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i know so many of you probably don't care or want to read about this on my blog, but i feel the need to blog about this because after watching yesterday's episode, so many things are weighing heavy on my heart...ha. *i feel it important to note too that mr. taylor is becoming hooked on this show. if he's into it, i promise you that your man can be too. now, back to business. ashley, ashley, ashley. i realize it's a short filmed reality television show but why and how did you ever invest so much time into this bentley fool? "dot. dot. dot."

i mean, seriously? am i the only one who does not find this guy attractive? and why did the producers not feel the need to let her in on the truth after his horrific lie about his daughter and his overall toolness. gag me. i really thought chris harrison was going to say something while you had your little sit down chit chat. oh well. needless to say, he's not worth much more of my time now. but i will be watching "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight so i can hear ashley's thoughts on you and this whole ugly mess.

the mask guy, jeff. i understood the whole purpose behind the mask. kind of clever. but this is a reality tv show dude, it's not a time to get all philosophical. i have to admit though, i'm going to miss the phantom music and random balcony scenes with you. it served for great comedic relief.

jp. you are swoon worthy. you were my pick from the start. i loved your whole pajama date with ashley. it's always great when two people can sit down, not having to impress one another with looks and go straight to the baggy pants. luckily mr. taylor and i started off as best friends, so i never really worried about the whole "looking cute" factor. he saw me bare faced and all the second time we hung out and were watching laguna beach on my parent's couch. back in the day when stephen colletti was the MTV hotty....

oh, poor william. i honestly didn't think what he said was that bad. i mean, it was a roast people! ashley should have known that was coming. personally i think the whole date was just poorly planned. this scene in general was awkward because none of the guys were even that funny. i just felt bad for the audience members who had to sit through this.

and lastly, ames. if robert pattinson and brendan fraser had a baby, YOU would be it. at first i thought your book smarts would interfere with your game but you are slowly but surely started to grow on me. keep it up!
any other bachelorette lovers out there? i'd love to hear your opinions! who's your top pick? how much did you hate bentley? and how much do you think jeff's mask would have been worth on ebay had he not thrown it into the fire??!


  1. ha glad to see someone else is hooked! bentley is AWFUL..i just question how staged it was..even so, what person would willingly portray himself as a jerk? i think my favorite so far is blake, the dentist--even though we don't really know much about him yet! cute blog&&you and your husband are adorable!

  2. You literally wrote down everything I was thinking word-for-word! Except, I'm not a huge fan of Ames. I think he looks like an oompa loomp. I'm sooooo mean!

    The people I watch the Bachelorette with - one of the guys was in the same ward as Bentley. He says he's always been creepy. Ew I'm so glad he's gone. I'm glad masked boy is gone too. He was just weird.

    GO JP!!! Woot Woot!

  3. my friends and I all get together and have a little watch the bachelorette party(a lot of them are guys). it's pretty fun discussing our favorites and adding onto the drama:)

    when she said that Bentley had her heart I almost threw up. my bff and I looked at eachother and said..... "uh you've known him for a week! " hahaha love it. I hope you will do a little recap every week?

  4. oh my goodness, the Ames comment made me crack up at work--which isn't good since my office is completely quiet haha. i wanted to hide for Ashley when the show kept switching between Bentley's interview of his real intentions and Ashley claiming to be falling for him. so sad. I am all for Nic.


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