Hello London, 
You're beautiful! 

I've been wanting to go to London for as long as I can remember. It's probably because I've been obsessed with the story of Peter Pan since the beginning of time, ha! A few months back I came across these super cheap flights and instantly sent Eric a link. To my surprise he was totally game and bought them right then and there while he was at work. I was a little apprehensive leading up to this trip. I had never left Zoe alone for a whole day before, let alone being in an entirely different country. I had a few months to work up my courage. Of course the day of our trip I was a complete mess. I kept it together until I dropped her off at my parents house and was out the door, but I cried all the way to the airport. I'm so blessed to have family so close and who are willing to take such good care of her while we were away for a week. It included lots of emails to my mom asking for constant pictures. I also kept a watch on that had the time from back home so I could frequently look at it and try and think what Zoe would be doing right then and there. Needless to say, I never once forgot about her. But I also managed to have a little fun at the same time. 

While there, we really lucked out with gorgeous weather the majority of the time (besides the very chilly temperatures). Luckily walking 10+ miles a day kept you warm enough, along with a new few extra pounds (thanks pregnancy weight 😏). Before our trip I sent Eric a list of all the places I wanted to see and things to do. He did an amazing job creating a schedule that mapped out everything perfectly so we always knew where we needed to go. We never once got lost, my little Eagle Scout! Granted, it also helps being in an English speaking country this time around. At the top of my list of things to see was Big Ben of course (hello, Peter Pan). To my luck it was covered in scaffolding, but I didn't let that rain on my parade. Also on my list was Westminster Abby, Buckingham Palace, the Peter Pan statue, J.M. Barrie's house, Princess Diana Memorial Fountain, Notting Hill, and Greenwich. We went to all of these, and then some (including seeing The Lion King on broadway)! We also took a tour bus down to see the Dover Cliffs and Leeds Castle. The whole trip was such a blur. At the end of the week Eric asked me what my favorite thing we did was but I couldn't even remember, each day got lumped into one giant pile of fun! But don't take my work for it, make sure to read more to see our trip!!!

* Also, I swear I brought more clothes on this trip. Apparently it looks like I wore the same thing every day... Oh well.

^^ I wasn't expecting so many gorgeous fall leaves this late into Fall when we landed in London. So many pops of color! It was so fun just seeing people throwing leaves left and right taking pictures. ^^

 ^^ I spy the London Eye! ^^

 ^^ I've always been interested in the Royal family. One of my first crushes was Prince William. Of course I watched the Royal Wedding. And I've probably seen every documentary on Princess Diana that's ever been made. It was so surreal walking the streets and being surrounded by history and thinking of the amount of people who crowded the Buckingham Palace during every occasion just to get a glimpse. ^^

 ^^ So many people came out to see the changing of the guards. You couldn't move an inch in any direction! ^^

^^ Obligatory London telephone booth picture, featuring Westminster Abbey in the background! ^^
 ^^ We stumbled across SO many beautiful parks just walking around. We found this park in Greenwich after taking a boat ride on the channel. I wish we had spent more time here, it was SO pretty and quaint. ^^


^^ Double decker buses and taxi cabs, oh my! ^^

 ^^ Just pretend there isn't scaffolding on Big Ben. Still so pretty! ^^

^^ The Tower Bridge. ^^

 ^^ Of course if you're in London you have to cross Abbey Road. It's nearly impossible to get a shot solo, but this was the best we could get. I'll take it! ^^

 ^^ Walking around the cute little city of Canterbury! How cute is this book shop?! I had to double check to make sure my eyes weren't seeing things. Also, the cute old woman just adds to this too! ^^

 ^^ Eric walking around the library of Leeds Castle. ^^
 ^^ Getting lost with this handsome stud in a field maze. ^^

 ^^ Me and baby boy outside Leeds Castle. The grounds were so beautiful! Eric kept saying Zoe was going to get married here one day. I guess we better start saving up now... ^^

 ^^ It was so amazing to explore Dover. I actually have ancestors from here so it was just crazy to think of all the history that happened here. ^^

 ^^ Walking along Piccadilly Street waiting to see The Lion King we just happened to stumble across the London Premier of Daddy's Home 2. John Lithgow was just a few feet away, this picture isn't zoomed in at all. ^^

 ^^ Next was Will Ferrell! He seemed so nice. I had to hold in as much as I could to not yell "Santa, I know him!" And right after this we saw Baby Spice from the Spice Girls hosting some sort of lighting event. Who knew Piccadilly Street was the place to be. ^^

^^ We planned to pop by and take a picture in front of Platform 9 ¾ I had no idea how popular this was going to be. The line was INSANE so we opted for taking pictures from afar instead. ^^


  1. Amazing!! I have wanted to go to England my whole life!

    1. It's definitely a place to put on your bucket list! So much history!


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