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so remember a week ago when we played a little Q&A? well here are the answers to some of your lovely questions. once i reach a hundred more followers maybe i'll just have to do this again. it was so much fun reading all of your comments and emails. so here we go, here are the top ten questions:

1. what's your favorite book?
i feel bad to admit this but i’ve never been an avid book reader. for the ones i have read though: the alchemist, to kill a mockingbird, the giver (yes, i am one of those kind of people that actually enjoy the books we are forced to read in school), the twilight saga (duh), and eat pray love. it takes a lot to hold my interest, so if there are any good books out there send them my way!

2. what do you love most about your husband?
oh this is a hard one because my husband is pretty much the coolest person ever. but i would have to say that the thing i love most about my husband is how much of a goober he is. we could sit around for hours laughing about who knows what. he’s the best pick-me-up when you’re feeling down, and pretty much overall HI-larious! 
*also, see video above.

3. WA or UT? which do you like better? 
i am a seattle native (sammamish to be more specific) born and raised. i moved out to utah recently while my husband finishes up school at BYU. obviously i am more partial to the northwest, just because everything i know and love is out there. but i think i haven’t been out here long enough to give it a fair shot, so check back with me in a few months. 

4. what’s your motto?
this ones funny to me, only because a lot of the time i feel like i have a motto, but i never really stick with it. my motto at the moment, however, is one i stumbled across on a blog recently: “start each day like it’s your birthday.” how simple would our lives be if we just woke up each morning feeling special and on top of the world. i’m definitely going to start working this into my life. that, and “let it be” for those days when everything just doesn’t seem to be going our way.

5. top 5 makeup bag items (clearly lipstick must be one of them!)
1. lipstick (obv.)
2. chapstick (got to keep those things hydrated)
3. mascara (because your eyes deserve some lovin’)
4. bronzer (i like the face to have color, not too much though)
5. brow pencil (nothings better than a strong brow)

6. where's a place in the US you've never been but are dying to visit?
so cliché but i’ve never been to NYC. dying to visit central park and live a day in the life of carrie bradshaw.

7. why are you so cool?
oh, well, why thank you. i’d like to think that i’m pretty cool. i guess you could say that my momma raised me right. that, and i try to surround myself with really cool and inspiring people.
8. what's the one item in your closet you can't live without? the one thing that when nothing else is working out, you reach for? 
i’m really not that fashionable, sorry to disappoint. but when all else fails i reach for my jeggings, comfortable t-shirt and flip flops, combined with the messy bun, mascara and red lip stick. and now my snazzy glasses. i’m all about being comfortable.

9. what did you want to do as a kid?
oh gosh, when i was younger i seriously wanted to be mary-kate and ashley olsen. full house was boss. i was such a little diva, i used to put on plays all the time with my neighbor. at 5, my mom caught me practicing my oscar winning speech in the mirror…no joke.

10. what was your favorite part of your wedding day?
my favorite part of my wedding day was being surrounded in an intimate garden setting by all our closest friends and family and sharing with them this very special time in our lives. that and being sealed for time and all eternity to my lover boy. OH, that and the awesome caricaturist we had. he was a big hit. 

got anymore questions for me? let me know! i love answering questions!


  1. yay! I liked this post. When was that video taken?? Is it cold over there yet? Its literally a blizzard here. more than 6 inches of snow..... no joke.

    I really like your motto. Definitely going to have make a sign on my door or something to remind myself to live everyday to the fullest!

  2. I'm a new follower, L O V E your site

    xo Leslie

  3. Oh boy. You two are a hoot. Always have been. Always will be.

  4. Ha ha nice video, and greattt view! Lucky!
    I'm with you on NYC, I have been to NY so many times, just not through the city.. I would LOVE the venture out to Manhattan!

    Cute Blog :)

  5. Love your personality! I too, dress for comfort, and also can't wait to be "sealed for time and all of eternity to my lover boy." Love that! Happy Friday :)

  6. That video is pure gold. My man and I do similar at-home music videos. I may have to borrow your hubs finger wag move... pretty dang awesome!

  7. you both are SO young and lovely, guys!

    i love the utah landscapes, in fact i've never been to the mountains though i lived in a place called El Cerro (spanish word for 'hill' and the neighbourhood i lived most of my life which is 135mt (443 ft.) high!), the highest hill in my country is only 1.388 ft. high, no snow up there, and i climbed it!! I want to go to any snow peek someday :)

    also i am an avid reader, and i'd recommend some books to you but most books i love are from spanishspeaking (writing!) writers!


  8. A caricaturist at your wedding?? Why didn't I think of that!

  9. LOL That video is the best! My fiance and I do stuff like that, too :)

  10. [insert hysterical laughing] that video is priceless!!!I can so relate too. Mines a big goof ball as well. Neat reading all your answers. Very fun!

    BTW I'm starting a new series this month. You should stop by and take a look. =)

    - Sarah

  11. I love my man because he is a goober, too!! It's the gooberness that makes us fall in love with them, I guess.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. Oh my gosh, you live in the most beautiful place EVER!!! LUCKKYYYYYY. Your husband reminds me of my cousin. So silly.

  13. That video is hilarious!!


  14. Oh my gosh- could you be any funnier?! I love Q&A posts... it's great to get a chance to know our bloggy friends better and this was no exception! Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  15. Great post! :D You look very pretty! ♥

    XO, Imke

  16. I loved The Giver - we didn't read it in school, I read it on my own, and it's always been one of my favorites!

    x. jill
    those ghosts

  17. bahah. you are too cute! i've never been an avid book reader either. a friend recommended house rules, and it was so dang flippin' good. i need more! maybe its just an age thing. probably not. i'm only 20. whateva. who knows! take me to NYC when you go! so glad i stumbled upon your blog! too cute! can't wait to catch up on the rest of your posts! ♥

  18. I love your site! and you two are too cute!

  19. you two are too cute.

    I hope when I met my one and only, we can get along as well as you guys do.

  20. i love this post! awesome idea.. live everyday like its your birthday. you should get that tattooed somewhere.

    great blog now following on GFC & bloglovin =)

  21. I liked the post and the video! You two are amazing!! :)

  22. the video is so funny! And I love the photos to older posts! I follow you

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  24. LOLLLL love that video - you two are so lovely! and totally agree on the jeggings point - I would die without them! wearing them right now!!

    xo danni

  25. Love this post! Wouldn't a day in the life of Ms. Bradshaw be wonderful???


  26. love this! so cute ;-)

  27. Love the Q&A. It looks like your husband and my husband practice making up lyrics to songs together! Haha... so funny! :)

    If Work Permits

  28. well this was fun and informative for my visit here. lol

    thanks for visiting me too!

  29. you guys seriously are the cutest!! love this, girlie!

  30. Love your post, and the vidio!!
    Happy weekend, kisses

  31. so sweet about the wedding day moment :) and GO to new york! my man and i went for christmas 2 years ago and it was just magical. i'm trying to convince him to take my again this year :)

  32. awesome video haha love this post. loved learning more about you!

  33. Video was amazing! Your husband seems like a freaking hoot! I used to aspire to be Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's BFF.... You pull of the red lipstick better than anyone!

  34. U must to go to NY, before I go!:D I adore Alchemist as well!:) It was so nice to found out something more about my new blog buddy!;)
    Jelena (

  35. Hey i love your blog girl :) I am now following! That video is just to good! I live in CO but i'm moving to WA next year for college! WA is beautiful! Check my blog out sometime, if you want :)


  36. so great! Thanks for sharing!

  37. turns out the books they force you to read in school aren't always so bad. we had to read lord of the flies and i secretly loved it. add me to the cliche nyc list. i've been wanting to visit there for sooo long now.

  38. This video is so nice!I like this post!
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    Cosa mi metto???

  39. One, that video was hilarious, and TWO, I wanted to be Mary-Kate and have my sister be Ashley. SO freakin funny!

  40. Wait, I wasn't done, and we'd sing, "Brother for sale, only 50 cents", and we'd put a for sale sign on our baby brother. Tell me you remember their song? If not, this is embarrassing. Ha!

  41. I am a Washington transplant in Utah too. I love the Northwest!!!

  42. love these questions. i just re-read the giver and totally loved it!


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