This baby girl makes me so happy! It's been so fun getting to see new things through her eyes. And watching her eat a raspberry for the first time was priceless. That squishy little face and furrowed brow were simply perfection!

^^ This girl loved her first raspberries, just like her daddy. We couldn't keep them out of her mouth! ^^
^^ This little girls tongue is always out. It is just about the cutest! ^^

By the look on her face I would say that berry picking was a success! That last picture was taken just after she ate a handful of dirt and a leaf. I think she has this baby thing down. I have always wanted to go berry picking but each year I kept forgetting about it. Thanks to instagram for the reminder, luckily we caught it just in time and went to Remlinger Farms to pick raspberries for Eric's birthday. Happy birthday to my baby daddy who turned 28 years young! It was Zoe's first time eating raspberries. Her little fingers had so much fun squishy them and sticking them straight into her mouth. Her little face each time was so priceless. She would make this scrunchy face and give a furrowed brow, laugh, and repeat. That girl of ours.

Also, quick question for all you mommy's out there! We are planning on going out of town for the fourth of July weekend. Ever since I trained Zoe to take naps in her crib she won't sleep anywhere else. We've tried going on vacation before but had to cut it short because she would not sleep in her pack n play. Any suggestions on how to train her or if you have found other travel beds that work great let me know!!


  1. I love her stuffed filled mouth and the last photo! You're a great mom!

    1. Aw, you are so sweet! That means so much to me!


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