Happy Thursday everyone! I've been pretty bad at posting lately, I blame this on the lack of inspiration I've put myself around as of late. So today I woke up and searched my house for just those little trinkets to get my creative juices flowing. From flower crowns, to pretty guitar picks, a geometric poster, and of course my favorite photograph of the mister. And then it dawned on me that inspiration is always all around, you just have to open your eyes. So if you are lacking some inspiration today take a look around. Really see the things that constantly surround you that you may be taking for granted and find their beauty. Challenge yourself to take pictures everyday of anything and everything that captures your eye and soon that creative outlet will be bursting at the seams. Here's to inspiration!


After yesterday's post I realized that so many of you have never watched or heard (gasp!) of Downton Abbey before. And it dawned on me, what are other of my favorite things that you may be missing out on. So I compiled a short list of television shows that I could spend hours in a day watching if I could. So in no particular order ...

1. Big Bang Theory. Many of you commented on this show in the last post. Trust me, I'm all on board the Penny, Leonard train. This is one show I could re-watch over and over again. In fact, I may have seen every episode at least 4 times. Bazinga.
2. Catfish: The TV Show. This MTV phenomena is my guilty pleasure. It's one of those train-wrecks that you can't look away from as people meet their online loves in person for the first time. Needless to say, men pretending to be women, women pretending to be transgender, the list goes on. If you're all for suspense and awkward moments this show is right up your alley.
3. Modern Family. This is one show the mister and I refuse to ever miss. Phil and Cameron are by far our favorite characters. But they all hold a special place in our hearts.
4. The Vampire Diaries. This show. All I can say is, WHY Elena. Team Stefan all the way!!
5. Downton Abbey. I don't typically go for masterpiece theatre but during first season this show just started getting so much hype I thought, why not? I watched the first episode and thought it was nothing special. Come the second episode I was hooked. And Sunday's episode? Don't even get me started, bawling! Trust me on this one, watch it.
6. Face Off. I'm not sure how Eric and I found this show but I'm glad we did. It's like Project Runway but for special-effects make-up. It's incredible the things that they can come up with.

Any show that you watch religiously? Let me know in the comments below. 


... How to spend your morning before a doctor's appointment.

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Little gems that were snapped yesterday.
1. Green thumb.
2. Sleeping beauty.
3. Take off.
4. Utah from the sky.
5. Welcome back to Seattle.


Two things I have come to find to be absolutely certain, 1. When not expected I can be extremely starstruck. Case in point my experience meeting Jin from Lost on Main Street. That little treasured moment will go down in history as third most awkward moment. And 2. Bradley Cooper is the sexiest man alive (after Eric of course). This is all to say Sundance was the most incredible experience, and I can not wait to do it all again next year. Goodbye Utah, welcome back Seattle!


When I started creating this little "trendy board" I did not anticipate my inner rocker/dark child to come out. What can I say, I guess I love dark colors? I'm pretty much coveting each and every one of these things, and saving up money to get my hair did! Now excuse me while I headbang to some death metal...
What items are you coveting right now?

1. The 90's denim vest.
2. Dark lip.
3. Rocker boots.
4. Golden child.
5. Burgundy love.
6. Black jeans.
7. Classic tee.
8. Diamond ring.
9. For like ever.


It's day 3 of Sundance for me, and boy has it been exhausting! Pretty much all day, everyday since being here I have just wanted to sleep but Sundance has definitely kept me on my toes with all the celebrity site seeing and mingling with directors. Honestly, if you get the chance to volunteer next year you definitely should! Unfortunately I have already let myself down with my picture taking. But in my defense we are strictly not allowed to take pictures while on shift, boo! In the meantime I leave you with a few pictures from the mister and I's time on a giant frozen lake. These pictures do not do it justice, it was simply gorgeous, sunny and wide open spaces for miles. And when people told me it was going to be cold, they were not lying. My little Seattle body is not used to 6 degree temperatures. Only two more days left here in Utah, and I definitely want to make them count!

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Things are going to get a little quiet on this site for the next few days while Eric and I get ready to head off to the Sundance Film Festival. We haven't been to Utah since last June so we can not wait to hit up all of our old favorite spots. Of course Cafe Rio will be making an appearance. As well as seeing old friends and visiting family. This will be my second time working the event, and fingers crossed the experience is even better this time around! To all my Utah friends, how are the roads around the Park City, SLC and Provo area? We are thinking of renting a car if the roads aren't too bad. Hoping to come back with tons of fresh photographs! In the meantime, don't forget to enter this giveaway over here. Winners will be announced Monday!


Seeing as we have a few new readers on the site, and just did a little feature on the mister, I thought
"WHAT THE HECK, LET'S TALK ABOUT ME." (As if you aren't tired of that already, not). I'm always a big fan of the short and simple random facts game so here it goes, five random facts about me.

1. I was baptized by my lovely husband just after my twenty-second birthday.
2. I'm deathly afraid of needles. I know I know, this seems so generic, but I'm telling you I am categorized on a whole other level. I mean this fear is written in my medical charts. I once punched a doctor. Yeah, psycho over here.
3. I've come to find that one of my biggest pet peeves is when people mix up Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. I don't know why I get so offended by it. Perhaps it's because I'm the president of their fan club. (No, but I wish. I spent hours of my childhood on their site for real!)
4. I have an unhealthy relationship with the show Kitchen Nightmares. I find Chef Ramsay's bluntness and ill-temper attractive.
5. I can list all 50 states in alphabetical order. That sounded a lot cooler in my head... oh well.

What else do you want to know? What topics would you love to be discussed on the site in the coming weeks? Leave your questions and ideas below ::winks::


It's been so cold and rainy here in Seattle the past few weeks so when the sun was finally shining over the weekend the mister and I had to take full advantage. We bundled ourselves up and took a stroll down to the lake trail. The lake was so still in the cold, with little patches of ice all around. So peaceful. We then headed off to The Root Beer Store in preparation for all the football games that were ahead of us. I'm not a big root beer fan, so I managed to snag myself an Orange Crush. That'll do. 

Oh, and who can forget the Golden Globes and the Seahawks game. Seahawks deserved the win, hands down. And many congrats to Argo who landed on top. The movie was absolutely thrilling and very well made. For those who missed the show: everyone looked flawless, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt win cutest couple award, Kristen Bell needs to be pregnant all the time, Jodie Foster gave best speech, Lena Dunham needs Miss J lessons in heels (still adore her though), Jennifer Lawrence channeled Madonna, TSwift gave the stink eye to Adele's win, George Clooney is still hot, and Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were host perfection. All in all this weekend was pretty legendary (I hope you read that in your head as Barney Stinson would say it, because that was my intention). 

What did you do this weekend?


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I've been getting a few requests lately to talk more about the mister on the blog, and this being a lifestyle journal about my life it only makes sense to talk about the one person who makes my world go round. For those new to my site this will be a great place to start! Eric and I first officially met back in August of 2004. Writing this out it blows my mind to think come next year it will be a perfect ten years of knowing this man of mine. It was the beginning of our junior year of high school, and first period was in Mr. Peterson's humanities class. I walked in a little late and noticed one seat open in the back. I sat down and introduced myself to the guys who sat next to me. When I introduced myself to Eric the first thing he ever said to me was, "Yeah, I will never remember your name." Lucky for him I picked up on his sarcasm (that's what I'm telling myself anyways) and somehow we quickly became best friends. Our senior year of high school Eric drove me home from school every day. We spent hours outside of my house talking about nothing and everything in his car. We called it our 'wingapo' time. Yes, based off of Pocahontas. Don't ask us why, because we don't even know. After graduation Eric went to school in Utah while I stayed in Washington to study. We stayed in touch every once in a while. He dated people. I dated people. The next year he left for his two year mission in Oaxaca, Mexico. Those two years were difficult for me. I made terrible decisions for myself, switched schools ALOT, and missed my best friend who was far away in another country. We talked every Monday through emails. He sent me flowers every birthday. Eric came home from his mission on July 27, 2009. Three days later we shared our first kiss in his car while having 'wingapo' time. Two years later we married and life has been bliss ever since. He's my little finance man and tech savvy anything.

1. Playing guitar.
2. Sci Fi shows.
3. His green shirt.
4. Sour candy.

What else do you want to know about my little Zubi zu (Mad Men anyone?)? Love him and can't wait to see where life takes us next!


Happy Tuesday readers! These past few days have just been such a blur of business and excitement as I prep for the upcoming Sundance Film Festival and working on some Den of Thieves designs with the baby sister-in-law. So if I have not answered your emails yet I will be spending the rest of the day getting to those! In the mean time I thought I would introduce you all to one talented, and gorgeous lady. I first stumbled across Hailey through instagram. Fast forward to her creating a blog, reading her site became my daily routine. Something Devine is a little space where she documents her life through gorgeous photographs and videography. Read on to hear about all her world travels, her english hubby and just her daily awesomeness!
xo TJ


via instagram. 


I will never get tired of weekends at the cabin, especially in the snow. So that's why the mister and I are headed up to the cabin one last time this winter season before it all melts away and the work schedule picks up again. Eric has been wanting to take his new snowboard out for a ride all winter so this is the perfect opportunity. I will be the homebody reading by the heater and taking long naps - pure bliss.
Bring on the weekend!

P.S. I saw Les Misérables the other day. It was fabulous, and I may have a little crush on Eddie Redmayne now. And by maybe I mean yes, indefinitely.


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The month of January always holds such an optimistic feeling, like all things are possible! For instance, the mister and I both signed our lives away to Gold's Gym (what got into us?). In the past week 6 of our high school classmates got engaged (anxiously awaiting wedding invitations). And 5 of my friends are all having their babies in June (baby fever!). See what I'm saying? Magical!

2013, I think I am in love with you!

HAPPY 2013!!!

Happy New Years everybody! Unfortunately I woke up yesterday with a bad case of food poisoning, but not even that could take away my excitement for a new year! And to celebrate the mister and I stayed in, ordered pizza and breadsticks, drank LOTS of water to keep me hydrated, watched the ball drop with Ryan Seacrest, did a little smooching, spotted fireworks off our balcony, slow danced to 'Auld Lang Syne', and headed straight to bed. I hope you all had a night full of magic, surrounded by the ones you love, and a hopeful list of resolutions to accomplish! Top resolutions on my list: to love more, to laugh more, to read more, and to explore a new area.

The end of 2012 also brought a quick trip up to the Taylor's family cabin over the weekend. We played in the snow, took way too many pictures, walked around the cozy town of Leavenworth, and ate scrumptious food in our secret spot.

How did you ring in the new year?

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