meet teddy

(my favorite picture of my boy)
it may seem strange to dedicate an entire post to a dog, but i figure if people write about their children, why not. teddy is my beloved miniature wired haired dachshund, and yesterday was his birthday. yes, apparently i am one of THOSE types of owners that remembers their pets birthdays and celebrates. sue me. teddy was a christmas present from santa when i was just twelve years old and he is my world. he turned eleven yesterday. i suppose that's 77 in dog years? i went throughout the day on an emotional roller coaster just thinking about how sad i will be when he leaves me for doggy heaven. wouldn't it be great if dogs could live forever??! anywho, i just wanted to share with the rest of the blogging world my precious baby, whom i love so much!
p.s. engagement pictures should be posted next week. eeeee!


  1. Are you going to take Teddy with you to Utah after you get married? Don't worry, I know all my pets birthdays too....

  2. SO cute. I want one.

    Oh, and welcome to blog world ;)

  3. Teddy looks as gorgeous as ever!

    And I love your blog Tanya!!

  4. I celebrated my Miniature Dachshund, Stanley's first birthday too! And I blog about him all the time. They are so cute it's hard to resist!


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