Wednesday, April 3


After spending an absurd amount of time on YouTube clips the other day I stumbled across this little gem of a series, "This or That", and of course I wanted to join the bandwagon.
Let me know your thoughts and if there is one that you prefer over another. Also, let me know if you want me to continue with this series by leaving me "this or that" questions in the comment box below! :)


  1. i love this. i agree with you on most of these (except i'm an east coaster- sorry!) i want to do one!

  2. Loved this video! You're really great on camera! xx

  3. Cute! Loved the video!-Heidi

  4. very cute! i am with you.... other than i kind of love plaid (i am a 90's grunge girl deep down somewhere). i don't think i have ever not had a plaid top in my wardrobe.

    also, i am short. so heels!

    i think it can be hard to do these videos sometimes... i have done self videos and they look so easy until you are watching yourself. however, you did it well and i hope you do more!

  5. Such a cute idea! Love it!!! :) I want to do one of these now!! :)

  6. This is great! Please do more. So fun :)


    Beach or Mountains?
    Morning person or night owl?
    Short sleeve or sleeveless?

  7. Ha! Too fun. If I had to suggest anything it would be to cut down the video because, though I really enjoyed it I got easily distracted at minute one... Probably just my problem.

    In other news,
    Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter?
    Stripes or Polka Dots?

  8. Nice video, you're really pretty :)

    Marisa x

  9. I've never seen a video of yours before. I love your American accent!
    Bianca xx

  10. This was fun! It's a fun way to get to know bloggers! Keep it up!

  11. fun! I like this (and that), and getting to know more about what you prefer.... thought it was hilarious when you said "am I 5, no. neither".

  12. Awww, I remember this! Loving the bun and the happy spirit! It was close to when I started following you. Your so fun and darling!

    I have a tough one for you...
    Highland Castle (Downton Abbey) or Neuschwanstein Castle (your going there soon right)?

  13. Love it! haha it's fun to see your personality in real life.

  14. For half these questions I want to make up my own answer, or choose both. Leggings! Sleeveless Tops! Necklaces AND Bracelets!

    Guess I'm indecisive?

  15. cute :D

  16. Omg, you are just too adorable for words. I seriously giggled at some of your answers like a little school girl. Haha, loved your answer to abercombie or hollister, hahaha. I totally enjoyed this, I might have to steal this idea for my blog! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  17. I had to laugh when you said 'do girls put gel in their hair?' LOL. I have naturally curly hair, so when I don't feel like blow drying it out, I put gel in it and be done. LOL. So, gel isn't just for guys. :)

    I can't wait to see more videos.

    Chinese or Thai food?
    Manicures or pedicures?
    Windows down in the car or up?
    diet coke or diet pepsi?
    cold pizza or warm pizza?
    Date nights staying in or going out?

  18. Girl, I think you are the bomb!!! This was so fun to watch. I am totally a wedge girl too...I smiled so big when you said that because I also cannot walk in heels!!! I had to laugh at the gel comment...LOL awesome!!!

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  19. too cute TJ. did this make anyone else think of michael jordan and his boxers or briefs campaign? #iamclearlyaproductofthe90s

  20. love this! great idea. muddy shoes or sandy toes?


  21. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog DESIGN PARLOR! I'm glad I was able to introduce you to Things We Fancy blog. She always has the greatest things on there. Just became a new follower of your blog. Have a great rest of your day dear!

    -Ashley Cooper @

  22. Hat or bow?
    Slippers or sneakers?
    Great post!

  23. yes do more of these. you are adorable!

  24. Hey, TJ! This was adorbs. Well done.

    You don't rock hats!? Girl, it looks like you do: you look too cute in your little "beanie" cap. :)

    What!? No to heels!? Love 'em. ;)

    As for doing more of these: yes, please. So fun!

  25. I love bangs too! Not wispy ones though, full and thick. I cut bangs every few years and then hate dealing with them. But I love the look.

  26. Hey so cool to see you "live"!! Even though you prefer the west coast, i'll be loyal (although to be honest, if i was out there I'd probably hoot for the west coast too!).
    What about:
    morning person or night person
    dogs or cats
    ice cream or sorbet

  27. Love this! And, yes, lipstick all the way :)


  28. Forever 21, all the way. And neither on the other two stores just the same. And I love a bun, I'm sure you have noticed. Very cute TJ. I can't imagine what the heck I would look like doing something like this...take care!

    Shauna xo

  29. Loved it!!!!
    Difintely keep on doing this stuff!! =))))))))

  30. I don't think I could have chosen between cowboy boots or riding boots, I love them both so much! And Abercrombie or Hollister?! Blech, who shops at either of those stores anymore? Love this and I agree with almost all of your answers!

  31. Love it!! What a fun video. Thanks for sharing and defiantly do another one this can be your first question...Germany or America?? How much longer till you guys take off? Are u becoming frantic yet tieing up all the loose ends before you leave or was that just me??? Lol

  32. It's all about the arm party!

    Love you!

    Xo Lourdes

    PS...East Coast!

  33. Do more do more!! I love the vlogs!!!

  34. you are so cute! :) I've been wanting to do videos, and I might just use this idea as my first one! Also, DRESSES ALL THE WAY!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  35. Love this TJ! You are so adorable. I'd go for the leggings option too. :)

  36. You are seriously so cute.

    I should do one of these videos! I am always looking for vlog ideas and this is great.

  37. Oh my goodness, you are seriously America's Sweetheart. And please tell us how you can rock sweatpants and red lips? our dream combo!


  38. this is awesome!! definitely more! cats or dogs??


You're an all-star!