It’s Thursday!! I can’t even believe it! I don’t think you all realize how relieved I will be once Sunday rolls around and Eric and I are up in the air on our way to Germany! Sunday can not come soon enough! These past few days / weeks really have been a rough one, and wanderlust has kicked in full swing. Just trying to finalize all last minute details. Picking up our euros at the bank, making sure they know that we will be using our credit cards out of the country, finding adapter’s for all of our electronics, travel maps and books. Basically we are going to be the ultimate tourists. Nose in the maps, loads of cameras, fanny packs and all.
While I get myself under control I wanted to keep you guys occupied with someone special. Today we have the lovely Bre’an fromĀ ST8 of MIND. This little photo savvy, New Yorker is too cute for words, and so wise in her outlook on life. Don’t believe me? Read below, and make sure to check out her blog after this interview!