little notes

dear mr. taylor,
i may be biased but i think you are just about the best husband anyone could ever begin to wish for. growing up i dreamed about who that future man of mine would be. i thought he'd be some super tan, blonde haired, blued eyed, surfer boy, that waited on me hand and foot. what i got was 120x better.
your deep brown eyes draw me in. your brown hair looks pretty nifty running through my fingers. and you seem to fit perfectly like a puzzle piece when we cuddle at night. and even better, you are real. you help me be a better person every day. you have more patience than a nun. i love you.

dear readers,
a lot of you were asking where my blue blazer was from in yesterday's post. i'll let you in on a little secret...anthropology. of course. i would live in the store if i could!

dear 3D titanic commercial,
seriously, i cry every time you show yourself on the tv. the little old couple that hold each other on the bed while the water fills up. and of course, jack and rose. my heart will go on.

dear jack frost,
you seem to make a little appearance every time i need it. everyone else seems to wish you to go away, but i'm enjoying the lovely snowfall you bring sporadically throughout the week. it's okay spring, i can hold off a little bit longer.

dear hugo,
i watched you last night for the first time. the oscars pressured me. but i'm glad they did, because you were just as good as they said you were. love!!

dear meryl streep,
after your speech, you have been added to my "girl crush" list. honestly, could you be any more perfect?!

dear pinterest,
i had a dream the other night that i owned everything on my pinboards. specifically this little number. i was one very happy girl.

dear february,
are you really over? how could this be? but i'm kind of more than excited because march means....BIRTHDAY MONTH! wooooooo!


  1. Ummm that floral dress is SO pretty! I could deal with some more Jack Frost if that dress was in my future :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. That dress is so pretty--and it is because of these dresses that I wish it was just a little warmer.

    And I love anthropolgie and could live in their stores too! It's just all so beautiful!

    And I love birthday months--shame I have to wait till June.

  3. P.S. how does the anthropologie stores smell so good? I have smelt all their candles and it doesn't smell like any of them and I asked someone who worked there and she just smiled--not really the answer I was going for.

  4. I'm lovin' these little notes. So cute and funny!

  5. that dress is something to dream about. gorgous.
    i had a dream last night that adam levine was having a contest to find a new girlfriend. (i watched the voice for the first time with my sis in law yesterday). still weird!

  6. It makes me so happy you have the Weepies in your playlist. Those notes are precious.


  7. Great little notes. I look forward to reading these each week =)
    Char xo

  8. You always say the cutest things, especially about your husband, I bet you made his day.

  9. I need to see that Hugo movie! I've heard so many good things about it!
    Now that I am away from the snow, I miss it too! Hope you enjoy your snowy day!

  10. Meryl Streep=my hero. Her speech made me cry.

  11. oh, i have those dreams about pinterest even when i am awake!
    xo jes

  12. second the meryl streep comment. I've been wishing she was my best friend for 21.5 of my 22 years of life. She's the best!


  13. Happy early birthday! When I was younger I thought too my love would have be tan with beautiful blonde hair. But I am more than happy with what I have. I wish too I owned everything on pinterest!

  14. Oh my goodness I would be soooooooo ecstatic if I owned all my pins on pinterest. Seriously the best dream ever =) Enjoy the snow!

    - Sarah

  15. YEAH BIRTHDAY MONTH! i'm right there with ya :) March is kind of dull so we need to celebrate alllll month.

  16. I'm a March baby too!! All the cool kids were born in March ;o)

    I would probably wear that dress EVERY day if owned it..fabulous!

  17. I love Meryl and I need to see Hugo!! :)


  18. What a cute post :) however, I could deal with less winter and more spring. Snow has covered the ground since december and I'm ready for it to be done now.

  19. Great music! I'm listening to it as I finish all of my blogging :) THanks!


  20. I wish I owned everything on my Pinterest too! Happy Birt-month, for me It's wedding month! Eeeek!

  21. "You have more patience than a nun"...awwwww.

    P.S. You should really get that dress. You'd rock it for sure. (Maybe a early birthday present to yourself? Now there's a winner idea, if I do say so myself *wink*)


  22. need to see hugo! mr. taylor sounds glad you two found each other :)

    xo the egg out west.

  23. Your note to Mr. Taylor is very sweet and I completely understand about the Titanic commercial. My husband has never seen it, so I think a trip to the theater may be in order when it comes out.

  24. That blasted anthro gets me every.single.time!

    Titanic: I just mentioned to my hubs last night, the sweet old coupl is the sadest tender!

    And, to own everything from pinterest boards woulf be the best ever!!

  25. You and your husband are pretty frickin cute haha. And yes to the Meryl Streep crush! I've always loved her but that really did it in for me haha.

    Alexandra xo

  26. When's your birthday?? I need to know so I can get you a present!

  27. cute :) I really need to see Hugo - everyone is talking about how good it is!

  28. I had a dream about owning some of things I pinned on my style board too! It was soooooooooo nice...

    <3 Cambria

  29. Yay for birthday month!!! And I am in complete agreement...Meryl Streep is awesome :) XO brynn
    p.s. since you and mr. jack frost are buds, please let him know that we are more than ready for spring here in seattle and that he can take a vacation from here until next year ;)

  30. when is your birthday?! march is my birthday month too!

  31. I love these "dear" posts. Wouldn't that be so wonderful if we owned everything in our Pinterest boards?

  32. Love your note to Mr. Taylor. And I can imagine that dress would be just your style!

  33. So glad I just found your pinterest! I am loving your celeb style board- don't mind if I repin your ideas :)
    I see were both olsen fans!
    Lovely post girl!

  34. OH MY GOSH, i cannot WAIT until titanic comes out again!! i will be there in line, waiting, dying! oh leo dicaprio, how i love you:) haha....
    and that is SO darn sweet what you wrote about your hubs!! you two are just too perfect!!


  35. Oh is Hugo really as good as they say???
    Meryl Streep is officially one of my favorite people now too, she was amazing at the Oscars.
    Amy xo

  36. woohoooo birthday month! what do you want for your birthday??

    p.s. that dress from pinterest is amazing. and of course its 800 dollars...........

  37. dear 3D titanic commercial,

    yes, i also feel like a dork because your storyline still makes me sob. BUT you're also making me feel really old. please stop reminding me that there are preteens who will die over leo in this film who have never even seen the movie before. **cringe**.

  38. This is so sweet. I love your little note to your hubby. And also, happy birthday MONTH! :)

  39. omgoodness...meryl! As she was giving her speech and started with the thank you to her husband (which was simply beautiful), my husband turned to look at me because he knew I would cry. Which I did.

    I totally adore her.

    And I am praying that you can own a couple more things off your pinterest list.

    xo Taylor

  40. Yay for birthday month! And that blazer was cute! Anthropologie just kills me, its on my list of stores that I will shop at...someday. :)

  41. i loved hugo too! the digital work was AMAZING
    xo dana

  42. ook...i'm with you on the titanic.... ahhh my nose gets all snotty and such. yuck! did i just share that with you??


  43. I'm so madly in lady love with Meryl. She is the greatest. And the Oscars have also pressured me to see Hugo, and The Artist, and Midnight in Paris. I have a busy weekend ahead of me.


  44. Nice thoughts! =) and I love the romantic note for Mr. Taylor!

  45. "dear 3D titanic commercial,
    seriously, i cry every time you show yourself on the tv. the little old couple that hold each other on the bed while the water fills up. and of course, jack and rose. my heart will go on."

    me too, me too.


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