If you aren't following my Instagram, here's a year-in-review post with a little bit of everything taken via my iPhone throughout the year. I love you all, and thank you for reading along! Have a very happy New Year!! xx


Happy Monday my loves! After what felt like the longest flight of our lives, we have finally made it back home to Seattle for the holiday season! We even had the privilege of waking up to beautiful snow (a rare occurrence here in the Pacific Northwest). We took full advantage and woke up bright and early, 5:30 to be exact thanks to the good old time difference, and went sledding! Untouched snow in complete silence is just about the most magical thing in this world.



Introducing Sonja Švajhlera Croatian blogger and big dreamer from Little Miss Twiggy. One of my favorite things about this blogging community is getting to know people from all over the world, making connections and helping draw attention to the lovely readers who have been there from the beginning for me!

...a little introduction:
Hello! I'm Sonja, but you can call me Miss Twiggy. I've been married for a year to my best friend, my Prince Charming, Ivan, but you can call him Mr. Handsome. We've been together for 8 years now, but we've known each other since we were twelve. I've been in love with him since. I'm a Law student in love with fashion and vintage things. Obsessed with Justin Timberlake, Italian lover, and Pinterest addict.

How would you describe your blog?
LittleMissTwiggy is my little virtual space where I share my thoughts, small parts of my life, a place where I share my inspirations, my outfits, and all things that make me smile. It's a place where I'm perfectly happy with myself. 

What is your dream job?
Hopefully as soon as I finish Law school, I'm off to something completely different. Wedding organizer. I really enjoyed the planning of our wedding, and since then I've been dreaming about having my own wedding company.

Favorite holiday tradition?
Christmas with both of our families. For the last eight years, we always spend Christmas Eve at my parents house. My mother makes her Croatian specialty, "Fritule", a festive pastry resembling little doughnuts which she makes every Christmas. We also sing Christmas songs with my mother-in-law on the piano, Mr. Handsome on a guitar, my little nephews (which are the most adorable creatures) running around so happy that they can be awake 'till midnight, and the rest of us singing along. As you can see, true Christmas spirit! We all forget about the usual problems we have, just being happy together. 

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The sun's setting a lot earlier these days, even here in the "Sunshine State". As soon as Eric gets home from work we have about 30 minutes to play before pure darkness. Lucky for me, it's still warm enough to walk around in the dark in just jeans, t-shirt and flats (like these City Girl Flats). Something to put on your Christmas list? I think sooooo. They've already become my favorite go to's.

With the holidays creeping up on us, I'm excited to head home to Seattle for the holidays and to play in the snow at Eric's family getaway home in Idaho. I must admit though, I'm a little hesitant of the impending cold after spending months here on the beach. I've just loved seeing the palm trees all decked out in lights, people picking out Christmas trees in board shorts and the fact that it's still warm enough to go swimming in the ocean. I'm holding on to this little bit of sunshine for as long as I can before heading home.

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Shirt: Buy Me Brunch
Jeans: GAP (similar here)
Shoes: c/o Pale Violet  
Necklace: c/o milk & crown 


I never considered myself a hat person before, but ever since receiving this lovely fedora in the mail by Missguided I have found every excuse to wear it around (even at home). Another fedora I have my eye on lately is this classic one from TopShop. I love how versatile and form fitting it is. Possible Christmas present?
Happy Monday!!


one / two / three / four / five / six

Oh, and happy Friday the 13th! ;)


Key West was nothing what I imagined, it was better! Just picture very cute and very old southern homes, a New Orleans downtown kind of vibe with some wild chickens running around on the side and people drinking out of coconuts. We made sure to check out some historical sights like Ernest Hemingway's home, the Old Post Office and Customshouse and the Southernmost point buoy (which stands as a marker for the southernmost point in the continental United States). We took in the sites, walked along Duval street as much as our legs would let us, ate some incredible dessert, put our feet in the ocean, and drove home to a beautiful sunset listening to Christmas music. Thanks for the memories Sarah and Jared!!
Have you been to Key West? 
We hunted down "Sloppy Joe's Bar" which was a frequent stop for Ernest Hemingway back in the day. It was so much fun looking at his works, photographs and dancing along to live music. The boys were definitely happy with their very, very sloppy joe's. 
Loved following these little chicks all along Duval street. You could find them on practically every street corner.
Pretty much the only beach on Key West. Who knew?!?!


We've made some amazing friends down here in Florida, it will be sad to say goodbye next month. For the past few weeks we have been planning a fun little road trip with our good friends, Sarah and Jared, to see the Florida Keys. This past weekend called for 80 degrees and blue skies so we knew it was the perfect time to drive down before the holiday season. Our first stop was a fishing place called Robbie's where you could feed these giant fish and get attacked by pelicans. It was awesome!

^^ I may be smiling in this picture but those fish were disgusting, especially when the scales would stick to my hands. But I felt I was fulfilling a childhood dream of being a marine biologist so all was well. ^^

^^ Pelicans were everywhere! And they were really wanting those fish, but I guess they'll go with anything. ^^

^^ Yes, what you see is true. Their mouths are on top of their heads. Gross. ^^


Another stop on our Thanksgiving holiday adventure was NASA. For a while now Eric's been talking about his desire to head up to Cape Canaveral and get his rockets on. With Eric's parents coming into town, and his dad being just as into rockets as he is (probably a little more), we knew it was fate. We drove our little bums 3+ hours north, saw some history, took some pictures, ate Five Guys for dinner, and called it a night. Fast forward a week later and Eric and I were actually able to see a live rocket fly through the sky in person. Needless to say the hubs hasn't stopped talking about it since, calling it the coolest moment of his life. Thanks babe....

^^ Oh, we also made a trip to the moon while we were there, NBD. The moon was like one giant blueberry ;) ^^
^^ Touching a piece of the moon. A little good luck you could say. ^^
^^ My happy boy, playing spaceman. ^^

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