Happy Labor Day to all my American friends! Eric and I are currently riding motorcycles and hiking up the mountains of Idaho and Montana at the moment so excuse our absence. I just love coming out to Eric's family getaway home and spending quality time with the extended family - big family dinners, flea market hunting, hiking, atv and motocycle riding, huckleberry picking, late night ice cream runs, movie nights. One of our destinations this weekend was Striped Peak. I love reaching the top of any hike and getting to look out at the hundreds of rolling hills and innumerable trees. My little nature heart goes pitter patter every time. My favorite thing to do once we reach the top is find the best ledges to look out on, no vertigo for this girl! Idaho, you're beautiful!

What did you do this Labor Day Weekend?



Here is the second half of my little photoshoot with Kate. Growing up in Washington, I loved that this entire shoot incorporated the natural elements. We took these water shots in the lake that I grew up going to just 5 minutes away from my home. I felt like Mother Nature, and I absolutely loved it! Make sure to check out more of Kate's work on her site, People are ok too.

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When my friend Kate contacted me a few months back asking to do a little photoshoot collaboration I knew I couldn't pass it up! We spent a few solid weeks planning everything out. Color schemes, the overall aesthetic that we were aiming for, wardrobe, the works. I'm going to take a few seconds to brag about my girl because she seriously does wonders! We met up for sushi and after the initial catch up we got right down to business. I loved that Kate had taken so much time beforehand to really think about me, what I would like and what best expressed my personality. She had lots of creative ideas and was so enthusiastic about everything, how could I not get excited! She answered any questions that I had and really went above and beyond finding perfect locations and outfits. When we finally picked a date and time I remember being a little anxious. Besides our wedding photographer, Eric is always the one who takes my pictures so I had no idea what really to expect. The instant Kate lifted her camera I felt so at ease. With every snap she would give you words of encouragement and perfect direction. She would get all in there and fix any loose hairs, wardrobe malfunctions, what have you. I think it helped too that both of us were really up for anything - balancing acts, getting our feet dirty, taking little hikes to find the best shots. Okay, enough bragging. But really, she's A++!

Here's a little sneak peek of the first half of our photoshoot in the woods! Make sure to check out more of Kate's work on her site, People are ok too.

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Whenever a new season starts to approach - Fall, I'm reading for you! - , the first thing I immediately turn to is my hair. Oh that dreaded question, should I or shouldn't I? I've been getting a lot of emails and comments lately asking for short hair style inspirations. Thank goodness for Pinterest and its infinite source of inspiration. So this post goes out to all you "shorties"! Below are three of my favorite ways to style short hair. Which look is your favorite?

BRAIDS: 1 & 2
WAVES: 1 & 2
UP-Do: 1 & 2



Another weekend, another hike! Oh Summer, you've been oh so good to us. With all of this constant sunshine, new friends and new places to explore. This weekend we headed up to Eric's family cabin near Leavenworth and found a new pretty trail to hike. As always, the scenery looked like it was straight out of a movie! A big thanks to Eric's parents for inviting out for this quick weekend adventure!

Where is your favorite place to hike? We're always on the look out for new places :)



I was fooling myself when I thought that I would steer clear of braids for a while. I mean, come on! I feel like braids and I are now a packaged deal. That and flower crowns... and eye liner... and of course Eric! ;)

I've played around with up-braids before (like these milkbraids) but lately I've been drawn to all of the pretty braided crowns that I've been seeing on Pinterest. If you follow my hair board, this is nothing new. All I can say is, my hair would be suffering big time if it weren't for Pinterest and all of its magical wonder.

This look is so fun and absolutely elegant! It is that perfect look for a wedding, a bohemian vibe along the beach, or for those times you just want to feel fancy in your own apartment. Below is a quick tutorial, because I'm telling you it's so simple!!

To Create
step one: Part hair down the center. Create two equal fishtail braids and secure with small elastic.
step TWO: Take one braid, bringing across hairline and securing just behind opposite ear using as many bobby pins as necessary.
step three: Take second braid, bring across to opposite side just behind previous braid. Secure braid with as many bobby pins as necessary. And you're done!!



I've had giant stacks of polaroids laying around my house for quite some time now, collecting dust and just waiting to be displayed. These aren't even half of them, but I'm waiting till I have enough to fill up a giant frame like this one or make a collage like this one (all found on Pinterest). In the meantime I thought I'd make little heart displays around our place, finally getting pictures hung up on the wall.

What is your favorite way to display your polaroids?