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Hello! Hi! How are you guys??! I guess it's about time I dust off the cobwebs around this site of mine. So many apologies for my prolonged absence, I promise you it was not intended. So much has happened over the past few months, some amazing and some very sad. Truthfully, I feel that I'm still processing most of it so I'm not quite ready to talk about it just yet. Instead, I wanted to kick off the Little Lady blog with some of my fun excursions as of late. If you follow me on Instagram then you know I've been traveling across Europe for the past few weeks visiting family and traveling with the in-laws. Amsterdam, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, and France. Each one so beautiful and special in it's own way. First stop, Amsterdam!!!
*Disclaimer: Unfortunately my camera was packed away during this trip (I know, what was I thinking), so all of these pictures come to you via my iPhone.*

 photo IMG_2719_zpsplowzyc2.jpg photo IMG_2676_zpsfdja3sfl.jpg

I wish I could have spent more time here because it still remains my favorite destination in Europe! A few years ago, Eric and I were actually offered an opportunity to live here for six months but we chose Florida instead because it had a better fit for Eric's specific work. Right now I just keep kicking myself because this place was perfect! The people were friendly, the weather was incredible (we got lucky) and the canals were so quaint. I wish we had a little more time here so we could have done the big tourist attractions like the Van Gogh Museum and tour the Anne Frank house, but alas the lines were WAY too long. Instead we just had fun getting lost in the city, and even ended our trip walking through the Red Light District. Needless to say my SIL, Allison, and I were completely entertained watching my mother-in-law squirm through it all. Sorry Carolyn!! ;)

 photo IMG_2674_zpsgzmg04ir.jpg
 photo IMG_2715_zpssbhwh0ov.jpg photo IMG_2718_zps2cfevepq.jpg
 photo IMG_2683_zpsa6nwidym.jpg
^^ Bikes and canals. Bikes and canals. Oh Amsterdam, you're beautiful! ^^
 photo IMG_2689_zpsayae1vul.jpg  photo IMG_2685_zpswj1xk2gv.jpg photo IMG_2709_zpscqzwzbuv.jpg
^^ I love the leaning and crooked buildings every which way! ^^
 photo IMG_2721_zpsli4mujx2.jpg photo IMG_2726_zpsdzslfxua.jpg
 photo IMG_2681_zpslvihkokx.jpg
 photo IMG_2725_zps2h5kneck.jpg
^^ Not pictured, the crooked homes and leaning buildings. I'll live here forever, thank you! ^^

Next stop: Germany!


  1. YES! Love Amsterdam. So unique and charming!

  2. Beautiful photos! Also, so glad you're back! Xx

  3. I love Amsterdam and with sun the city gains another shine!


  4. Oooh Amsterdam, I love it! Haven't been there in ages, really need to go again, maybe next year...
    Anyway, no matter what happened in your life, I am happy to see you're alive and well and back to blogging :)
    Can't wait to see what you have to show and say about my home, Germany, in your next post! :)

  5. These are such pretty photos. I've been wanting to visit Amsterdam for a long time now. I'm so happy you're back.

  6. Amsterdam wasn't on my radar when we went to Europe two years ago, but since it has climbed my priority ladder! Beautiful photos!

  7. What a fun trip it looks like you're having! Welcome back, TJ. I was just wondering where you'd been. :)

  8. So glad you're back! These photos look so great for being from an iPhone haha

  9. Wondeful Amsterdam!
    And welcome back!

  10. that trip looked amazing!! and welcome back to the blogosphere :)

  11. I loved almost every minute of our Amsterdam adventure. Except the Red Light District. I just want to erase that little part out of my memory forever. Hahah

  12. I loved almost every minute of our Amsterdam adventure. Except the Red Light District. I just want to erase that little part out of my memory forever. Hahah


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