The past few months I have been getting that familiar itch, when I'm wanting to change things up and chop off all my hair. You see, having long hair is really an upkeep that sometimes just seems too daunting to tackle each morning. And with the cooler months coming, that also brings static hair (or is that just me??). But then I remember all the fun things you can do with it, braids being at the top of that list, and then I chicken out. Who knows what next month will bring, but in the mean time today I have a little hair tutorial for you, a simple uneven braid.

To Create
step one: Brush through hair and create a slight side part. 
step TWO: Take a small front section on one side, roll and bobby pin right above ear.  
step three: Create a regular braid on one side, and then slide the braid up (creating a snake braid).
step Four: Lightly pull snake braid apart and secure with a small elastic. Then take a hair brush and brush it up, giving it a messy feel.

Let me know if you try this look out by tagging me in your instagram photos @tanyajtaylor


  1. Your hair is beautiful! Love your photos, and ideas! xx Eszter

  2. love the tutorial. girl, you have been blessed with some super luscious hair!

    rae of love from berlin

  3. great hair ;-)

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  4. So beautiful hairstyle as always!!!! :)

  5. Can we trade hair for a day? Just one day! Come aaahhhhnn ;)

  6. Love this braid! Your hair is perfect for any hairstyle. Not fair! :)

    <3, Pamela

  7. cute! I love messy braids, so this is right up my alley!

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  8. You make all your hair tutorials look so amazing and easy! I wish I could pull off this look but I don't think my hair's long enough yet :(

  9. Really cute & easy!
    Where did you get your shirt...I love the fit and cap sleeves?

  10. interesting and soo cool!!! ps. don't cut your hair!!! it's too beautiful! hehe

  11. So cute! I am an advocate for women who are gutsy enough to chop off all their hair. I did it once and it is the most liberating thing a girl can do.

    Not saying that's what you should're hair is beautiful! And since I am finally growing mine out, hair like yours gives me hope.

    But, if you're ever thinking about chopping it all off and need a little encouragement, check out my favorite article ever on the matter:

    Enjoy. :)

  12. I saw your pins of short hair. I got worried that you had chopped yours! Your hair is so beautiful! I cut my hair about 4 years ago. It was fun to have short hair for a bit, but I felt like it was more upkeep than my long hair.

  13. Pretty; love all the popular ways to braid hair that seem to be "out there." :)

  14. You would be gorgeous with any hair :) Although I love all the braids you manage with your longer hair!

  15. Long hair IS a lot of work. Mine has now gone past that point of uber high maintenance. It's lonnnnng, like long were hair ties and clips no longer keep it up in place. And summer is around the corner and that hot weather calls for top knots. I need a trim desperately lol, that said the length does make it ideal for braids and things though.


  16. i get the static hair too! and it doesn't get any better when it's short. boo. love your braid tutorial though- i kind of can't wait until my hair grows back out, i think.

  17. Will you do a hair care routine? You hair is seriously soo gorgeous and healthy!
    Kristin xx

  18. guess what, your hair reminded me of rapunzel..but rapunzels' slightly longer than yours..your hair seem so healthy and shiny.any tips,girl?

    xo josephine c.

  19. this braid reminded me of queen elsa, from frozen!
    effortlessly chic!


  20. Love this look! Your hair is so amazing! Jealous!

  21. It's gorgeous! I'm gonna try it too, thanks for helping! =D

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  22. Your braids are always so your hair!

    xo erica


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