Beach up

After a few days back home in Seattle, I couldn't wait to get back into Florida sunshine and head straight for the beach with my love. I've missed the blue skies, palm trees and endless water. However, I ended up bringing the Seattle rain with me this day so a little hang out session under the pier it was.

This past month, I've been so into dainty rings. I've collected quite a few pieces, with this skull knuckle ring being my latest find. I decided to style it down with this loose fitted top and jeans, the perfect relaxed look for walking along the beach.

What is your latest accessory obsession?

Top: c/o Style Lately
Skull Knuckle Ring: c/o Style Lately
Jeans: Madewell
Layered Rings: Etsy


Sanibel Island... we took a little day trip over to this beautiful island, a hidden gem that in just a few short hours quickly stole my heart. With cooler temperatures, we rented bikes for the day and rode up and down the beautiful island taking in all the must see landmarks, beaches and seashells that it had to offer. The day ended driving away from the most unbelievable sunset that no picture could possibly capture. Thanks for the great memories, S.

Sunday loving

A little Sunday inspiration to start your week off on the right foot. Is it already Sunday? 1) Beyoncé always looking fabulous. 2) Layers of love with a casual flare done right.  3) Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen being playful and pretty.  4) Louvre Museum. Paris, France. Dream location. 5) Perfect cat eye drawn of Garry Pepper.  6) Michelle Williams is the ultimate girl next door. Love her!
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Low key

Our week has been very low key, with late night walks around the city and lots of DVR dates. Just the thing I needed after my whirl wind trip back home. Thanks to this Célfie tee, it's quickly become that perfect piece for low key nights like these.

Top: Sincerely, Jules
Jeans: Madewell
Purse: Topshop
Sandals: Nine West 

I'll be back ...

I'm heading back to Seattle for a last minute quick trip, and then it's back to Florida to soak up as much sun I can before the big move. The next few days will be a little quiet here on the blog. My apologies in advance. In the meantime, make sure to keep up with me here

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Airboat tour

We're getting down to the wire with our time here in Florida (how has it already been six months?), and to say that I'm sad about it is a huge understatement. I have absolutely loved living here!! I love the culture, the weather, the beaches, the weather. Have I mentioned the weather? We're trying to finish up all of our Florida bucket lists in these next few weeks. Next up, shell picking in Sanibel and Universal Studios. In the meantime, here's our trip back to the Everglades getting our taste of airboating, alligator shows and holding good ol' Snappy! Oh Florida, you've been so good to us! Keep it up! xx

Because everyone needs motivating words to get them through a new year.

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