dear mr. taylor

dear mr. taylor,
you are amazing and i am completely infatuated by you. i cannot believe that in four short days we will be married. i have spent so much time reflecting back on our high school days and the times that i was completely in love with you without you even knowing. you are the one for me.
i had an incredibly hard day the other day, and lots of tears were shed. you always know what to do to make me feel 10x better. so we headed out to downtown seattle and had a BLAST running around the town being complete goobers. we went to gavi's concert, did some goof shopping, ate some great food, and walked the pier.
dear mr. taylor, i love you!
your future wifey

p.s. i was awarded the 'sunshine award' over at petite femme jolie. so honored!! so here's the deal, the sunshine award is awarded to a blogger whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blogging world. the sunshine award is given by bloggers to bloggers as a way to spread the bloggy love.
- thank the person who gave you this award
-write a post about it
-pass it on to 10 bloggers who you feel really deserve it

so below are my top 10 bloggers who i think deserve the sunshine award! (in no particular order)

blog on!!


  1. aww <3 love love love.

    Sweet boy stories are the best.

  2. You seriously couldn't make my day any better!?!? You SO great! And you most deff deserve this award! xoxo

  3. so precious! so excited for you guys :)

  4. Awwww, thanks for the Sunshine Award :)

    I heard you went to Mae Phim. Soooooo jel.

    Four days!?!?!?!? Can't come fast enough!

  5. yay! Thanks for the sunshine award.

    p.s. I cant tell if i like or really dont like that leather jacket on Eric. And. You know you love those hipster glasses! :)

  6. This is so sweet, TJ, and congratulations on the award. You truly are positive and really deserve it! :)

    Ahhh so excited for your wedding! We won't be there, but we're all excited and so happy for you. :)

  7. 1. you deserve the sunshine award you lil ball of happiness you!

    and 2. thank you oh so much for passing it on to me. :) you made my day!

    can't believe the wedding is SO soon. eek!

    xo, lizzie


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