Hey guys, TJ here! Doing a little "style" post with earrings today! I haven't done anything like this in...well, I don't think I ever have. And do you know why? Because I haven't had my ears pierced in four years! I finally got the courage to get my ears re-pierced (basically giving birth makes you afraid of nothing 💪), ha! Anyway, I was so excited when the Happiness Boutique reached out to me. They are a fashion brand based out of Berlin with all the cutest jewelry! They even have their own exclusive collection of products that they design! I saw these two pairs of earrings and just instantly fell in love! And I hope you will too because they are offering a 10% discount (code: hislittlelady), but act fast because it's' only valid through October 24! Make sure to check them out here!

These Shooting Star Ear Crawlers were a definite must the second I spotted them on the site! I have been eyeing earrings like this for FOR.EV.ER! They are definitely the best piece to give your ears some love and attention. I wore these to the mall the other day and had lots of girls ask about them. There is just something about them that gives you that extra sense of confidence. Don't believe me? Try them for yourself! 😜

These are the Pearl Ear Jackets and such a great statement piece because they are subtle but leave you taking a second look. When I put these one, Eric instatly commented, and he NEVER does so you know that is saying something! They can easily be dressed up or dressed down (which is always what I prefer. Jeans and tee girl all the way)!

And remember, don't forget your 10% discount at checkout (code: hislittlelady)


  1. so nice pics ; >>

    i invite to me too


  2. yep. definitely just ordered that top pair. those are soooo bad ass. thanks girl!

    1. Seriously they are amazing!! They definitely have that little bit of edge that every girl needs in their life! Tag me in a picture when you get them! I want to see!! ;)


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