lazy tuesday

i woke up extra early today to drive all the way over to work to find out i didn't need to work that day. lame. oh well, i got back home, busted out a few homework assignments and took full advantage of this lazy tuesday. and although the weather is all over the place this week, i am fully enjoying this warm 70 degree weather today, clouds or no clouds. in other news, i am happily overwhelmed with the amount of questions you all are sending in to my email. the questions are all over the place so what i think i'll do is answer the first three i received. look forward to those next monday on the vlog! it may become a regular ;)

p.s. did anyone catch 'the bachelorette' last night? i thought the whole bentley coming back thing was a little anti-climatic. and for someone who sure seemed 'over him' she went ahead and mentioned his name AT LEAST 20 times throughout the episode. let's cross our fingers that's the last we hear of him until the  'men tell all'. jp still has me captivated. and i'm pretty sure ames was a little 'hazy' with that whole kiss debacle. super awkward!! thoughts?


  1. What a bonus you don't have to work. I bet that was a relief! hehe.
    Well, I was on the verge of throwing my laptop on the floor if I heard the words "Bentley" or "DOT DOT DOT" again when catching up on last nights bachelorette episode. So annoying!
    JP and Ames are my top 2 guys, but my money is on JP!

  2. Love this layered look...I keep forgetting you live up north . It's a nice 93 degrees out here, I'm just kidding when I say nice...but at least it's not as hot today as it has been lately. I heard there was a guy that looks like Joseph Gordon Levitt on the bachelorette, I'm going to have to start watching :)

  3. This outfit is so super cute! I miss layering so bad! It's impossible to layer in the heat here in Texas! You seriously have to wear as little as possible to survive!! I really like the way you've knotted the belt too :)

    Notes She Wrote

  4. love this outfit!

  5. This is adorable, I love the layering! You have yourself a new subscriber :)

  6. Aww the plaid underneath the sweater is such a great little surprise in this outfit.
    Glad you enjoyed your Tuesday! And the warm weather too!

  7. Love this outfit! And I love your blog! I'm proud to be your newest follower! Hope you'll check out my blog and consider following me too :)
    xoxo Lauren

  8. I did that whole work-schedule-misunderstanding thing once too! When I was a barista. It was at 4AM. Blegh. xoxo

  9. i love this! i might have to borrow this outfit idea.


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