little notes

dear self,
all of these late and sleepless nights are not helping with your goal of waking up early. something tells me that waking up at 10 is a little pathetic.

dear weather,
why haven't you brought me all this snow that i was promised. instead you decided to visit my old stomping grounds with white, fresh powder. my parents enjoy it, you are making me miss it.

dear park city,
i visited you yesterday to start up my experience with you for the sundance film festival. pretty pumped, and ready to get my star gazing on!

dear husband,
you are seriously the cutest. you made me all better by cuddling with me in bed at 3 in the afternoon, brushing my hair and giving me a beautiful braid that i rocked all night. you are the best!

dear readers,
i loved all your words of encouragement. really, you all mean so much to me. and my day definitely got better.

dear bachelor ben,
i thought you were super sweet on ashley's season. i just wish you could see past some of these girls ish. i especially wish you kept shawntel around. i really think you guys would have made it. oh the joys (and anxiety) over the bachelor. love it!

dear little sil,
thanks so much for visiting this weekend. loved having some girl time and getting to watch all my chick flicks with someone other than a complaining mr. someone...

dear peanut butter m&ms,
i forgot how addicting you are. my stomach thanks you. my thighs are not so pleased.

dear crazy bread,
your carbs, cheapness and soft biting dough are all so enticing. and dipped in warm marinara sauce? drool worthy.

dear self {part II},
apparently food is number one on the brain right about now. and i don't mind one bit.


  1. I seriously wish Ben kept Shawntel around too! And you definitely have a winner for a husband - he brushed AND braided your hair? What more could you ask for? :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. This is such a cute little post. I'm completely addicted to crazy bread, too! :)

  3. Hahaha! Love it. I really miss crazy bread and peanut butter m&ms. So yummy!

  4. mine for the day would be this:

    dear hot chocolate,
    thank you for warming my belly since my heater is not working and it feels like a meat locker in my house. 54 degrees indoors is not a suitable living situation.


    dear landlord,
    please stop avoiding my calls. my toes are nearly purple and my daughter's noses are rudolph red. please come soon.

  5. These are great letters...Your husband sounds totally awesome!!

  6. I wish it would snow too, I don't like all these little flutters. I want the proper stuff!!

  7. Awwh - this was such a fun, lovely post. I've missed reading you - it's been so hectic that I haven't had time to visit other than those peoples blogs who comment on mine.. sad, but now I'm here :D

    Thanks so much for your comment, so I could catch up a bit. :>
    Have a great day TJ,

    xx Satu
    Indie by Heart

  8. Can we say jealous about you getting to go to Sundance? JEALOUS!! Enjoy meeting all those big timers.

    Food is on my mind constantly too!

  9. mmmm peanut butter m&ms. You make me want to go out and buy some!

  10. You are adorbs. Oh, and nothin' can beat that crazy bread! Love it!

  11. yeah .. i am having food on my mind too
    and it sucks ... why is it that every time
    i try to eat healthy and start dieting

    and seriously ... a man
    that will braid your hair .. KEEPER!
    Every time i would get off the shower
    Sebastian would blow dry my hair and tell
    me how much he enjoyed doing it .. i miss
    that silly boy :( ♥

    Melina ♥

  12. adorable post, love it!

  13. Very cute! Sort of an open letter, but condensed and switched up a bit!

  14. Wow you are a lucky girl! I get scared when Mike comes near my hair, he always ends up pulling it even when he means to run his fingers through it!


  15. Totally adorable post! Your husband sounds lovely!

  16. Oh my gosh ... I wanted Shawntel to stay too! What was he thinking?? (:

  17. Love the one to your sweet husband. So sweet and romantic!

  18. crazy bread....yum.

    and park city? Ah, i am so jealous. you make me miss home.

  19. so cute! love the one about your husband.

  20. sorry we stole all of your snow ;) & hooray for your sundance gig!!! pssst...your husband is the sweetest! sounds like something my fiance would do...well, minus the braid maybe :) XO brynn

  21. awww looove the pictures

  22. you're gonna have so much fun doing sundance! i'm just a little jelly. who am i kidding i'm crazy jealous!! ; )

  23. park city- one of my all time favorite places!!!! and i'm super jealous you get to go during sundance, i'm going to miss it sooo much this year! have a blast for me! :)

  24. So jealous about the PB m&m's we don't have them in Canada yet! Love that little photo strip too, so adorable! And seriously...Ben is okay but I don't like any of the girls. I like Courtney just because she's such a bitch that it makes her funny haha.

    Alexandra xo

  25. hahah. these are the best posts! bachelor one is my fav;) guilty pleasure. xx

  26. Isn't food always at the forefront? I agree that Ben should have kept Shawntel, many of those girls seem so catty, yikes, I would be scared of them.

    I totally miss crazy bread. My kids love it, but I really try and stay away, not an easy task.

  27. cute. i love little letters. they're so fun!!

    dear YOU! i like your blog!!

    allister bee blog

  28. darling post, darling you! Love keeping up to date on your blog now...
    I love these kinds of "letters" I want to do a post like this!! xo

  29. love this post! so cute! if you are in Park City are you going to the AltSummit??

    love from San Francisco,

  30. I think you should enjoy sleeping in until 10! It's not pathetic unless you also went to bed at 7 PM the night before...

  31. park city...have so much fun with your Sundance adventures! Can't what to hear about what famous peeps you see :) stinkin' cute that your husband did your hair. love it.
    crazy bread...craving it baaaaaaad now :)

  32. I like these posts. Such a fun way to get your thoughts across!

  33. Aw...sorry you haven't received any snow yet! I love that Mr. Taylor brushes and braids your hair..that is one of the cutest things I've heard! Oh crazy I dream of you right now..... I missed Bachelor on Monday...need to watch ASAP!

  34. i miss the snow too! and peanut butter m&ms.yes.

  35. hehe, this made me smile because I often just say these things out loud. like to my m&m's, "you gotta go before you make me fat" and when I read the weather report, "come on, dang it, snow already!" hehe

  36. Thanks for the comment on my blog! :) I'm glad you ran across it! I've been a follower of yours for quite a while and read often, but I'm not always the best commenter. I'm trying to be better about that! Love this little update, and I'm wondering where my snow is too!

  37. That's pretty awesome Mr. Taylor braided your hair haha. So glad I got to come up to Provo for the weekend too! SERIOUSLY where is the snow over here too? I kind of hope it starts soon....

  38. Oh my gosh where is the snow? I am praying for it, doing snow dances, everything I can think of! It's got to happen soon!
    Cute blog! You're gorgeous!

  39. You. are. adorable. I'm serious. Love your blog.

  40. you guys are too cute!!

  41. T.J!!!! HI Hanna Here from Bouffe e Bambini! I think your blog is adorable and so are you!!! I want to swap buttons with you. In fact I went ahead and added your because I can't find your email address anywhere on your blog so I just went ahead and did. If you want to add mine I would love it if you would add the round one with my photo on it but not sure what size your add space is. it. Also, I would love to feature you in my Brutal truth is a beautiful thing interview series if your interested. You can email me back at "" Include the WWW. or it won't go through:) Thanks T.J. Hope to hear from you soon!!!!! xoxoxox Hanna

  42. You and your hubby are too adorable - and I love this list!
    ♡ Lexi
    FASHION: Glitter & Pearls
    WEDDINGS: Glitter Weddings

  43. i love these little notes! you should do them weekly! you are your Mr. and heart melting!

  44. So there with you on the bachelor... And most of these. Love the stars from park city!

  45. i love this idea :) so adorable! and i was reading up on you and your husband's love story. and it is absolutely heart melting :D I'm so glad you came by to say hi and spread some love on my blog. it made my day, seriously. i will be reading up and following more posts. I'm excited!

    have a fantastic week!
    - tiana of l'esthetique

  46. You're so pretty! I'm obsessed with photobooths too

    Love from NYC,
    xx- nicolealyse

  47. Love your blog, I stopped by today accidentally and i will comeback :)


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