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If you follow me on twitter than you already read that I was planning on sharing some exciting news here on the blog today. And to those of you who guessed anxiously... no, I'm not pregnant. Sorry to disappoint. But I have something else exciting to share. The mister and I are packing up and moving our little buns to sunny Florida! Fort Lauderdale to be more precise, for six whole months! This will definitely be a big change for us Seattleites, but an exciting one. I guess this just goes to show, "ask and you shall receive". And before going on I just wanted to give a congratulations to my main squeeze, for all of his hard work and dedication he puts into his job that he gets offered these amazing opportunities and that I get to go along for the ride. He's just that good that they even offered him a position in the Netherlands but we felt that Florida was the right move for us. I know, I know, what were we thinking! But in all honesty our wallets will be thanking us in the long run. Besides we already plan on taking a few vacations down to the caribbean during our stay (in particular for our 2 year anniversary, woot woot!)
Everything is happening so fast. In just the past two days we have already cancelled our renewal for our apartment, set up cancellations for our water, Internet, TV, the works. In just 50 days we can call ourselves Flordians (is that what it's called???)
So to all my Florida readers, what are some things we can't miss out on! I've never been, but all Eric keeps talking about is how much he wants to take me to Gatorland... joy, ha.


I know, I know! I'm sick of all this reminiscing of Europe to. No, not really. I was clearing out my phone the other day and stumbled across some favorites that I never got to share, and seeing as this is my space... here you go (because I'm a broken record player)! Europe 5.0.
^^ I mean that skyline. Do you blame me?
^^ Englischer Garten perfection.
^^ Planking fail in Austria.
^^ Munich landscape from Olympiapark.
^^ BMW Museum in Munich. Obsessed with this wall.
^^ Blurry but my favorite spot to sit and people watch downtown.
^^ A little PDA for you in Hofgarten. 
^^ Lots of late night Marienplatz walking after dinner. In love with this city forever. 
And so excited to relive living here when they air Desiree falling in love on The Bachelorette!!


Happy Memorial Day to all those we have lost serving our beautiful country. To my ancestors, grandparents. We love you. To celebrate I went out, put my big girl pants on and got myself a job! Wahoo!

How are you celebrating this memorial day?


Oh Seattle, you always seem to steal my heart at every visit. Eric and I had some fun walking around and enjoying what all you had to offer, with sunshine, tiny sprinkles and memorial weekend fun surrounding the Space Needle. People watching, great food, IMAX fun, folklife festivities, polaroid shots, the Emerald City Trolley, EMP tours, walking hand in hand, a little PDA, the works. Love that city, and especially love that man of mine!
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^^Favorite wall art in Seattle. 
^^ Yes please!
^^EMP and Space Needle reflections.
^^ Jimi Hendrix of course.
^^ Seattle's own Eiffel Tower. Love that beauty.


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Happy Friday!! This week was full of interviews, presentations and long work days for the mister so I'm excited for this weekend to just relax, go out to dinner with friends and sleeping in. I'm so proud of that man of mine. He works so hard and sacrifices so much so I hope this weekend I can make him feel as special as he makes me feel every day! Plus, his birthday is just a few weeks away so let all the planning begin! What big plans do you have for the month of June? Besides sponsoring His Little Lady, of course ::winks::
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PS - I guest posted over here the other day about my favorite lip shade. Make sure to check it out!!


You guys!! First off, can I just say how much I am loooooving being back into blogging. I can not even express to you all how much I have missed you and this here little corner of the Internet that I get to call my own! Now if only I could fix this slow Internet connection that has decided to evade my home. It's really putting a damper on my ability to reach out to all of you again and say a personal thanks! So instead I'll leave it here for the world to see. Thank you for sticking around. Thank you for coming everyday, taking the time to read and write great comments. I have made so many beautiful relationships from this and I couldn't be happier.
Now moving past this sappy stuff. Today I am so happy to introduce you all to D'Marie that a friend of mine has created. Yeah, no big deal. Have you ever watched your favorite TV show, movie, or even advertisement and thought "Where can I get that?", "I need that in my closet!". This pretty much happens to me multiple times in a day. After just one click D'Marie can connect you straight to the retailer. Are you on a budget? No fear, it can even show you your favorite looks for less. Yep, it's pretty much heaven sent. What's better? D'Marie is making it's way to your phones. Bring on the app!!
To find out more, look here and here, and here's to much success to D'Marie! xo


"Dear one, you always pushed the boundaries of my soul
We fly found love and finally gained control
Now all life unfolds for us only, dear one" - Jim James


Lately I've been spending my downtime looking at pretty pictures on the Internet. Do you have Tumblr? Let's follow each other by leaving your tumblr link below.
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It feels good to be back. After a month of living out of a suitcase, traveling around Europe and crazy, crazy weeks nothing can express my feelings of content just being back in our bed, with clean clothes and a full, happy fridge. Even this obnoxious head cold I've seem to catch can't bring me down. But something that helps me get through it all is watching this video over and over again of our adventures in beautiful Deutschland. It's my first time making one of these bad boys but definitely won't be my last. Excuse all the mini hiccups that happen in between. I blame iMovie. To all you movie makers, what programs do you use?
And more importantly, Deutschland, I miss you.


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Happy Weekend!


... should the mister and I head to next? After this past month, it is decided that Eric and I are in much need of a vacation. Just the two of us, no responsibilities, and somewhere preferably along the beach so I can just lay out for hours on end, hearing the waves crash along the land and drinks being brought to me.

So where should we go? Leave your suggestions below.

OH HEY....

Yeah, me either really. This past month has just been a whirlwind full of weddings, European travels, jetlags, the works. And somehow (due to poor planning and many other stupid things) I signed Eric and myself up for an overnight nanny gig for two weeks, just one day after getting back from Germany. Yes, I am an idiot. Today marks our first week of survival and to say that my body is craving SERIOUS sleep is an understatement. To all you mommies out there, I don't know how you do it. Oh, to sleep in past 6AM seems like a distant memory. All Eric and I spend our nights talking about now (before passing out) are all the amazing sleep-ins and date nights we will have when all is said and done. Sushi, movie nights, paid for massages.

So after all of this rambling I just wanted to say don't give up on me and this here blog. Come the 17th I'm all yours!!!
xoxo TJ


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"The Soul Makes Beautiful Things..  Jewelry for free spirits, dreamers, rock 'n' rollers, stargazers, bohemian lovers, mystics, nomads and wanderers."

Happy Friday everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that last weeks giveaway has been extended to Monday, May 6. I've been so distant from the blogosphere I feel like not everyone has gotten the chance to enter. Plus, now you get a better feel for one of our giveaway hosts after this product review that I'm sure you'll all want to hightail it over here afterwards. 
I'm so happy to have partnered up with Soul Makes these past few months. All of their pieces just have my inner hippie child bursting at the seams! Thank goodness for Spring and warmer weather so I can make this a possibility. I received this lovely amethyste necklace in the cutest package a few weeks back and have now successfully made it one of my staple pieces. I just adore how it can go with any simple outfit to give it that extra "natural/earthy" pop! It's super light weigh so it doesn't weight you down for those beachy days either. 
Do yourself a favor and head on over to their site here. Or better yet, enter the giveaway mentioned above and win a free item of your choice. Other pieces I have my eye on are this, this and this!


The weather forecasted some rain in Munich over the weekend so Eric and I thought it would be the perfect excuse to hop on a train and visit another country for the day. Enter Salzburg, Austria. You all have NO idea how many times the mister and I quoted that line from Dumb & Dumber (true fans know the one). Too funny! Needless to say though it was a great choice! The weather was in the low 70's and perfect! We had no idea what locations / tourist attractions we wanted to see, we just winged it. And we are so glad we did. I think the best way to explore a city is to just get up and go. Who knows how many of these lovely gems we would have missed if we were too busy with our nose in a map and books, not looking up.
Salzburg, you stole my heart. 


Jeans: Madewell, Shirt: Urban Outfitters, Necklace: Soul Makes
While spending these past weeks in Europe I've noticed one major difference between cultures. Silence, and time. When you head out to dinner no one is on their phones, there are no televisions hanging on the walls, you sit around and wait for your check to come sometimes for a whole 2 hours. Everything is slow here. At first my fast paced nature was impatient, but the longer I've stayed here the more I've come to appreciate just sitting in silence. To enjoy your food with no rush for tables to be changed. To enjoy the company you keep. The other night Eric and I ventured out to dinner and sat there for 2.5 hours eating and just relaxing. We sat in silence and observed all the people around us. We looked at each other and soaked in the silence. 

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