A little behind, but wanted to share these little gems from our Fourth of July! Every year we always head off to the mountains in Idaho at Eric's family vacation home. It's in the cutest little mining town where we go ATVing and dirt biking. Lots of walking and thrifting. I'd share a link to our past times in Wallace, but something is going haywire with photobucket at the moment so just believe me when I tell you how magical it all is!
 Zoe rocked a giant bandaid on her forhead over the holidays, and I'm pretty sure it was the cutest thing ever. Everyone that we would bump into kept asking what happened. She took a little spill off of a curb (babies are SO fast). Not exciting, but you can tell it doesn't bring her down! She's still rocking a little scar which I'm hoping will fade over time. Man I just want to squish her!!

Zoe could stay in a pool all day every day if you let her. Every time we leave the gym she just wants to sit and watch everyone going swimming. Need to sign her up for swim lessons again. We even bought a little pool for our backyard that she walks in and out of all the time. After dinner instead of cleaning her off I just throw her in there (clothes and all), and she loves it!
 This is one of my most favorite pictures right now. How cute does Zoe look running down the block. What's even funnier is the fact that she was heading straight towards Eric and then b-lined it right after him without the hug. Tough love, hehe.
 Why so serious?
 My little wallflower. Seriously, I could just sit and take pictures of her all day. And I do! HA! 

 Baby Z and her Grandpa Tom after off roading!
 My little mini me! I love my little blonde haired, blue eyed babe!
The only way to stay cool is with the famous Huckleberry Shakes, yum! I think Z shared about 2 sips of this one....


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