Everything Fall inspired // 01. Long simple pony with a gold hair ring / 02. Black nails, layered rings 
03. mad for plaid / 04. Perfect outfit from head to toe / 05. Dark lips and beanie


Something every blogger needs to remind themselves every now and again.
I might just need to order this print ::winks::


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Over the weekend Eric and I took ourselves on a little adventure down to Coral Gables to see the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. In all honesty, I never thought to live in Florida, but after visiting Coral Gables I might just have to change my mind. So many beautiful homes, back roads, beautiful arched trees over the streets, the architecture. I can't wait to go back next weekend and explore some more (specifically the Venetian Pool)!

^^ They have an area in the gardens designated to where people can come and write down their wishes. There were hundreds of them from all over the world, and being able to read some of the beautiful wishes that people left behind was just magical. For health, for families to be reunited, to find love. ^^

^^ I mainly dragged Eric here so we could check out the exotic Butterfly exhibit. Unfortunately, I never realized that I apparently have some sort of fear against them until once we got there. I mean, those things are fast! One particularly beautiful butterfly landed right on my stomach. I was excited at first because I always heard a butterfly resting on you was good luck, but that poor thing had no idea what was coming. I jumped and screamed while all the people around me looked at me like I was some sort of weirdo afraid of a butterfly. Oh well, it was cool while it lasted. ^^

^^ While walking along the grounds we stumbled across this (hideous) little guy. Apparently they are called Florida Softshell Turtles. And this one looked like it wanted to eat me alive! ^^

^^ Eric was really excited to be here... Oh well, I had fun! Until next time, Coral Gables! ^^


First, I want to give a shout out to one of my BFF's, Gavi, and her pure wittiness that I love when reading her published articles on Thought Catalog. But really, check them out here. I may not be as creative as her, but this post was definitely inspired by her, so thank you my dear friend.
Secondly, Eric and I have been reminiscing about our childhoods a lot lately, and pretty much came to the conclusion that we grew up in the best decade ever! Although, I do feel sorry for the hubby having to grow up without cable. He missed out on some timeless shows, and it saddens me when he sometimes doesn't get my references, but he's so cute so I'll let it pass. Of course 5 reasons isn't really enough space to fit everything in, so I just covered the big ones. Feel free to add some more of your own down below in the comment section. I can't wait to reminisce with all of you!

How could we forget that the 90's introduced us to such legends as *NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera (pre "Xtina"), Spice Girls, and Nirvana. It brought us those one hit wonders that whether or not you admit it was most likely your first downloaded ringtone when you got your flip phone. You know the one I'm talking about, Aqua's "Barbie Girl" (it's stuck in your head now isn't it?).
*Other honorable mentions to those who came and went during the 90's - Sisqo's "Thong Song". 5ive's "When the Lights Go Out". B*Witched's "C'est la Vie". Hanson's "MMMBop".

Is it just me or do kids TV shows suck now-a-days? Not that I watch them or anything... But seriously, you can't get those moments where every episode is a life lesson learned through Cory, Topanga, Eric, and Shawn. You can't have your guy friend climb through your window with a ladder like Clarissa (or have a pet alligator). You can't go to camp and have all your romantic dramas unfold in front of America like Bug Juice. Or bring nightmares to children around the world by kids telling stories by campfire and magic sand dust.

Polly Pocket. Giga Pet / Tomagatchi. Sky Dancers. Moon shoes. Bop It. Sock'em Boppers. Pogs (that they always gave away at Dairy Queen). Super Soakers. Beanie Babies. Skip-it. Fisher-Price Power Wheels (the toy that only the rich kids could afford, while the rest of us had to ride passenger).

If you've never seen Clueless or Home Alone, then you didn't grow up in the 90's. These classics brought us baggy pants (pre-Biebs), "as if's", and Kevin's "Buzz, your girlfriend. Woof!" 90s movies taught us true love and friendship through Titanic, The Lion King, Toy Story, and Dumb&Dumber. They taught us to believe in anything!

Let the nostalgia begin.


To my new readers, to the readers that have reconnected. As life changes, as we get older, so do we. Here are up-to-date little things about me for your Monday. As well as little things about myself that I can remember and look back at with fondness.

01. I go as long as I can without brushing my hair. A tradition that has lasted since the age of 4.
02. I have a teddy bear I have had since the day I was born that I can not sleep without. Her name is Pinky, and yes, she rattles.
03. My favorite place in the world is my grandparents house in Otis Orchards, Washington. So many memories. And the basement is full of every antique collectors dream!
04. I want to learn another language. I just don't know which one yet. Any suggestions?
05. I am extremely sentimental, and have a little problem getting rid of anything. Eric calls it hoarding.
06. I love watching cooking shows, but I hate to cook.
07. Early morning snuggles with Eric right after the alarm goes off is my favorite time of day.
08. I dream of living on Prince Edward Island.
09. My elbows are double jointed. You can imagine how much my dance teachers loved it... (insert sarcasm)
10. My first job was working at Ruby's Diner as a waitress. How much I loathed that outfit.
11. I dip my graham crackers in water.
12. Eric calls me "Butters". A nickname he gave me in high school.
13. I have a fear of librarians due to an episode from Are You Afraid of the Dark.
14. I pride myself of being my very own IMDB. I can tell you any movie or tv show an actor has been in.
15. Giraffes are my favorite animal.
16. I'm a huge believer in Karma.
17. When I grow up I want to be a photographer, world traveler, actress, philanthropist, business owner, and mother. Dream big.
18. I have a Tumblr named syvende, which means seventh in Norwegian. Named for being the seventh child in my family.
19. I have a problem letting people pay for me. Call it a pride thing.
20. George Costanza is my favorite Seinfeld character.

I would love to get to know all of you better too! What is a little fact about yourself? Leave your answers in the comment section below. Here's to us all becoming better friends!!


t-shirt: Sorry I'm Late
Embrace the crazy, because that's what is happening over here. Happy weekend!! xx


Unless you've been hiding under a rock (or don't happen to have instagram) then you probably already know the ever so talented Hailey Devine. But just in case you happen to be in the 2% that don't, let's do a brief overview as to why I'm featuring this lovely lady. She creates breathtaking videos and photographs with her hubby and brother. Check. She's Norwegian (Norwegian pride over here). Check. She's managed to visit places in the world that I only dream of traveling to. Check. She managed to snag herself an Englishmen. Check. Okay, these just scratch the surface. Really, as soon as I stumbled upon her instagram a little over a year ago she pretty much had me under her spell. I'd like to think that if she and I actually lived in the same city we would be great friends. Pretty much she's just awesome. But don't take my word for it. Read on and see why Hailey Devine is someone "You Oughta Know".
NAME: Hailey Devine
AGE: 23 years young
CITY: The City of Salty Lake
SPOUSE: Bradley Devine
CAREER: Videographer / Soon to be Mama!
CINEMATOGRAPHY PIECE: Choosing my favorite cinematography piece is like choosing a favorite child. I would have to say 'Werewolfy' for a variety of reasons:
1. It is insanely ridiculous and slightly embarrassing. Yes I am the third zombie in the back right. (Why am I sharing this again!?)
2. I love halloween.
3. For the memories & history behind this video! Brad (my husband) was my boyfriend, and this was our first time creating a video all together (Brad, Trevor and I). Now we get to do this everyday (well not this. Ha!) together with our production company Haugen Creative.
STYLE PREFERENCE: LEGGINGS! What would I do without my leggings!?
SPARE TIME CHOICES: My husband always jokes with me saying "Haiz, you need to find a hobby..." Because for 'work' and for 'play' I create videos! I am almost always guaranteed to be hidden behind a camera. But besides that, nothing beats online shopping (eh eh?) and spending time with family & friends.
NEXT BIG ADVENTURE: WE'RE HAVING A BABY!! The biggest adventure yet! I'm not sure if we quite understand what we've gotten ourselves into this time... ;)
YOU OUGHTA KNOW: If you trip, and you're not hurt... I will laugh. Laughter is life's best remedy.

Thanks Hailey! xo
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01. All of these pictures of short brown hair on Pinterest are really tempting. (
02. Pumpkin spice donut holes. Yes please! (
03. Everything about this look from the color, to the style and those booties. (
04. I'm always up for inspiration boards. (
05. Pumpkin carving done right. Whoooo! (
06. Love captured at its purest. (
07. This couple shoot is ultimate perfection. (
08. Beauty shot. Obsessed with the eye make-up. (
09. Someone furry bringing a smile to my face. I named him Homer! (
10. My obsession with Lily Collins continues. (
11. Always remember why you started. (


This weekend consisted of all the things that I needed to get myself out of my little funk. Movie date nights with friends. Frisbee throwing fun at the park with new friends. Watching the love story of Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe, Anne of Green Gables, of course! If I'm ever sad or sick I go straight for this. Anyone else grow up having the biggest crush on Gil?!

We ended our weekend with a late afternoon kayak trip on the ocean and spent some time swimming off our own private little island we found as the sun was setting. With the humidity finally starting to break down here in Florida, we took in as much of this perfect weather as we could.

Don't mind the overload of pictures from our weekend kayaking trip down below!
*P.S. To those of you who asked, you can find the "Miami Heat" cap I am wearing here ;)
^^ Oh how that face of his makes we swoon. 


Sending a sincere thank you to all of you who wrote on my site, who sent me emails, to my friends and family who called me to just send words of wisdom and compassion. I want you all to know that I read each and every one of your comments. I let them resinate in my heart.

I know that part of this "blogging world", with writing about your life and putting it out there, comes with some downfalls. Many of us have fallen subject to negativity, to judgement, to comparison, to questioning our worth. I pray that anyone who has felt that sadness, that self doubt, to those who have felt that they weren't good enough, I pray you know you are! Evil words spoken about you, whether to your face or behind a computer screen, are nothing more then that... just words. Only you can define yourself. Only you can decide whether those words have meaning or truth. Only you have the power to say ENOUGH, to put up that "physical" wall between you and that negativity and no longer let it have power over you.

To those people who feel the need to say these negative things, I pray that you be happy. I pray that you think before you act. I pray that you truly know the harm that you can bring into someones life, that you remember that they are a real person with real emotions and insecurities not unlike your own.

To you all, I love you.  


This morning I did what no blogger should do, look at the negative comments said about your site. I believe there is a difference when someone writes to you or leaves you a comment with honest and heartfelt feedback. I know that sometimes we need this constructive criticism to make not only ourselves but the content of our work better. Sometimes even these words can be hard to hear, but I know they are for the best. What is not for the best is to look at the words maliciously written about you. These are more serious attacks not only about my site but sometimes against me as a person and my character. It hurts. It hurts because I am a real person. I have real feelings and moments of self doubt. I am human.

Today I cry, but tomorrow will be a better day. Tomorrow I will not wallow in self pity. Tomorrow I will tell myself to never look at these sites again, because really I don't care what those people have to say. I love to blog. I love to connect with my readers. I know who I am today, and that I am still continuing to grow. I hope you all will grow with me.

Sorry to those people, but I choose not to care anymore. Keep on hating, because over here I will have nothing but love. 


Eric and I had a pretty relaxing weekend. The weather was absolutely beautiful, the humidity has finally started to go down (at least a little bit), and General Conference gave just the big spiritual boost we both needed. I haven't been feeling well the past few weeks. Some sort of long lingering flu bug that won't seem to shake. My body pretty much feels like I've been tossed around in a tornado, aches everywhere. Who gets the flu in paradise?? I was hoping to get out and take some pictures in a new outfit of mine, but that didn't really get to happen. Instead, I leave you with three photos from our weekend: The only picture I snapped in my dress. A late afternoon walk along the beach. A beautiful sunset that doesn't even begin to capture it's beauty. What fun things did you do this weekend?

*P.S. To those of you who asked, you can find the dress I am wearing down below HERE!


01. Marilyn alone is perfect. Need I say more? (
02. Lily Collins is flawless. Envious of those eye brows! (
03. Pop of color for the Fall season done right. (
04. I need to get myself a hat pronto. (
05. One of my favorite quotes. (
06. Beyonce. (
07. Animal love forever. (
08. Finding the perfect booties is also high on my list.
09. Love is a beautiful thing. And so is black and white photography. (
10. Mad for plaid. (
11. Hot couple. (
12. Fall DIY projects. (


lace top: forever 21 (similar HERE), jeans: madewell (old), shoes: target (also loving THESE), jewelry: necklace, ring

It's officially October! And what better way to celebrate the Fall season than with a fresh outfit post from HLL. Although Florida isn't letting up on the heat (or humidity), I wore a pair of jeans in hopes that the cosmic universe would send us some cooler weather. Is that too much to ask for?? So while I wait impatiently, I'll pass the time spending my nights cuddled up inside with the AC and Eric, and kicking off the holiday season watching Hocus Pocus!
What are your Fall staple pieces? What would you like to see me style next?

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