Can I just say how much I am loving dusting off the cobwebs on this here site? Florida has definitely served as a source of inspiration. Perhaps its the ever present culture shock, palm trees (I LOVE palm trees), daily swims in the pool, snorkeling with manatees, constant sunshine, lots of reading time, what have you.

I thought that for today's update I'd share with you a few of the pretty scenery that surrounds me on a daily basis. Our neighborhood. More pictures to come (!!!)


Here's to 9 years of friendship.
4 years of romance.
And 2 glorious years of marriage. 
Happy belated anniversary my love. You are my best friend, partner in crime, and the love of my life! 
I'm so grateful for you, and this adventure we are on. 
Here's to eternity!


According to my iPhone...

01. Flying through the clouds.

02. Welcome to Fort Lauderdale (!!!).

03. Red Reef Park, City of Boca Raton.

04. Snorkeling with manatees, the most beautiful and gentle creatures.

05. Sunburns for days.

06. Getting good use out of my new suit.

07. People watching on the beach.

08. Welcome to the tropics.

09. Celebrating our 2 year anniversary at Disney World (!!!).

10. Mickey Mouse love, even in the ice cream.

11. High five with Chip and Dale.

12. Fireworks show at the magic kingdom.


This time by tomorrow Eric and I will be on our way to our new home, Florida. I know things have been silent the past few weeks. Trust me, it's not by choice. I am hopeful that a fresh change in atmosphere and our 2 year anniversary will spice things up here. Here's hoping!

To all my Florida friends, make sure to say hello! And to all those inquiring about sponsoring or want to sponsor His Little Lady for the month of August, all information can be found HERE. Make sure to shoot me an email if interested!


Okay I admit it, this blog has gotten pretty lame this past month. Honestly, I wish I could blame it all on work. Yes, by the time I get home the last thing I want to do is stare at a computer screen some more. Yes, work gets me pretty grouchy so I take lots of naps instead. But really, the problem is me. Even with all of this beautiful sunshine filled weather in Seattle, I seem to be in a little funk. Moody, tired, lack of inspiration. Instead I spend my time on Pinterest and my tumblr just trying to keep up some sort of social media fa├žade. I mean, even my instagram has been straggling. That's when you know something is up. So this here post is a little apology to all my readers, family and friends. I feel like I let you all down, and even myself. Blogging, which once brought me so much joy and excitement, has turned into this huge chore; of doing it just to do it (and it shows)!

In the meantime, I'm going to go slap some sense into me and get out of this little funk (or writers block if you will). What are some of your tricks to get past these not so fun times?

P.S. To all of you who have emailed asking, Eric and I move to Florida in exactly 13 days! Woo!


Been spending lots of time over here as of late. Come follow along!


I hope all my American readers had a fabulous Fourth of July! Unfortunately we were busy pet sitting and Eric had to work (I know, who works on a national holiday?!?), but we made the most of it by hanging around locally. I started the day off going to a two hour Zumba class with my mom (dying!). Later the mister and I headed for a little afternoon dip in the lake, we set off explosives made by my little brother and all his friends (scariest moment of my life), ate lots and lots of Pizza like a true American, walked around and watched the neighborhood fireworks and floating lanters, and came home to have some sparkler fun before heading to bed.

A few photos from our Independence Day..


If you haven't already heard, Google Reader is shutting down today!!! If you use Google Reader to follow me, consider switching over to Bloglovin'. I've been using it for a few months now and highly recommend it!
Hope to see you there! xx

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