A few Pinterest finds that have made my heart happy lately! Hair, words of encouragement, adventure planning, puppy love, outfit ideas. It's all there. What is your latest pinterest obsession find?

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Summer keeps flying by!! Eric and I are off on another adventuring headed to Utah for a family and friend event! Mentally preparing myself for that 14 hour drive... whew! Make sure to follow along in our adventures via Instagram @tanyajtaylor
What's been your favorite Summer adventure so far?



One thing I love about our vacations to Idaho is that they always involve the outdoors in any which way. Hiking, ATVing, Snowmobiling, skiing. It's all there! What made this Fourth of July special is that all of Eric's family from his dad's side was there too, so we took the opportunity to do a little family hike on our first day there. We rode ATV's half way up, riding through streams and over snow patches, and trekked the rest of the way.

*Note: Some of these pretties were taken by my awesome Father-In-Law too!

^ Hiking to those two tiny rock piles on the mountain. ^
^ Foot sledding fun! ^
^ Adding our touch of history to the pile. ^



My awesome Sister-In-Law shot me an email last week asking if I wanted to be apart of a little series called the "My Writing Process Blog Tour". It's a short little series where we share our writing process for creating our blog posts, etc. It's been so fun getting to see how other people create and put together their posts, so I thought WHY NOT, it looks like fun!

what am I working on? 
+ I'm still editing and putting together little posts from our amazing Fourth of July adventures in Idaho! If it were up to me they would never end! Stay tuned for more hiking adventures!
how does my work differ from others in its genre?
+ Because the Little Lady site is a lifestyle blog, my work is all original because it's ME! I share little glimpses of my life with Eric, as well as hair tutorial and Pinterest gems on the side. Two of my guilty pleasures!
why do i write what i do?
+ I just celebrated my three year blogiversary and I just now feel like I'm getting into the grove of writing with my own voice without being influenced by others. I first created Little Lady as a creative outlet from mundane academia and wedding planning. It has since grown into a space saturated in memories. Full of daily snapshots, inspiration, and simplistic fashion. I view my site as a visual diary of my journey, and as a little reminder to appreciate living in every moment.
how does your writing process work?
+ Of course it would be awesome if I could write out in my planner every week what I want to write on what given day, but sometimes I'm just not that organized. Most of the time I just write whatever comes to mind, and whatever adventures I've been up to that day.

*This awesome little series was started by The Stationary Place. Shoot me an email if you are interested in joining the series!!



I am having so much fun going through and editing all of our pictures from our Fourth of July getaway to Idaho. I got a lot of questions after I posted this picture on Instagram, so I just knew I had to share more with you here! Stevens Lakes is one of the most beautiful hikes I have ever seen, I mean look at these pictures! The hike itself is not for the faint of heart, but oh so worth it! If you ever find yourself in Northern Idaho, definitely give this beauty a try!

*Note: Some of these pretties were taken by my awesome Father-In-Law too!



wearING: Top c/o | Shorts (old) Sandals Sunnies c/o
While in Idaho for the Fourth it was almost unbearably hot! I couldn't wait to head off to the local rooftop pool in my new favorite Pineapple tank. But unfortunately the pool was closed, boo! We resorted to riding ATV's instead which gave off that much needed breeze. I guess I can't complain ;)

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And check out our past Fourth holiday spent in Wallace here!



I've passed the Wild Horse Monument a hundred times growing up while visiting my grandparents in eastern Washington, always hoping that I'd one day get to stop there and be a little tourist. On our road trip over to Idaho, the sun was setting perfectly and I just knew "this was it"! I begged Eric to pull over, and boy, am I glad he did! Love a little road trip magic!!