vlog episode dos

holy mackerel! i feel this past week i have just completely ignored you my little blog and for that i apologize. i knew that once the wedding got so close and with school and my internship in full force that i would be busy, but this is by far exceeding my expectations. my brain is on full overload as we speak. i swear i wake up reciting my "to do list" as they invade my dreams. all i can say is that i am so so SO grateful for my amazing bridesmaids, family, and for mr. taylor making everything go by smoothly. they are amazing. so without further delay here is vlog episode #2 which i KNOW is well overdue. apologizes dear sirs.
(an attractive still shot, i know...lol)

remember to leave comments with your questions or email me your personal questions to my account by clicking on the picture to the right under "contact me". okay? okay!


  1. Lovely video! You're so pretty :)

    My blog
    xoxo Michaela

  2. you are too cute. and thinking about you filming that at your library cracks me up.

    xo, lizzie

    and a question...

    what is your favorite thing about mr. taylor?

  3. great vlog, your outdoor garden wedding sounds like it's going to be so pretty underneath twinkling lights. :)

  4. TJ - you look SO beautiful in this vlog! Xx


You're an all-star!

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