awkward and awesome Thursdays


can you tell what is consuming my mind at the moment?

do you ever look into your closet and just feel like there is NOTHING to wear? yep, that's what happened today. here i am peering into my cluttered closet and i realize i'm going through one of those fazes that all i want to do is throw everything out and start fresh. i hear a shopping spree in the near future *cough cough mom!

- so i was at work trying to call a lady who won a prize from the station. someone on the other end picks up saying, "hello?" and then proceeds to yell at her children in the background. she then says, "what, hold on a second." followed by, "you know what, i'm going to have to call you back." i was getting so frustrated. i was trying to reamin my upbeat self, stay focused and get this call over with. what was this lady doing? and then..."BEEP". it was a voice message recording. are you serious?? she totally got me! my boss was sitting behind me wanting to know what was going on. i can't believe i fell for it. but not as much as i can't believe this forty something year old woman made such a lame voice message. it had me reflect back to junior high when everyone first got cell phones thinking it would be so cool to do stuff like that. i personally never got the appeal of faking people out, but maybe that's just me. i hate being tricked! meh.
- driving through redmond and passing by an old lady walking her dog in a large t-shirt. she leans over to pick up dog poopie leaving me only to discover she is not wearing any pants. bravo lady.

- getting bridal pictures taken this saturday. so excited for my photoshoot!
- having all big projects done and out of the way just in time for the wedding.
- the one good thing about geting married is you get to have a lot of great heart-to-hearts with family and friends. i can just feel the love.
- finding someone to do last minute alterations on my dress. trust me, this was a lot harder than you think. everyone is booked in the summer time. it's a miracle. can i get a 'amen'!


  1. So does that mean the stressful part is over? yay! and double yay about the heart to hearts.

  2. yay for all of the fun wedding preparations! can't wait to see these pictures!

  3. I haaaaaaaate voicemails like the one you described! They get me nearly every time!


  4. That's a horrible phone message! Why oh why?

    Let's go shopping!!!!!

  5. Yay for getting a lot of the wedding plans out of the way! :) I hope you can find someone to alter your dress! D: that's a big NECESSARY!

    I am a little confused and irked that people even do that with voicemail/answering machine really? Why do that? It just confuses people/makes them unhappy! Oh and no pants is always a good thing....*rolls eyes* lolz xD

    thoughh, best thing from the post imo is that you and your family/friends have been real open to each other lately! :) That totally knocks the dog t-shirt lady out da park.

  6. i never understood those 'fake out' answering machine messages either! so annoying! lol
    xo dana

  7. Cute pics...yay for having all the big things taken care of :)


  8. Your wedding is SO close! Omg how exciting!?! I'm literally counting down the days, I bet it's going to be gorgeous! And ahh your wedding photo shoot!?! I bet its going to be a blast! Have an amazing week~ xoxo

  9. i definitely just laughed out loud. what a crazy idea! thanks for your comments on my blog... i adore yours.


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