On our way home from Portland, Eric and I decided to take a little detour along the Oregon coast. In the morning we headed straight for Cannon Beach. I can't tell you how long I've had my heart set on seeing Haystack Rock in person! After grabbing some amazing crepes at Crepe Neptune (highly recommend the Smuggler's Cove, nutella wins all), we walked down to the beach and laid eyes on this...

^^ I could stare at those puppy dog eyes forever. Taking a moment to just appreciate how I struck gold with this one. ^^

We literally spent two hours walking up and down this beach hand in hand, talking about all the fun adventures we have been on over the past 5 years and what fun adventures we have in the near future. Cannon Beach was a romantic surprise that I hope to never forget. Leaving a piece of my heart there in the meantime. 

^^ The Goonies House!! Obviously driving up the coast, Astoria was a must. I grew up watching this movie, and getting to see it in all its glory was well worth it. "HEY YOU GUYS!!" ^^
^^ You can see the school where Kindergarten Cop was filmed in the left corner. Astoria for the win! ^^



Living just 3 hours away from Portland my entire life, would you believe I've never been? Yeah, neither did most of my friends when I told them of our plans to head down their over the weekend. When researching things to do, oh baby was food numero uno on my checklist! Of course everyone recommended shopping (with the whole "no taxes" and everything), but I had different plans.

Is anyone else a big reality TV junkie like me? About a month ago I was doing the usual bored browsing thing on Netflix (it's a real thing) and stumbled across TLC's "Little People, Big World". I hadn't seen this show in forever but was quickly reminded of its awesomeness. I jokingly told Eric that we should go to their pumpkin farm just outside of Portland over Halloween season, and to my surprise he was totally on board!! We had been planning a weekend trip down there for quite some time, and seeing as this would most likely be the last good weekend, it was the perfect excuse!

We left Seattle around 7AM, driving through countless clouds and a crisp Fall chill in the air. A few hours later, Portland welcomed us with open arms, blue skies and rows upon rows of bicycles. Oh Portland, you had my heart at Food Carts, but your cute streets around Pearl District really sold it for me!

First stop on our adventure was right outside Portland, at Roloff Farm. We wanted to get here as soon as it opened to avoid any traffic. Unfortunately our GPS got us a little lost but there were signs all over this back road to lead us on the right path. And there she is in all her glory! First thing we did was take a tour of the property. Eric said that I could have practically given the tour myself, I knew where everything had happened on the farm (ex. Where Jeremy got married, where Matt bought Noah's Ark, where Jeremy and Zach played soccer growing up, the list goes on). It was so surreal though seeing everything in person. Amy even joined in on our tour. See pictures below!!

^^ Look at that face of pure joy. I don't know what it is, but Eric is obsessed with llamas. He's determined that we will own a llama one day. If we do, I shall name her Tina. ^^
^^ Stealing kisses in the corn maze. We actually did get lost at one point. Thankfully a 4 year old boy showed us the way out, ha. ^^
^^ Picture taken during our tour of the farm. This is where Jeremy got married in the latest episode of LPBW. ^^ 
^^ Eric told me to stop taking pictures, but I had to prove to you guys that I really did see Matt and Amy. Here Amy joined us half way through our tour and showed us secret tunnels that are around the property, as well as her issues with their neighbors. We're practically BFF's now, so... ^^

After dropping off our things at Eric's aunts house we drove into downtown Portland. We had a few key places we wanted to see and do, but for the most part we have both come to enjoy just relaxing and taking things in while aimlessly walking around (we find thats when you stumble across the best gems). We parked the car in Pearl District and headed out on foot. 

^^ Pretty blossoms everywhere. I almost forgot it was the Fall season all together. ^^

Funny story, after we walked around for an hour and our meter was up, we headed off to our next destination. I really wanted to go to the Ace hotel and get our pictures taken in the old photobooth. So we found garage parking (where we wouldn't have to worry about meters and such), and made our way through the staircase and up out on the street again. Once we got to the street we noticed that we had popped out right where we had parked previously. We both looked at each other and were so confused. It felt like we had driven blocks to our next destination, come to find we just did a giant circle. Turns out Portland is a lot smaller than we thought. 

^^ I must admit that we didn't end up getting Voodoo doughnuts. *Cue the gasps* I know this should be a crime and while we did have the full intention of going by the time we got there we weren't in the mood for doughnuts and we didn't feel like waiting in an exceedingly long line. But we went and took a peak inside. Good enough, right? Please don't judge! ^^

Till next time Portland!



Hair posts are back! Woo!!

Over the weekend I consistently had my hair in simple mini milk braids (found here). I love having this messy look to wear during these still warm days of the Fall season. Keeping the look messy gives it that effortless feel that I love during the holiday season. Wear it with loose fitting clothes or bundled up in thick scarves, you can do no wrong. Find the quick and easy tutorial down below!

What has been your favorite hairstyle to wear this Fall season so far? What look would you like me to try next??
>> P.S. Let me know if you try this look out by tagging me in your instagram photos @tanyajtaylor

To Create
step one: Brush through hair and part down the middle, creating two separate sections. 
step TWO: Create a tight fishtail braid on each side. Secure with a small elastic.
step three: Bring the right fishtail braid around the back of the head to the left side. Secure with bobby pins at the top of head. Repeat on the other side. 

And there you have it!! Enjoy!



Wearing: Me Undies Tee | 7 For All Mankind Jeans DSW Booties

This weekend was absolutely perfect!! It was General Conference weekend for our church, which always gives the perfect excuse to sleep in, stay in our comfies longer than necessary, eat a scrumptious breakfast and not feel guilty. It's just a bonus that we get to hear amazing talks of inspiration while doing it! This weekend also brought beautiful Fall weather - low 70's, blue skies and crisp air. Nothing better! Between General Conference meetings, Eric and I took advantage and road our bikes down to the local dog park (it's our favorite past time at the moment) and stopped by Trader Jo's to pick up more pretty succulents to add around our place. Nothing but rest and relaxation for these two lazy bones, which calls for the classic staple - boyfriend jeans and a crisp white shirt.

Can we take a second to talk about this shirt from Me Undies for a second though? I think I slept 3 days in a row in this thing. I like to think I'm clean. But seriously, it is just the softest material!! Eric wouldn't stop with the snuggles (which I'm not complaining about).

What did you do this weekend?



October is a great time to reinvent your look. Switching out your wardrobe, making changes with your hair and decorating your space in a new and festive way. The beginning of the holiday season always brings about this sense of a "New Year" to me. So to all of you, Happy New Year!!

Today I leave you with a selection of pics that have been inspiring me lately as we head off into the weekend. Here's to a weekend full of sleeping in, eating lots of warm soup, snuggling up to some Halloween classics (Halloweentown & Hocus Pocus), and possibly some last minute hikes before the weather gets too drastic. What's your favorite thing about heading into the holiday season?



Over the weekend Eric and I flew down to Los Angeles to surprise my girl, Gavrielle, for her 25th birthday! Her amazing boyfriend organized everything, and our plan went off without a hitch! Tears and slow motion running may have been involved at the LAX airport. The occasion was so grand that if you witnessed it you might have thought it was straight out of Love Actually.

I feel like I'm still trying to process what all happened this weekend, it was such a whirlwind! We had some food while there so let's start with that shall we? Blu Jam Cafe (highly recommend the California Omelette - but really you can get anything and won't go wrong), Urth Caffé (everything is delicious and fast), and Bricks & Scones (which essentially just looked like an upscale library). We also had some yummy Pho and Chinese food but the restaurant names are on the tip of my tongue at the moment so just take my word for it. 

Since our coming down was a complete surprise to Gavi we didn't have time to plan out every detail or go to all the places we could have, but trust me when I tell you we made the very most of it. Just walking down the streets of Melrose Place and Larchmont Village was more than enough. The overwhelming amounts of ivy covered buildings, pretty streets lined with palm trees, and the most perfect graffitied walls - I was a very happy girl! It was basically a miracle Gavi and I didn't flood our phones with pictures (but yes, there was lots documented thanks to our handsome men who accommodated our every silly wish)! 

Isn't she a beaut?! To celebrate the birthday girl, we had Chinese take-out on the roof over sunset (twinkle lights and balloons included) and then took ubers downtown to Honeycut to finish off the night with some serious dancing on a multi-colored lit up dance floor. The music was so incredible, I felt like I was zapped back to my thirteen year old self. Even Eric busted some moves - this coming from the guy who refused to dance at our own wedding. Yeah, it was that good! 

Now excuse me while I hunt down more pictures from this trip! Trust me, there are some real gems you don't want to miss! Moral of the story, I need to come to LA more often!!