happy halloweeeeeeen

in wake of the festive spirit, here are just a few of my all time favorite halloween movies. 
what are some of yours?

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san fran

friday, you are here. i'm actually quite surprised, because i feel like this week went by extremely fast. or is that just me? i won't complain though because this weekend is bringing freedom and road trips. yep, mr. taylor and i are driving to san francisco this weekend and will be getting back late Wednesday night. super excited! never been, but if you have any "must see" sites, let me know. on the to do list so far: chinatown, golden gate bridge, full house (duh), lombard street, and riding a cable car. if i lack in my posts while i'm there, i deeply apologize ahead of time. but mr. taylor has a few business meetings each day so i'll have a little me-time to devote to all of you in cute little coffee shops. ooooh, i feel like those artsy people who type on their laptops, wear all black and drink black coffee already. go me!


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p.s. was featured over HERE today for a little guest post about my love life with mr. taylor. go and check it out if you so desire! and see you in san francisco! 

awkward and awesome Thursdays

- so mr. taylor and i were craving a little ice cream a few days back. nothing can come in the way of me and my ice cream. so late into the night we headed to the grocery store (pajamas and all). as we got up to the counter i pulled out my wallet full of change. yes, apparently i have become one of those homely women who look like slobs and take forever in the checkout line counting up those pennies. to top it off, mr. taylor walked away from me pretending like he didn't know me. thanks a lot mr. taylor...
- family dinners where something funny happens resulting in me spitting my drink back into my cup and no one else seeming to notice the said funny thing. that and then you continue giggling while trying to cover it up with a smile. please, SOMEONE had to have thought it was funny besides me. excuse my lack of table manners.
- realizing that you've watched enough TV when you realize that you've finished two seasons of Gossip Girl within a 5 day span. i'm not sure if this is more borderline pathetic than awkward. let's just hope that job interview pulls through. keep your fingers crossed ladies. i should be hearing back the first of the month!
- forgetting to change out of my grunge t-shirt before our intermural soccer game and show up with a bright pink neon peter pan shirt. yeah, that happened...

- having a wrestling match with the hubs for 20 minutes over who was going to make the mac and cheese for lunch. neck chops, spitting, tripping, and slow motion high kicks and punches were all involved. can you feel the love?
- being featured over on European magazine's, This Is Jane Wayne. so honored!!
- and being featured over HERE on ashley's lovely blog! make sure to go and check out this awesome questionnaire she set up for me!
- being 4 more away from 400! who knows, i may actually reach my new years goal of having 500 followers by the time the bells ring in 2012! let's make this happen by spreading the word!!! :)
- sneaking in and catching mr. taylor doing what he loves to do most to blow off steam with all this homework he has piling up. poor guy's still getting over his little cold.

disclaimer: mr. taylor was mortified that i even put this video up, so we compromised that instead of taking it down i explain the following:
1. he was sick while this was filmed
2. he doesn't know all the words to this song
3. he was just messing around. this wasn't a good reflection of his guitar abilities.....although i think it is adorable.

p.s. don't forget you can still sign up for the awesome giveaway i set up on Tuesday. polls close tomorrow morning!

here's to happiness {by Liv}

10 things that make Liv terribly happy

1. dancing a silly dance in pajamas to dave's beat-boxing in the morning
2. being a woman
3. having breakfast in bed (on a day off, so cozy)
4. doing yoga
5. little packages from my mum in Germany with homemade jam and sweet letters
6. the smell of fresh roasted coffee
7. being a make-up artist, playing with colors is my job!
8. fresh ripe mangoes from the market
9. getting the giggles together with my man out of the blue and not being able to stop laughing
10. knowing that happiness is a decision that i make every day

additional link: twitter & blog

isn't she the cutest? she sent this lovely list all the way from london, adore! and not only did she do that, but she wrote all about this lovely post over on europe precious magazine, This Is Jane Wayne. flattered? understatement. make sure to check out her blog. she takes some pretty pictures (if i do say so myself)!

so what makes you terribly happy?!

tuesday giveaway

oh boy, do i have a treat for you! when i was contacted by the lovely ms. ashley over at the shine project, i couldn't have been more excited, because: 1. she was actually the very first person to ever comment on my blog (so i got a little nostalgic) and 2. she asked if i could be apart of her lovely giveaway. so of course i said yes! so here's the thing, ashley is giving away a free shine necklace (of your choosing) over at her little shop. check it out! because they are just so darling and let's face it, we all deserve to shine! 
not only does she have an infectious blog, but she also devotes so much time to such a great cause. saint? i think so!! so let's bring awareness to this amazing cause and have fun doing it! 

to enter
1. be a follower of Mr. Taylor and his Lady
2. be a follower of The Shine Project

3. visit the shine project shop and leave a comment with the necklace of your choice!

4. for extra entries, go ahead and like ashley's facebook page and follower her on twitter and leave a comment saying you have done so!


why hello monday...

... again, you came too soon. but i'll forgive you because you brought my lovely hubby back to me in one piece with extra cuddles and kisses in tow. and for that you get smiles and snazzy glasses as your reward. your welcome. what else brought on this happy face was all of you and seeing these new followers just over the weekend. hello, my friends call me TJ. and since i consider you all my friends too, so can you! highlights from this weekend? hm, let's see. mr. taylor coming home from his business trip in new york, sleeping in (as per usual for this here unemployed bum), catching up with some gossip (Gossip Girl that is), late-night runs to the grocery store for some much needed ice cream (which may or may not have been payed for in change), long phone calls with friends back home, and family fun-filled dinners.

moving along....

well, it's official. although the sun has been making its lasting impression, the leaves are dropping like flies and turning to that yucky brown color. do you know what this means? WINTER SEASON. i know it's a little bit early but i can't help it. thanksgiving and christmas are by far my favorite holidays. in fact, just yesterday i saw my very first christmas commercial of the season. and come the macy's thanksgiving day parade, i'll be bringing out and watching every christmas movie and music known to man. sorry to all you halloween lovers out there, but your time is quickly coming to an end, and i couldn't be happier.
who's with me?

twelve by 2012

i know it is typically not until new years that you start making lists of things you want to get accomplished within the year. but let's be real for a moment, we never actually stick to all of those goals. probably because we make them so impossibly high to reach. as if this is the year everything is going to change. hey, sometimes it is. but for us mere mortals, we are only human and get tied down with situations in which we did not plan. like the whole eating healthy and getting in shape stuff. how was i suppose to know that so many great dinner dates with friends, late night cereal bowls, and my unriquited love for the couch would get in the way? i mean seriously, these are things we just can't really prepare for. so when i stumbled upon this project of goals over on Hello, Friend i thought, this is perfect. just twelve simple goals within a short period of time. seriously, 365 days gives too much leeway to forget and change your mind on some of those set goals. and come midnight the only thing that's really on your mind is making sure you get that cliche (but amazing) kiss.
so here we go, my twelve goals i hope will accomplish by 2012. feel free to become a follower, join in and link up if you'd like!
Goals to Accomplish by 2012:
(in no particular order)
1. find a steady job (MUCHO important)

2. reach 500 followers on this here bloggy. spread the word and help this goal be accomplished! ;)

3. make a financial plan (how much money we will spend on groceries a month, for date nights, leisure time, etc.) also very important!

4. get in the habit of reading the scriptures every day (i'm kind of slacking on this one)

5. be a better daughter and sister by calling my family up more often just for the simple ol' chitchat

6. finish and mail out all of those thank you letters from our wedding. only 3 months late. sorry grandpa!

7. learn 7 new recipes to try out for dinner (any suggestions, email me!)

8. vacuum once every week (so long dust bunnies, hair clumps, dead spiders and food crumbs that have seemed to accumulate). my place sounds immaculate doesn't it? 

9. make at least three good friends here in utah that i regularly meet up with and have girls night out (gosh this makes me sound like such a loner, ha)

10. do one big act of service. possibly something to do with an animal shelter. i LOVE animals. except cats. sorry cat people. but perhaps i can put that fear aside and help all the little animals.

11. take more pictures with my nice nikon camera that has decided to collect dust and ween off of the help of my iPhone to do all the work. 

12. learn something new. anything! i want to step out of my daily routine and try something for the first time. food, sport, crafting. the possibilities are endless. 

so what are some resolutions you have planned up for the big twenty twelve? perhaps bump those goals up and get a head start!

p.s. oh, and for some extra reads, i was featured over HERE and HERE today. sponsor spotlight and my own "10 things" list, enjoy!

awkward and awesome Thursdays

since you all seemed to favor this "where's waldo" dress so much...
- mr. taylor left me for a few days to head to the big apple for some prospective jobs. his absence has somehow already led to multiple dreams of justin bieber proposing to me. random and so illegal? yes. but the mr. better hurry up or one of these days the dream version of me will say yes.
- getting dressed in the morning only to turn around and realize that you are matching. hey, nice green shirt, and jeans, and flip flops. explaining the rest of the day, no we did not plan this. 
- getting funny long and possibly important messages on your voicemail for someone obviously NOT you. and that awkward moment of wondering if you should call that person back and tell them they have the wrong number or just let that person miss his lunch meeting. perhaps this is a sign that i should finally make myself a voice message.

- getting my grubby little hands on The Hunger Games. seriously, such a great book! i couldn't put it down. only when mr. taylor would force me to so i would come to bed. of course i realize i'm about a few years behind on the rest of the world when it comes to its popularity. but hey, better late than never. PLUS, just in time too because the movie comes out march of this coming year. the day before my birthday. mark your calendars. for both if you like ;)
- having the amazing opportunity to have a job interview yesterday. to be honest, just an interview alone has put me in much better spirits about the whole situation. it's letting me know that i am in the right direction and taking action.
- being invited to a beautiful lunch date with friends. yes please!
- stumbling across THIS. please watch. it's long, but trust me it's worth every second. this is truly out of a movie. so brilliant. and don't worry boys, we don't all expect this, but we do expect all the love and passion like this you could ever give.

Attack on Bullying

i don't typically do two posts in one day, but yesterday afternoon i watched a segment on dr. phil while folding laundry that had me so captivated that i felt the need to share. it was dealing with the current epidemic of bullying and its severe affect on society members today. i was never picked on seriously while growing up. you know, just those typical jabs here or there. and once i got to college i was so excited to think of all those petty popular clicks going away. of all my years in school i was never bullied so much as i was in college. it got so bad that i would cry myself to sleep daily, would wake up at 2 o'clock in the morning to banging on my door, harsh words, and mean stares in the hallway of my dorm. i ended up transferring to a different school because of it. i started crying while watching this segment, reflecting back to those lonely days i had completely blocked out of my memory. i cried for each one of those precious faces that flashed onto the screen whose lives ended to such terrible harassment. by no means do i even compare the things that these children have gone through to my own. for the things that children (and adults) deal with today is far worse. the use of the Internet and technology have now allowed bullying to attack at all angles and spread humiliation throughout the world. it was so heart wrenching to see the parents and siblings of lost ones speak out on this issue of murder through words.
STAND UP to bullying day isn't until the 18th of November this year. but i say that every day we need to be better, to not stand by, and to let every person know that they are loved. that you love them just the way they are. if you were ever bullied, were a bully, witnessed bullying and want to help raise awareness, link up and share your message. every voice counts.

here's to happiness

10 things that make Melina terribly happy

1. Receiving lovely letters and cards in the mail.
2. Unexpected phone calls from old friends and family.
3. Baking cakes with mom by my side.
4. The feeling I get when I jump on that plane to go see Him.
5. Sleeping in on the weekends.
6. Watching movies and cuddling in bed.
7. Girls Nights Out
8. A spoonful of Nutella
9. Blogging and Photography: best therapy.
10. A clean house with the smell of candles.

definitely make sure to check out Melina's blog and learn more about her!
so what makes you terribly happy?

p.s. i finally have lined up an interview for later today in a job that would be very satisfactory. all fingers and toes crossed i get the job! it will take a miracle. that, and just LOADS of prayers. be thinking about me at 3 o'clock (mountain standard time that is). many thanks!

blonde > brunette?

hello my lovelies! this is a very life changing post (cue the sarcasm), so keep reading. around this time every year i go through this pain staking question...what should i do with my hair? there is just something about the fall and winter season that just calls for a change in color, you know? i literally have been every color under the sun (okay, not literally, but it has been a lot). the typical choices usually revolve around blonde or brunette. but with pinterest and all it's glory and inspiration, there is now a third in the running, ombre. now, this is where you come in.
all hands on deck. i need all of your brilliant opinions on the matter at hand - stay with blonde, switch it up with brown, or take a risk and try something new with the ombre? *of course, i feel like the ombre will naturally start take affect in just a few short weeks due to my lovely roots and their eagerness to make an appearance. just saying....
Source: lepetitmondealyssa.blogspot.com via Tanya on Pinterest

p.s. a lot of you have been asking me what my username is for instagram. if you have one, find me @ hislittlelady!

bridal sneak peek

by my amazing photographer, Jessica Kettle 
although i got married almost three months ago, it's never too late to show-off that ONE time you get to be the center of attention. well, you know, besides your birthday. 
and i'll let you in on a little secret - during this photoshoot we were threatened by an old lady for trespassing on her property and almost got pooped on by hundreds of bird that decided to fly over me the second i sat down in the field. photoshoots are just so glamous. 

we're going to disneyland!

well, I'M not, but this girl did. i first stumbled across this lovely on the sister-in-law's blog. she also just so happens to be good friends with this girl's momma. in just two weeks it's already had over 4 million pageviews. it has been seen on fox news, perez hilton, countless celebrity twitter feeds, and CNN. basically what i'm saying is, this video has got to be one of the most precious things i have ever seen. i could watch it again and again. i felt it was just too good not to share. enjoy and happy saturday!

october sponsors

why hello friday, so happy you are here. and what better then this fabulous day than to introduce you to some of our October sponsors. better late than never right? i just adore getting to know these new blogger friends and i think you will too. and if you are interested in sponsoring, i have just a few spots left for the month of november. and remember, they're free! what? you read it right!
now, without further adieu....

I enjoy writing about really cool things ;)  I love to laugh, eat sugar, be with my husband, take way too many pictures, and pretend to be an interior designer....  I hope real bad that you will hop on over to Rolled Up Pretty and say hello sometime!  Oh and on Wednesdays, I do a Whatever, Whenever Link Up Party.  Come over and link anything up!

Fact: I don't really play tennis, but this chic's got one mean back hand.  My husband just can't get over it.  I can whoop his tush with four backhands which pleases me beyond belief.


Hello lovelies! My name's Cat, I blog over at my little corner of randomness, One hand in my pocket, exploring the world of fashion & blogging about my day to day lifestyle.

Fact: I never, ever go outside my house without wearing lipstick. 

My name is Heather and I blog over at Finding Beauty in the Ordinary-- a little place where you'll see transparent accounts of my day-to-day life with my hubby and our new puppy, Hartley, and some of the fun we're having along the way in our new city. I love capturing a moment by camera and simply finding beauty in the ordinary moment of life. 

Fact: When I got my wisdom teeth removed, I was accidentally given seven times too much laughing gas!


Hi! My name is Kelli from Dailypolkadots! I blog about the daily happenings of my life! Some pictures, some stories, some food, and some school. Stop over and say hi, I will try to make sure you are entertained!

Fact: I color coordinate my closet and really hate when other people do my laundry


I'm a musician's wife from Home is with you, who blogs about our life as a married couple. I write about our adventures (at home and on the road) as we make our way into the crazy world called the music industry. We have a lot of fun and do our best to slow down and enjoy our time together. On my blog you can also find lots of recipes and some random thoughts I have on life, love, and everything in between :) I'd love to hear from you!

Fact: I think cotton candy is one of the nastiest things ever! I know I'm like the only one, but it truly makes me ill just to think about it.

Dave's Site
Hello there! My name’s Kandice and I spend most of my time with an eight month old named Natalie. I think you’ll really like her,  she’s pretty cute. She and I like to go on hikes and picnics with our main man, Sean. I write a blog called Here We Are that tells you all about it and more! Come say hello?

Fact: I think I’ll divulge a little embarrassing one this time. Back in middle/high school, I used to have jet black hair and wear far too much eyeliner and skinny jeans so tight I could barely get my feet into the holes at the bottom. Soooooooo rad, I know 

Hello! We're Lauren and Madison, also known as the Awkward Girls. Our blog is a menagerie of fashion, music, food, kitties, hotties, college, and most of all, the silly and awkward moments in life that make us giggle. 

Fact: Even though we're obsessed with kittens, neither of us have ever actually owned a cat. Embarrassing, we know.

Hi!  I'm Alana from Mrs. Alana's Miscellany. I'm a brand new Air Force wife and I blog about my newlywed adventures with my amazingly dorky husband. I also just opened my etsy shop, Alana in Love, where I put all those years of doodling to good use. 

Fact: I met my husband on eHarmony, which is something I never ever thought I'd say. But hey, it works!


Good day to you! I'm Kristen from Summer Sets In. My blog usually consists of, well, pretty things. I like to share a plethora of ideas, which includes some DIY projects, some fashion, some design, hopefully everything inspirational! 

Fact: I never liked mayonnaise until this summer, and now, LOVE it! But now I think I may be allergic to it. Boo!


so what do you think of my ladies?!

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