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Did you ever watch The Oprah Winfrey Show? I used to be (still am) obsessed with Oprah and her positive energy and outlook on life. One of the things that she talked about regularly that helped her have such a positive attitude was keeping a gratitude journal, a journal where she would write down 5 things that she was grateful for each and every day. As a teenager I would go through hiccups of being depressed and I wanted so desperately to have that little outlet to bring sunshine back into my life. I was never very consistent with it, but when I was it really did help me to be happier.


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At 35 weeks, I love that I am finally in a stage of my pregnancy where people know that I'm pregnant. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I would be walking down a street and people would have to do double takes. I know what they were thinking, "home girl needs to lay off the cheeseburgers". Now all I get are cute little smiles every where I go. I'll take it!

Anyways, I looooove this dress so SO much! Even though it has long sleeves, it's light enough to wear on those hot Summer days, but enough coverage for rainy days too. Oh, and it is a maternity dress, but you could totally pull it off as just a regular dress afterwards (double bonus). *For those who have asked about my past maternity dresses they've seen on my Instagram, I've gotten all of mine from ASOS! ;)

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