Zoe turned 9 months old last Friday. She's been on the outside just as long as she was on the inside and it has me feeling all sorts of emotions over here. She's taught me so much about myself, patience, unconditional love, life, true sleep deprivation, and how lucky I am to be her mama. It has been so much fun getting to watch her grow, learn and create her own personality. And trust me when I say she definitely has one. She is so funny, sassy, squishy, stubborn, sensitive, and caring. She loves to "pet" babies when they are crying. She's super hard to make laugh, but when you do it's just about the greatest thing your ears could ever hear. She loves bath time, sucking on apple slices, putting everything in her mouth, and burying her head in my shoulder whenever she gets shy. She has finally mastered crawling (if army crawling counts). She can pull herself up (but only on me, ha). She has one tiny little tooth finally making its way through. She still sleeps 10 hours straight at night and finally takes great naps in her crib. The most thing people love to comment on are her eyes and chubby little droopy cheeks. Zoe Jean, you are the best!

*Lately Zoe has been doing so many cute things I have to share them all soon. Of course everything she does is just about the cutest to me, but I just have to say that this is my favorite age so far!

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