As the weekend always teases us with the excitement of sleeping in and getting to spend the whole day together there's also that anticipating question that we all know and dread, "What should we do?" And for those who are married, you know how important it is to keep the romance alive after the "I do". When Eric and I dated, for two years we lived in two separate states so whenever we would fly to visit one another our dates would always be amazing. Hiking, exploring new restaurants, Seattle drives, symphonies, canoe rides and lunches on private beaches, night ski lifts, family vacations, bike rides on the island. I don't know what it is about being married and wanting to just stay in, but I think Eric and I have had our fair share of those now and suffer from major cabin fever. Maybe its all these rainy nights and waiting for Spring to finally kick in here in Seattle. It's only Wednesday but our conversations last night consisted of "I don't know, what do you want to do?" "I don't know, what do you want to do." Why are date nights just so hard to plan now? Dinner and a movie are always the classic answer, but seriously what do you married people do all the time to keep the romance alive? Please tell me we are not alone here ...

Leave your dating suggestions below!


Okay, maybe some people weren't big fans of the Oscars but I was thoroughly entertained the entire night, as shown by all of my tweets found here. Some highlights:

+ The Les Mis chic who accepted the award wearing hideous bright pink tights...
+ Musical performances with Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jennifer Hudson, and the Les Mis cast. It was like a mini tony moment. Speaking of Les Mis, can we talk about Samantha Barks leg. Totally worth a shout out.
+ Anne Hathaway's acceptance speech. So poise.
+ Adele. That is all.
+ Norah Jones. Where have you been this whole time? Apparently a tanning salon. Worst spray tan ever.
+ The numerous amounts of cut aways to K.Stew looking like she hated her life. She made me feel depressed just looking at her. A close second, Joaquin Pheonix.
+ Jennifer Lawrence's comeback after the fall. Funny. Hugh Jackman coming to her rescue. Real man status. Bradley Cooper adoringly watching her win. Priceless.
+ Daniel Day-Lewis's kiss mark during his acceptance speech.
+ And Argo for the win! Which was essentially a giant slap in the face to all those who snubbed Ben Affleck for best director.
+ Perhaps the greatest moment of all was Jennifer Lawrence at the winner's press conference. Let's just say I think we should be best friend's already. So how do we make this happen? Call me maybe?


... according to instagram.


Hello beautiful people! With February quickly coming to an end, March sponsorship is officially open. If you are interested in sponsoring His Little Lady look over here for all information and inquiries and then email me with your desired ad space in the header at tj.hislittlelady (at) gmail (dot) com  

Bring on Spring, and turning 25. Happy birthday month to me. Eeee!   


Thank you for staying up with me until four in the morning, whispering comforting words, holding me close and never letting go while I cried in your arms. Thank you for taking your morning off work so we could have even more time snuggling and watching our favorite funny morning anchor. And thank you for laughing it off when all those people at the grocery store gave you dirty looks because of this giant bruise on my chin that refuses to go away (thanks again wisdom teeth). This is to say, I think you are pretty awesome and I'm glad I get to call you mine. So here's to you, you stud muffin you. I love you.


Happy Wednesday readers! Is it just me or does it already feel like today is the last day of February? Don't get me wrong, I love this month! But it's so short I always feel like it goes by in the blink of an eye. I mean, it's already the twentieth! What?! So while I take another look at the calendar and head off to my first check up appointment since the wisdom teeth extraction (thank goodness, need a doctor up in here), make sure you check out all of my lovely February sponsors on the sidebar, and this one down below. Today we have the traveling beauty, Kayleigh, from The Way I Wanderlust. Enjoy!


... is reach for that little bit of sunlight through the darkness in blue corduroy jeans.


My Valentine decided to give me a new nickname this holiday season, "My little Quagmire." Quagmire you ask? Apparently my swollen chipmunk cheeks resemble the beloved womanizer off of Family Guy at the moment. Blast you wisdom teeth. As you can imagine I now refuse to leave the house until they start to resemble that of at least a real life character. So while I wait impatiently I continue to hold frozen peas to my face and take as much medication my little body can handle (which explains my lack of consciousness the past few days - sleep is my new best friend). In the meantime, here are a few snapshots from over the
long weekend:

Angry birds bandaid.
Origami hearts full of secret notes to my valentine.
More flowers.
Strawberry cheesequake from DQ.


Because love should be all year round...
Here's to love, all around the world!


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