awkward and awesome Thursdays

- laughing in public, when you have a cold, and having snot shoot out your nose. em.barr.assing!!
- weird tan lines. you know the ones. where apparently it is the only thing people can look at. yes, i am aware my legs are only burnt on one side. that's where the sun was obviously located. thank you.
- having someone pull a fabric softener sheet out of my shirt in the middle of class. reflecting back, apparently this week had some awkward moments for sure.

- it's so validating turning in final papers and thinking about graduating from college. i just want to pull a "rocky", run up the steps and throw my hands in the air!
- hurting the next morning after a great work-out! let's tone that body for the wedding!
- when mr. taylor spontaneously reaches to hold my hand and kisses me on the cheek throughout the day. love him!
- finally hitting that 78 degrees! although it has turned its ugly head back to the rain, that bright sunshine made up for it. let's pray for good weather come july 27th!


  1. Oh man. I opened up this post and was like 'girl, you're too early!' Theeeen I realized it is Thursday. ALREADY! Can't believe it. I feel you with the whole dryer sheet thing. Except I had a pair of panties fall out of my pant leg. OMG haha Oh, and guess what? I live in Seattle, too. Ballard to be precise. Have a good, sunny Seattle day!! :)

  2. WHOA! You're like me!! I totally forgot to put sunsscreen on the BACK of my legs and they are so sunburnt! it's so painful! thankful, after day 2... they've been healing a bit better now..

    Have a great day!
    xo Stephanie

  3. I just love Awkward and Awesome Thursdays!! I look forward to them every week! I burst out laughing at work when I read this...I got a few "you crazy weirdo" stares...guess that just chalks up another AWKWARD moment! hahaha!

  4. hi your are adorable! following for sure:)

  5. Ooooh, weird tan lines are the WORST. But you look darling here! Love that striped sweater.
    xo Josie

  6. your blog is so cute! love your sweater!



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