breaking out the sundress

hi hi hi! the weather has been incredible these past few days. i was finally able to break out my sundress! this past weekend is a blur, that i can't believe we are already half way through the week already. i have sooo many things i need to get done this week. july needs to slow it's butt down.
and i know i told you i would post the next vlog on monday, but i totally forgot about the holiday, so keep your eyes out for that this friday. also, i know some of you left comments asking how to get ahold of me. if you go ahead and click on the picture to the right under contact me, it should take you straight to my email address. okay? okay! keep those emails coming!

p.s. i'm trying to find some cute bathing suits for the honeymoon. any suggestions??


  1. Love the outfit as usual! ;)
    Melody xx

  2. Are those Target cow"girl" boots older or new? I am in the need of a pair and those are just what I need :)

  3. Boots && a dress look so great together. So casual, yet so chic.

    <3 it!

  4. love the outfit specially the boots :)
    btw this is my first time to visit ur blog and i really liked it ,i'll be back so soon :)

  5. i <3 modcloth swimsuits.

    they're so cute and retro. not exactly cheap... but not too too expensive.

    xo, lizzie

  6. where did you get your boots? they are too cute, and you are so pretty! :)


  7. Tommy Bahama makes my favorite bathing suits. They're pricey, but SO worth it because they last FOREVER, and the material is awesome! They fit so well too! :-D

    I also love the J Crew Italian Jersey! They are SOOOOO soft and sexy and comfy. :-) AND... J Crew is having a swim sale right now... WITH free shipping. Just sayin. ;-)

  8. You look great! And a big woot out to Target! I love their stuff but my town doesn't have one! D:

    and swimsuits...I'm a huge, huge Etsy user so any style you'd like off there be good by my book. Do you like the retro stuff? Maybe Fables by Barrie?

  9. You might want to take a look at these ones:

    They're pretty !!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. The trip to Australia is sooo long but totally worthy, hope you can make it one day :)

    Have an awesome day!

  10. you're so pretty! thanks for your comment xx

  11. I love this sundress - so pretty!! The style is perfect =)

  12. You are beautiful friend! I L.O.V.E this outfit on you! Its perfect!

  13. I am waaaaaaaaaay too in love with this sundress, lady! You look amazing in it and I hope the weather has stayed pleasant for you during this crazy time! :)

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