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Did you ever watch The Oprah Winfrey Show? I used to be (still am) obsessed with Oprah and her positive energy and outlook on life. One of the things that she talked about regularly that helped her have such a positive attitude was keeping a gratitude journal, a journal where she would write down 5 things that she was grateful for each and every day. As a teenager I would go through hiccups of being depressed and I wanted so desperately to have that little outlet to bring sunshine back into my life. I was never very consistent with it, but when I was it really did help me to be happier.

When I first heard about the 52 Lists Project, I was instantly excited! It came at a time in my life where I'm going through so much transition that it's hard to think straight sometimes. So much about your life gets shifted when you become pregnant and have a baby. Life is no longer about you. All of your time and energy goes into thinking about the future, what all you have to do to get ready, and doctor visits, doctor visits, doctor visits. I've loved having moments throughout my day to hit the pause button and take some time for me. One of my favorite lists so far has been reflecting on my childhood dreams. We all have moments in our lives where we second guess ourselves, or think what am I meant or supposed to be doing. Reflecting so simply on the dreams I set out for myself when I was younger has really given me that spark of excitement back into my life! I really do recommend getting this book for yourself, whether to help bring direction or for memory keepsake, I promise you will love it!
Buy your copy here!

And just for fun: What dream job did you want when you were younger??

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At 35 weeks, I love that I am finally in a stage of my pregnancy where people know that I'm pregnant. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I would be walking down a street and people would have to do double takes. I know what they were thinking, "home girl needs to lay off the cheeseburgers". Now all I get are cute little smiles every where I go. I'll take it!

Anyways, I looooove this dress so SO much! Even though it has long sleeves, it's light enough to wear on those hot Summer days, but enough coverage for rainy days too. Oh, and it is a maternity dress, but you could totally pull it off as just a regular dress afterwards (double bonus). *For those who have asked about my past maternity dresses they've seen on my Instagram, I've gotten all of mine from ASOS! ;)



Hair posts are back people! Oh, how I've missed it! I'm constantly on Pinterest and seeing so much inspiration that I thought it needed to be shared with all of you!! And with school just around the corner (how is Summer already over?!), what better than some "hairspiration" for your first week back. 

Here are my 5 "back to school" hairstyles to wear throughout the week! One of the things I love the most about these looks is that they are all super easy and can be done in 2 minutes or less! No need to set those alarm clocks early. Let me know if you try this look out by tagging me in your instagram photos @tanyajtaylor

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I had my first baby shower the other week put on by my baby sister and my best friend since childhood. Yay!! We spent the past few weeks coming up with ideas for decorations, games and the food. My sister is amazing when it comes to cooking and baking so I let her have free reign for the brunch. We had parfaits (yum!), a bagel bar, mini brunch frittatas, parmesan hash brown cups, pink lemonade, cucumber/lemon water, and homemade ice cream sandwiches from scratch. My mouths watering just thinking about it all. Why I didn't think to take pictures of it, the world may never know.

Instead of a "theme", we opted for a color scheme instead. Gold, pinks and creams. I had so much fun going through baby pictures of me and Eric (seriously, his big puppy dog eyes kill me every time!) and putting them in thrifted gold frames. My sister went to thrift stores and found cute animal figurines that she spray painted gold. And to keep with the dainty theme, we chose babies breath and put them all in mason jars and tied pink ribbon around the tops along side jasmine candles. My amazing mother-in-law also made cute tassels that we hung around the downstairs.

I'm not a big game person when it comes to baby or bridal showers so we kept them light hearted and fun. We played "Guess which babe" where both our parents wrote down 10 baby facts about us and guests had to guess which fact was about who. We also had "Wishes for babe" where everyone wrote down their wishes for our future baby girl. I think my favorite was my little niece Makenna who wrote that she hopes our baby will be "a nice dinosaur". Too cute! And to keep guests entertained we had a little crafts table where they had the opportunity to paint little wooden blocks that would go into the baby nursery.

To sign in, we had everyone write their names and little messages to the babe in Dr. Seuss's "ABC" book. And before guests left we had a gold backdrop to take polaroid pictures in front of. I plan to put all of these instax pictures in baby girls baby book so she knows all the amazing women who came out to celebrate her!

I was having too much fun during the shower that I didn't get around to taking pictures, but here are some snippets of the aftermath. So much love to all my friends who were able to make it! Love you all!!!!

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^^ Some of my amazing guests! I wish I had gotten around to taking pictures with everyone. I love looking at these pictures every day. They are still keeping my dining table pretty. ^^
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^^ Pretty tassels from tassellove and "OH BABY" balloon letters from Oh Happy Day! ^^
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^^ My baby sister and best friend. Thanks for putting up with my hormonal craziness to make this day special. XOXOXOXOXO ^^
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^^ My girl, Gavi, flew in from Los Angeles just for my baby shower. It meant so much to me that she was there! When everyone left, Eric took this picture of us. It pretty much sums up our relationship to a T. ^^
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^^ My mom surprised me with this pretty maternity top (along with so many other amazing gifts) that I'm completely obsessed with! I snapped this picture just for her ;) ^^ 



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How Far Along? Almost 33 weeks!
Weight Gain: Weight gain during pregnancy is a very sensitive thing, and anyone feeling the need to comment on a woman's weight while on this journey (or in general) should look inward first. With that being said, this is my little online diary so for posterity purposes here we go. As of last week I have gained 15 pounds. I know that may not seem like a lot to some people, and it's not, but my doctor has assured me at each visit that I am on the right track for me. 
Maternity Clothes: Still going strong with my normal clothes, besides maternity dresses like this one (perfect for this hot summer Seattle has been having). I haven't caved with maternity pants just yet, but my pony tail bows are definitely getting good use. 
Sleep? What's that? Poor baby girl is very cramped in there. And I'm feeling the brunt of it (all those jabs and kicks are getting very strong). Add that with some intense braxton hicks, baby girl is making sure she is always known. 
Best Moment This Week: I had my first baby shower last week that my sister and best friend through for me. It was so fun to have such sweet friends and family come out and want to celebrate our new addition. Seeing their excitement just made me even more excited!
Weird Pregnancy Moment: With the lack of room, it's always crazy to look down and see a little foot or fist poking out from under my tummy. That and peeing every time I sneeze or cough (TMI?), fun stuff. 
Movement: I really don't think this girl sleeps at all. We are in for it....
Food Cravings: On repeat this week has been parfaits. Just thinking about it is making my mouth water. 
What I'm Looking Forward To: My next baby shower! Can't wait to see more family and friends, and to have everyone love on Baby T some more! :) 



I know this is a late but I wanted to share our little getaway to the mountains for the Fourth of July. We've started to make it a tradition over the years to head over to Eric's parents vacation home in Wallace, Idaho. If you are ever driving through the area and want to go antiquing, this is the place to be! Such a cute old mining town! *a million heart eye emojis*

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^^ Where I spent most of my time, the local rooftop pool. For $1 entry? Heck yes! ^^
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^^ We pulled over on the side of the road to pick some red, white and blue wildflowers for Fourth of July decorations. Lost in the wild! ^^
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 photo IMG_3220_zpsjib3qurv.jpg
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One afternoon we hiked up to Upper Glidden Lake to take in the views and have some fun in the water. The lake was still pretty cold but we managed to float out to the middle on some tubes and take some pictures. We had the whole lake to ourselves which made it that much more magical.
 photo IMG_3225_zpsiisbbxqy.jpg
^^ Obsessing over my new Stila lipstick!! ^^
 photo unnamed 1_zpsbgs4frxx.jpg
^^ Aftermath from a early morning dirt biking ride. ^^
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 photo IMG_3244_zps7mfmgpin.jpg
 photo unnamed_zpsetpjd7b3.jpg
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^^ All in all I would say it was a very successful Fourth of July, full of yummy food, pretty locations and quality family time. Happy Fourth!! ^^



Friday was Eric's 27th birthday (happy birthday to my baby daddy!!!), so he took work off so we could have some fun in the sun! In the morning I was such a good wife and made him a full blown artery clogging breakfast that included bacon, sausages, eggs, hashbrowns, and a bowl of fruit (hey, he needed SOMETHING light in there). I should win wife of the year because then I cleaned up all the dishes afterwards too.

Next stop on the fun train, stroller shopping!! I had two front runners that I had done loads of research on that I couldn't wait to test out. Thanks YouTube for all the mommy reviews. The first was the Stokke (mainly because that is my maiden name, so that was an obvious DUH!). The second was the UppaBaby Cruz. Ding, ding, ding! We had a winner!! Then we did some bra shopping because man those bad boys were hurting. Currently we're at a strict 'look but don't touch' policy at the moment, haha! And THEN we went (or rather ran) to my doctors appointment for my glucose tolerance test. You have to get your blood drawn exactly an hour after drinking the glucose drink otherwise you have to do it all over again. Luckily I made it just in time. I was super nervous about this because all people talk about is how gross the drink is. Maybe there is something wrong with me but I totally could have gone back for seconds, maybe thirds of that sugary substance! That stuff was g-o-o-d!! My recommendation for all those who are about to take it, get the orange flavor!

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Don't worry, the whole day wasn't all about me. After my doctors appointment we headed downtown for lunch at Eric's favorite Thai restaurant, Mae Phim. *If you are ever in the area, head to the one in Pioneer Square off Columbia Street. Get the Mae Phim Special!! You can check out other fun things to do in Seattle here.* Then we walked around Pioneer Square people watching and museum walking. We had some time to spare before doing the Underground Tour of Seattle so we drove into Queen Anne (my old stomping grounds). If I had a billion dollars I would live here in a heart beat! Not only do you get amazing views of the city, but the homes are all so SO incredible! ^ See above! ^ Whenever we are in the area we love to walk around picking out our favorite homes and then stopping for a quick "tourist" pick at Kerry Park Viewpoint.
 photo IMG_3148_zpsrejsjrmi.jpg
Mt. Rainier sure was showing off that day. It seriously looked like a painting backdrop. We asked someone to take a picture of us, but you know how those typically go. Sadly, it is not a worthy picture to publicly show. Oh well.
 photo IMG_3147_zps9ewgcsti.png
More "bumpin'" around Queen Anne. Seriously, isn't this place the cutest! Every street has gorgeous overhanging trees and ivy and more greenery! Nothing beats Seattle summers! Those 9 months of rain make up for it with luscious green in the summer time!
 photo IMG_3152_zps3mejmwcm.jpg
^^ His goofy half smile gets me every time. I could kiss those cheeks forever!! xoxo ^^
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Seattle showing its pride for equal marriage. Flags were decked out all over Capitol Hill. I don't want to get all political or religious on my site but I will say that I'm so happy for all those who can now legally share their lives with the ones that they love!!
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After the underground tour we ended the night at Eric's favorite mexican restaurant in Capitol Hill, Mezcaleria Oaxaca. SOOOO good! As if we weren't full enough we topped off with some birthday dessert at Molly Moon's. Of course, it wasn't nearly as much fun as ending the night with a parking ticket. I swear, they give those things out like candy. Oh well, nothing was raining on our parade!
You stay classy Seattle!