Happy Friday my loves! Is everyone ready for February? I've never been the best about decorating for the holidays but this year I told myself I would be better! I'm even getting ahead of schedule and adding little bits here and there to make this Valentine's day a pretty one, like snagging this tassel garlands from tassellove. Seriously, how cute is this? It's that perfect piece of decor that you can add to any wall in your home, for a Valentine's Day party photobooth station or to hang in a cute little baby room. If it weren't so late I would have gotten myself a Seahawks themed one too, but alas, I can't be on top of everything. 

This next month is going to prove to be a busy one for me and Eric. Our lease is ending in a few weeks and we decided to take the leap and buy a house. So the next few weeks we will be scouring Zillow and Redfin and going on lots of fun driving dates with our realtor. I'm super sad to be leaving our place. It's in an incredible location, walking distance to lots of cool restaurants, parks, the city, and just a short driving distance from both of our parents. I'm going to miss all those dinner invites. Hopefully those won't stop even if we do move a little bit further away ;) I think most of all though, I'm going to miss all of our amazing friends we have made while living here. BUT, I am excited for this next big adventure. 

Also, after seeing this hairstyle from Amber on Barefoot Blonde it made me a little sad that I had chopped my hair off, but only for a second. Luckily my hair is thick enough that braids aren't completely out of the question for me. If you want to try this hairstyle too, check out here tutorial here

Okay, that is it. #GOHAWKS



Wearing: MeUndies Tee | GAP Jeans DSW Wedges (old) - Similar here and here
Never underestimate the power of a simple tee, jeans and heels. I love how switching out sneakers for wedges can turn any look from day to night. It just gives you that little burst of confidence. And seeing as how Seattle decided to grace us with 60+ degree weather, short sleeves were a must! Also, Eric was a big fan of this look, so of course it needed to be documented.
We've been staying at my parents house this weekend dog sitting my little man, Teddy. Hence the awesome garage shot. But he's just about the cutest miniature dachshund you have ever seen (of course I'm biased). So don't mind me, I'm just getting in all the snuggles and kisses I can until my parents come home later today!



I've been having a lot of fun playing around with different hairstyles these past few days. I have come to find that the dirtier your hair is the better it will hold those smaller pieces in place (especially if your hair is layered). I have a few more hair posts lined up, but shoot me an email or comment below if there is a particular style in mind you want me to try! Short haired ladies, unite!

To Create
step one: Part hair down the center.
step TWO: Gather a small section from the front of hair on one side and french braid. Secure with bobby pin at the bottom to hold in place. 
step three: Repeat on other side. 
step Four: Gather both sections and secure with small elastic above the nape of the neck. 

Let me know if you try this look out by tagging me in your instagram photos @tanyajtaylor



As always, the dirtier the hair the better! Here's another fun and quick hair style to wear out on the town or feeling fresh faced grabbing brunch with your girlfriends.

To Create
step one: Part hair down the center or slightly parted to one side. Separate hair into two equal sections.
step TWO: Grab one section of hair and twist tightly away from face. Bring to the nap of neck and secure with bobby pins.
step three: Repeat on other side.
step Four: Go around and secure with more bobby pins until it feels completely secure.

Let me know if you try this look out by tagging me in your instagram photos @tanyajtaylor



I'm so happy to finally be sharing with you guys this fun little side collaboration I have been working on these past few months. If you haven't noticed from my Instagram and Pinterest, I have been collaborating with the new company MeUndies, and helping spread the word through my social media. You guys, hands down one of the coolest companies I have ever worked with! Not only are they super efficient with their packaging and mailing, but their products are by far the softest items in my wardrobe at the moment. MeUndies is a clothing business based out of Los Angeles that specializes in making clothing and underwear SO comfortable that you won't want to buy from anywhere else. Oh, did I mention they have super cute designs on their products as well? Check out these bad boys! Ever since our collaboration together, Eric has been nothing but impressed with each and every piece. I swear if we were the same size, he would be sneaking my shirts for himself. Looks like I know what to get him for his birthday ::winks:: 
... and now, a little bit from them -
"MeUndies is a family. Everyone from our employees to our customers are a part of that family. We are dedicated to creating the most comfortable undies that the world has ever known, and after years of development, we've done it. From our luxuriously soft Modal fabric, to our limited edition artist collaborations - our undies are the perfect combination of comfort, quality, and design, and our customers agree."

... and their favorite piece and why -
"I love our Women's Brief in Camo, makes me feel like I can take on the world and kick some serious ass!" 
- MeUndies, Karolina Swietoniowska

Thanks for having me along for the ride MeUndies! 
Check out their  Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter

^^ Don't mind the wrinkles in this shirt. I slept in it per Eric's request. Lots of snuggles while wearing this one. Also, these sweatpants need a shout out all their own for a moment. While I was recovering from my miscarriage, I wore these bad boys to the hospital and every doctors appointment. They gave me that little boost of security when all I wanted to do was hide. In fact, while I was getting my blood drawn to make sure everything was happening naturally, the nurse asked me where I got them. Kind of awkward to ask under the circumstances but strangely I didn't mind sharing the love. ^^
^^ SOOOOO soft and comfortable. Hands down, no joke, buy them now, what are you waiting for, go! That is all. ^^




The winter season just keeps on giving! I'm keeping true to my word and taking full advantage of any little getaway I can sneak in this year! Thank goodness for three day weekends, Eric and I took ourselves to the mountains! We went snowmobiling with his family, nearly got stranded in the middle of nowhere and snuggled up to space heaters in their cabin just in time to watch the Seahawks stamp their tickets to the Superbowl. I may have grown an ulcer after that game, but my boys did it! What fun adventures did you go on this weekend?

^^ The snow was coming down so hard, everything looked like you were watching a static TV screen! So beautiful! ^^
^^ I could just squeeze those cheeks all day long! Gosh, I love him!! ^^
^^ Snowed in! Thank goodness I had my copy of "Not That Kind of Girl" with me. The perfect amount of R&R!" ^^



Happy Martin Luther King Day!
I've been a fan of the top knot since my ballerina days at the ripe old age of two. I've somehow always been blessed with long hair at a young age and it hasn't stopped since. When I decided to chop off a good chunk of my hair this time around I was worried I wouldn't be able to rock my favorite go to style anymore. To my surprise I got the tiniest/cutest top knot on the top of my head, but nonetheless it's there (thanks to a lot of bobby pins for the back)! To all my short haired ladies, chant to yourselves "Yes we can!" and get yourself some good bobby pins. And of course, always try with day old dirty hair. Gotta love it ;)