I can't believe August is almost over and Summer is coming to an end! The down side of living in Florida is missing out on the beautiful Fall season and clothes! Whenever September comes around it makes me miss those first day of school jitters all over again. The "what am I going to wear", "what friends will I make", "what teachers will I have". And who can forget the back to school shopping for school supplies. Just like in the beloved movie, You've Got Mail, Joe Fox says it best, "Don't you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address." Aw, the moment those newly sharpened pencils meet the fresh college ruled notebook for the first time when you write down your name, date and class name. I can't help but feel nostalgic too, as it was the first day of school back of our junior year of high school where I met Eric. September, I welcome you with open arms and all new sponsors!

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I'm only posting this for the world to see solely on the fact that my husband is so proud of himself for catching me in such an embarrassing moment. Hate him forever (or at least till tomorrow). Fangirl for life.


I didn't plan on going on such long bursts of absence from the site. Lately I have been feeling a little uninspired. I've taken this opportunity of being home to spend with friends who I haven't seen in quite some time, to tell them how much I love and appreciate them. To spend time with myself and refocus on things that make me happy. I've been swarmed in Pinterest and Tumbr, trying to spark that creativity in me again. I'm hoping that once I get back to Florida and am reunited with Eric tomorrow (!) I can get myself out of this funk. In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite Tumblr's (along with my own) that have helped bring back that inspiration I have been lacking lately.
Clockwise from top left: syvende (my site), a note on design, remain simplebaroque down.
What are some of your favorite Tumblr's? Send them my way, along with links to your own Tumblr!


Eric has sent me a little update from his work adventures in Quito, Ecuador. Smack dab in the middle of the northern and southern hemisphere. Love him and miss him all at the same time! One week (almost down), one more to go! Come home to me Eric!

In the meantime I'm giving in to every chick flick known to man. First stop, Ever After: A Cinderella Story. One of my favorites (!!!)


This past weekend, an old friend of mine from high school passed away. It was unexpected and too soon, as she and her husband had their whole lives ahead of them. Although it has been three years since we had last talked, the word of her passing left my heart aching. She was a beautiful spirit, her sarcastic humor left everyone laughing, her smile warmed any room, she was fearless, sometimes brutally honest, and passionate. She knew what she wanted, who she was, and did not care what others thought of her. She was magical and one of a kind. My prayers continue to go out to her family, her husbands family, and all who knew them both.

As I continue to look at all of the lovely comments that people have left on her Facebook page since hearing of her passing, I am just blown away at all of the memories that people shared with her, even those from who barely knew her. It had me thinking. Why can't we ever say these things to people as soon as we see them. Why must we wait until someone is gone to share how truly special they were to us. Why can't we just say "You have a beautiful smile", "I never told you but you made me feel so welcome that day", "I wish I had your confidence","You were the kindest, most generous person. You pushed me to think outside the box, to be a better person." How amazing would it be to hear these things all the time. Why do we wait until it's too late. As I continue to read the beautiful comments that have been left for her and her husbands passing, I deeply pray that they knew how much they were loved, still loved.

When those around us pass away you can't help but take a step back and reflect on your own life. Is what we are doing worth our while? Does it make us happy? Do we keep in contact with the ones we love, and that bring us joy? Did we say I love you as many times as we could? Did we forgive? Did we try to improve every day? When we are young we make the mistake in thinking that we are invincible; that there will always be tomorrow. Such tragedy to these young individuals proves that we are not always promised tomorrow.

Please, take this time to live each day like it's your last. Hug your loved ones with meaning, say what you are feeling to those around you then and now. Say I love you. 


I'm back in good ol' Washington for the next two weeks while Eric is down in South America for work. I was excited to come home to familiarity, to friendly drivers, to no humidity, to my puppy, to friends, family. I am excited, don't get me wrong. But it doesn't feel the same. Perhaps its because half of my family is out in Eastern Washington picking apples on my grandfathers farm making the annual applesauce, while I'm just here in an empty house. Or maybe it's the fact that I can't drive my car anywhere since I froze my insurance for six months while we are out in Florida. Or maybe I was just a teensy bit excited for that Seattle fresh rain (nope, forecast shows beautiful sunshine all week).

But the real reason it doesn't feel like home, is because he's not here.
Home is wherever you are.
I miss you.


If this blog was being completely honest, you would know that for the past week I've been in a state of scrub mode or beach bum. Yes, my life consists of sweatpants and swimsuits. Sue me. I can't remember the last time I wore make-up (lie, it was last Sunday for church). I can't remember the last time I brushed my hair (true, in fact my hair brush went running for the hills at my mere glance in its direction). I can't remember the last time I didn't wear sandals. What's even worse, I'm not complaining about any of these things. I'm welcoming this laid back mentality that Florida is rubbing off on me. I'm welcoming the color, the culture, the language barriers, the sunshine, the thunder showers, the palm trees, the food. Yep, I think I love you Florida.

^^ Stumbling on a pretty mural in Fort Lauderdale back when I still knew how to dress myself.

While I sign off for an early weekend getaway with the mister before he heads off to Ecuador and Peru for two weeks without me all for work (poor him, NOT), I thought I would share a time when I still dressed myself, as well as hold a little sponsor sale for all you lovely readers who continue to stick around despite my lack of consistant posting. You all rock!

Right now HLL is giving all my readers who are interested a medium ad sponsor space for the rest of August for $10.00. *Normally a $15.00 value!
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Happy weekend!


Words of wisdom for your Wednesday down-arrow


I don't know if any of you remember this post, my 25 while 25 list. Well, I did it! I am happy to report that over the weekend I accomplished one of my bucket list dreams: Feed a giraffe. Not only did I feed one giraffe, but I fed it's baby too! Be still my heart, that little one was beyond precious, and I loved having to lean down further to feed it as it stretched its neck as far as it could. Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a little obsession with giraffes. And while the mister and I stood in line to accomplish one of my goals, I cried. Imagine Kristen Bell on Ellen when she talks about sloths.

^^ Despite what this picture may show, it's tongue was actually blue, and the coolest texture ever! The best way I can describe it is warm, soft sand paper. Yes, contradictory words. But that little tongue could give me kisses all day. That sounds weird, whatever.

^^ I felt bad that no one was feeding the little baby who was trying it's hardest to reach it's little (long) neck to join in on the fun. Can I take it home with me?

^^ I guess you could say Eric was just as excited as I was!

We had such a great time at Zoo Miami! I hope we get the chance to go back one more time while we are here. What's the coolest animal you have ever fed? Have you ever fed a giraffe before??


It's hard to believe that it has already been a little over a week since Eric and I moved to Florida. To say that everything has been one big blur is an understatement, but we haven't taken one day for granted. Snorkeling, Disney World, Cirque du Soleil, submerging ourselves in the different foods, and the culture. It's a little overwhelming, but that's all apart of the adventure. I can't wait to explore more of this beautiful place, to discover its ins and outs, to feel like a local, to make friends! To all my Florida readers, make sure to come up and say hello! Also, any suggestions of things to do, places to eat, anything is much appreciated. 

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