Trying to play catch up whenever I have free time. It's 10 o'clock at night right now and instead of sleeping (which I really should be doing) I'm up editing pictures and posting on here for whoever still reads blogs anymore. But really it's just for me and my virtual diary over here.

A few months ago we had a family reunion near Glacier National Park. It was so fun introducing Zoe to all her family who she had never met. She also turned 10 months new while we were there. I can't believe she's now almost a year old! The sayings are true! The days are long but the year (or year in this case) is short!

^^ It has to be stated that even though it was so hot there, this water was freeeezing! (hello, glacier water). I jumped in and almost couldn't swim back because my chest instantly felt like it was collapsing on itself. There were these little kids swimming around and snorkeling looking at all the pretty fish for minutes on end. I have NO idea how they stood the cold. Maybe I'm just a big baby, ha ^^

^^ Disclaimer: No, there is no bun in my oven. Apparently I had way to much to eat over the summer because I look preggo in each shot. 🙈  ^^

^^ Z's face 😂😂😂. She wasn't a fan of the luging I guess. ^^

^^ My uncoordinated babe trying to clap her hands. Sitting pretty on her 10 months of life! ^^


  1. This looks like the most beautiful place! And I feel like I am constantly trying to play catch up when it comes to blogging. I have had the most miserable cold/bronchitis/sinus infections for a month now, so blogging is the last thing on my mind!

    1. Ugh, I feel you girl! I've had a horrible headcold for almost a month now. Those things take forever to go away!! Hope you feel better soon! xo


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