also goes along with keeping it visually stimulating by not going overboard. sometimes peoples sidebars can get too cluttered. i personally like crisp, white backgrounds and open fresh spaces. 

6. do your homework.
it always help by drawing inspiration from those blogs you love. study their sites. what do you like, what do you not like. there are some really great blogs out there that have quality and focus. 

7. keep progressing.
it's a learning process for all of us. as we continue to blog, we hope to get better with our writing, our pictures, our content. no matter what we do in life, we should always be progressing. 

8. patience is key.
and always remember, "rome wasn't built in a day". be patient, be consistent, and you will reach your goal one way or another. 
happy memorial day weekend!

sponsor in june!

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now accepting sponsors for the month of june! i currently am only offering large and medium ad spaces at this time. further details on the sponsorship program (& button designs) can be found here!

ready to purchase your ad space?
fill out the below questions and email me, tj, at [email protected]!

1. what ad space would you like?
2. do you need an ad space design (see info on sponsorship page)?
3. what email can i send your paypal invoice to?


i know we just got done with the drawn on "q+a revealed" posts, but when i saw this little gem over
on amy's blog, i just had to give in.


a list of things you should know about me:

- i listen to new songs and watch new movies over and over again, until i want to puke...literally (but not really). and a few months later, i do it all over again.

- i won't get out of my car if i see a cat anywhere within a 50 foot radius. i'm sorry to all you cat lovers out there, but those things freak me out. a story goes along with this, but it's too long and depressing so i'll spare you the heartache.

- i'm lactose intolerant, but i put myself through all the pain to eat large amounts of ice cream all day long.
- i think if i ever met justin timberlake, the 12 year old fan girl in side of me would die happy.

- i haven't vacuumed in months. and a lot of the time i just wait until the mister gets so fed up that he ends up doing it himself. but shhh, that's between you and me ::winks::

- i pride myself on knowing and being updated on all celebrity gossip, 24/7. it's kind of sick actually.

- i really, really love norah jones.

- i really, really enjoy watching trashy reality tv shows.

- i really, really dislike pickles.

- i really, really, really love mr. taylor. but i bet you all knew that already.
happy wednesday!

blog love: The Discourse (and Narrative) of Ashton

happy tuesday! did everyone catch that 'stellar' eclipse on sunday? i tried taking as many snapshots as i could, but non came out. so sad. plus, i'm pretty sure i sacrificed my sight forever for it. still seeing the eclipse every time i close my eyes. something tells me that's not a good sign, ha!
anyway, let's get to the important stuff shall we? today we have the lovely miss ashton from the discourse (and narrative) of ashton. i have loved getting to know her through our little email sessions as of late! her, her sweet husband and siamese kitty make for one entertaining read. make sure to check out her site after this little q+a!
xo TJ

bachelorette Monday

it's monday, and you know what that means? bachelorette season is well underway!
thank goodness, monday's finally have a purpose again!
*sorry to all of you who don't watch...but you really should. just saying.

so what did you all think of last weeks beginning of emily's love adventure? to be honest, i thought they would have a lot more impressive guys. and i'm more than a little p.o'd that they led us to believe that either bentley or brad was going to be stepping out of that helicopter. something huge better go down or i'm not going to be a happer camper! now let's get on with my picks, the misses, and the who are you again's?

the hot

Jef - i know a lot of people saw him as just some skateboarding fool, but this guy has a sweet job that he started up himself. he seems intelligent, business oriented, and still a kid at heart (when it counts). emily needs someone who is going to be fun loving for her daughter, and for her.

Arie - even though this guy is a race car driver (like emily's deceased fiance), i loved how sensitive he was around the subject. he seemed very sincere with his actions and really cared for her.  aww!

Ryan - i loved his quiet demeanor, but mainly i just thought his little introduction to her with his "nervous" sign was the most precious thing ever! swoon!

the not

Kalon - really, was the helicopter necessary? already we know this guy is wanting to be the villan of the show. plus, he just seems to sleezy in my eyes. i'm pretty sure he's the one who calls emily's daughter "baggage". ew!

Doug - i know a lot of people thought the letter his son wrote to emily was the sweetest, but i personally thought it was creepy. why are you bringing your son in on this for sympathy votes? and i wouldn't doubt if he pretty much fed his son word for word what he should write...

Stevie - one word, gross! this guy seriously didn't show anything towards emily. he was too focused on helicopter guy, and wouldn't talk about anything else. take your boy crush somewhere else. pretty much, he is a hair plugged looking rat. harsh? eh, oh well. ha

the who are you?

Michael - i don't have anything really to say about this guy, but who are you? and, i think fabio is the only guy who can pull off this haircut, so....

Alessandro - yep, again, who are you? i guess you have a pretty sweet accent?

Randy - i can't remember if this guy even goes on or not, so that explains that.

your turn! who were some of your favorites 
and the not so much?

upcoming events

happy weekend everybody! unfortunately, this week went a little too fast for my liking. mostly because i have something to do this weekend that i have been dreading for quite some time. don't worry, nothing too serious. just my self confidence. ha. so until then, the mister and i are going to be doing lots of cuddle sessions, sleeping, waiting around for my exciting package in the mail, watching all the chick flicks i want, and studying up for our big moment. wish us luck.

what are you up to this weekend? 

mermaid powers

decided to rock this look last night, so simple and extra girly! thank you pinterest.
so what do you all think?
should a tutorial be up next?

little notes

dear week,
it's only Wednesday and already you have me emotionally drained. i don't know how much more i can handle, but i can tell you are really laying it on me. i'm trying to take it all with a positive attitude and open mind. i hope this is all for the right intentions...

dear hubby,
you have been the ultimate hunk with all of your compliments, guitar playings, flower pickings, massages, choir doings, hair brushing skills, and work outs. keep it up ::winks::

dear vampire diaries,
i've been under your spell the past few weeks getting all caught up on the first two seasons thanks to netflix. i know, i know, i'm late to the game. now where can i get my hands on season 3?? seriously, i'm desperate!

dear eighty degree weather,
you've been nice and all, but going down a few more degrees would be nice of you. my seattlite body is not used to these heat flashes. and a little rain would be awesome too. here's hoping that thunderstorm you promised on friday holds up! fingers crossed.

dear bachelorette emily,
you kept helicopter guy around? really?
and i know that i should be representing seattle and all but did anyone else find it creepy that the guy had his son write emily a note? i mean, honestly, children should not be brought in to these things.

blog love: ruesch love

happy tuesday lovelies! we're already half way through the month of may, can you believe it?! exactly one month from today the mister and i will be packing up our little "home" that we've started and taking our booties up to the good ol' state of washington and starting our next chapter!
but enough about me, let's talk about the lovely chelsea from ruesch love. her, her man, and their cute little puppies are just about the most precious things ever. but hey, don't take my word for it. after this interview (of course), head on over and see for yourself!
p.s. and chelsea, yes, let's be bff's!!
xo TJ

weekends bring new outfits

happy belated mother's day to all you mother's and future mother's of the world! i trust you all had a lovely weekend full of love, memories and magic! it was hard being away from my mom for the first time on this day. i miss her hugs and her amazing mother's day dinner she would make for all of us. how selfless of her.
love you mom!!

along with the weekend brought ultimate frisbee, coed soccer, ice cream runs, a little shopping spree at city creek mall (thanks to the mister), a salt lake city temple session, and a little sneak at phil dunphy's bar that he owns in town. i was hoping for a little star gazing, but alas, the stars were not on my side. ha, get it?!! i made a funny ::winks::

*p.s. top: f21 + skirt: f21
happy monday!

little lessons learned as of late

not bringing your phone when out on dates helps you direct all your attention on what's important.
stripes and polka dots will never go out of style.
with a salad, any meal feels complete.
journal every great memory and inspiring thought. you'd be surprised how much you look back on it.
finding a furnished apartment is a lot harder than you think.
a strawberry cheesequake is the best DQ blizzard, hands down.
meg ryan movies heal all things. always.

happy friday.
have any fun plans for this weekend?

just plain awkward Thursdays

- so tuesday afternoon i noticed this little hard bump on the bone behind my right ear. i proceed to push on it, which gives a sharp aching pain. and silly old me decides, "oh, hey, i should keep doing this. maybe it will help it go away." then i decide to show the mister who proceeds to say, "maybe it's a volcanic zit that's coming in." yeah, because i get those all the time. not. and then he decides to push on it too. a few hours later this sharp aching pain has traveled all down my right neck resulting in a 2 hour sleep and the rest of the night crying in self pity on the couch catching up on The Voice. *p.s. if you watch this show, i definitely think that Juliet Simms should have won. just saying.
moving along, turns out that hard little bump was an inflamed lymph node from my cold a few weeks back. and thanks to all my prodding, i'll be looking like the above picture for the next few days. ouch!

- this conversation...
          hubby: tan, check out that old mans running shorts.
              me: where? i don't see him.
          hubby: to your right. in the bright orange short shorts.
              me: um, that wasn't an old man. that was a pregnant woman.
          hubby: are you sure?
              me: ....yeah.
          hubby: did she have really blonde hair or something?
              me: yeah. but how did you not notice the giant pregnant belly?
          hubby: i thought he was just fat...was she pretty?
              me: why does that matter? (proceeded with a little punch. yeah, we love each other...)

- catching the mister up on all of the vampire diaries episodes while waiting in line for our food. and then having a serious chat about what we would do if one of us got turned into a vampire. needless to say, many concerned stares from the old couple in front of us.

- re-recording voicemails 5x over because the stupid voicemail box keeps cutting you off with that perfect little voice saying, if you would like to listen to your message, press one. if you would like to delete and re-record your message, press two. if you would like to send your message with normal delivery, press three.......are you still there? *repeat. so, sorry if you received many awkward, and sometimes frustrated messages that don't make any sense from me, danielle.

- while playing soccer, telling everyone "you got it", then totally missing the ball when you go to kick it, not realizing, and sit there smiling with pride while the opposing team comes in and takes it. seriously, how does that happen? i blame it on the adrenaline rush.

little notes

dear little playlist,
i quite enjoy having you on repeat this morning. you are feminine, relaxing and full of talented artists.

dear mister,
i loved that you played and sang me 'delicate' by damien rice while you thought i was napping. i heard the whole thing, and you are more than perfect.

dear utah,
the mister and i will be leaving you in just a few short weeks. although i'm quite excited for the next adventure that is ahead of us, i'm going to miss you and your....uniqueness. and i'm especially going to miss the friends that we have made, the constant weekend visits from the baby SIL, those cheap date nights you provide, the little first "home" we've had, and the free rent. yes...that free rent was nice while it lasted.

dear josh hutcherson (aka peeta),
i haven't forgotten about you and your dreaminess. just thought you should know.

dear bachelorette emily,
i'm more than excited for your premiere this coming monday. *understatement right there.
i know that a lot of people think your season might be boring because you are a little reserved, but that's why i think the drama will be centered more so on all those pretty boys drooling and fighting for your attention. eeee! let the battle for love begin!

q&a revealed {part II}

i told you there was going to be a part two, because so many of you had amazing questions that i couldn't ignore. so let's buckle down and get on with the second half shall we?

Who would be in your imaginary celebrity girlfriend clique?
Ooooh, this is a really good question, mostly because I dream about this every single day…no joke. Sometimes it depends on my mood, but I’d say my dream “team” is
Taylor Swift. Why: So she can write about all my exes for me.
Emma Stone. Why: She’s absolutely hilarious!!
Jennifer Lawrence. Why: Hunger Games. Need I say more?
Miley Cyrus. Why: Love her style, and I think she’s pretty BA.
Selena Gomez. Why: She seems really down to earth. Oh, and I could meet the Biebs. Duh!
Amanda Bynes. Why: Besides her recent DUI, Amanda stars in some of my all time favorite movies. I think she is too funny for words! Hello...have you seen “She’s The Man”? Classic.

What are your favorite beauty products (that I can’t live without)?
NARS or M.A.C. lipstick. Burt’s Bees chapstick. Olay face moisturizing crème. Kat Von D eyeliner. bareMinerals foundation. bareMinerals flawless definition waterproof mascara. Brow pencil.

How long have you been married?
The mister and I have been married just over 9 months, we dated for 2 years and have known each other for 8 years. Yeah, that’s a long time!

Where are you moving to?
We are making the big trek back up to Seattle, our hometown. So excited to be back in familiar territory, surrounded by my family, friends, and rain!

I am obsessed with the flower crown you're wearing in your "about me" picture. Did you make it yourself?
I wish! It was actually a birthday gift from my baby SIL. Isn’t she talented?

How did you come to convert to being LDS? Was your family okay with it? I so admire your strength and courage!
First off, thank you! My conversion story was definitely a long process, and I would be lying if I said it was all roses. I first was introduced to the LDS faith through the mister, obviously, since we were best friends back in high school. While he was on his mission, serving in Oaxaca, Mexico, I was back home nannying and going to school. While nannying the doorbell rang, and it was two missionaries asking for the man of the house, who was previously interested in joining the church. As I was talking to them I mentioned how I had a best friend serving a mission and they asked me if I knew or wanted to know more about the faith. I said “sure” and set up an appointment. A year later I was baptized by my man surrounded by close, supportive family.
My family was very split over my decision to join the church at first. Being raised protestant, the LDS faith was definitely a culture shock. My mother had known Mr. Taylor for a long time at that point so she knew that he was a very good guy, and was raised respectfully (which she liked). My dad actually used to be a member of the church and had a very hard time coming to terms with my decision for a while.
I lost those friends who only cared about the party, and became closer to those who really loved me just the way i am.
A year and a half after my baptism, Mr. Taylor and I were sealed in the Seattle Temple. I still struggle with some concepts, but my overall faith and belief in the things that I do understand are more powerful than any doubts, and I wouldn’t change my decision for anything.

What is the most fulfilling thing you've done in your life so far?
Well, I would definitely say that getting married has been the most fulfilling and the best thing I have ever done. Love being sealed for time and all eternity.

I want to know, where did you grow up?
I was born and raised in Sammamish, Washington, 20 minutes outside of Seattle. You may recognize Nick Cannon saying the city name about 50x in this clip. And yes, I do know that kid performing. I gave him chicken pox back in the day.

HOW do you pull off that 70's style so well?
I’m convinced I am a 70’s flower child reincarnate. No, but that would be pretty sweet.

What's your 'go-to' outfit?
My go-to outfit is always my jeggings (for all those “fat” days), a nice flowy top and sandals. Mix in the messy bun with either sunglasses or smarty glasses with a dramatic red lip, and you have me to a tee 90% of the time ::winks::

What fun original date night ideas do you have? My husband and I just had a baby and are in need of a few fresh ideas.
Oh gosh, I was hoping to ask you the same question. For those days that you can’t get out of the house, sometimes just being little kids yourselves and making a fort in the living room, eating dinner and watching a movie and cuddling can be fun and inexpensive.
The mister and I also love going downtown to a nice little restaurant, then stopping and getting some ice cream cones while walking and getting lost in the city. It’s simple and romantic.
Long bike rides around bays of water, playing one on one basketball, hiking, canoeing. Doing activities that you don’t normally do can switch things up and bring about partnership and unity. Look at me, I sound like a relationship counselor now…

Who is your bestfriend?
I’m assuming this doesn’t include the hubby, so I’m going to have to say my girl Kimberly. We have been besties since the third grade, she lives right up the street from me back home, of course she was one of my bridesmaids, and we have watched every single Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie about a hundred times. No exaggeration.

phew, sick of me yet? and that concludes the q+a......for now. muahaha!!!

life lately, according to my iphone

fair warning, you are about to get photo bombed!

"red robin. yum!"
blizzard dessert part.
lawn chair reading.
saving all the marshmallows till the end.
cake bites.
a little basketball.
a little bbq cooking.
cinco de mayo goodness.
stripes, braids, and peter parker man-ness.
reading in the jungle.
lunch dates and ice cream cookie sandwiches.
supermoon. *hope you didn't miss it!

{basically a post on everything i have eaten in the past week...}

happy monday.

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