It's been forever since I've done one of these (idea from the lovely Sydney of course), and it's a day late but oh well!

- Trying to make a phone call, put the phone up to your ear and wait an embarrassingly long amount of time to only look down and see you haven't even dialed the number yet.
- Not only that but realize that you called the wrong number. Twice. To the same person. Sorry to the old man I made get up two times during his nap... literally. He told me, people.
- Walking up to a lady in red while in Target asking her where to find planners, only to find out the hard way that she definitely did not work there. Now if only I could tell you this was the first time this has ever happened. People reeeeeeally need to stop wearing red to Target.
- Laying in bed and the mister starts doing trivia of quotes from Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Maybe this is a sign I need to cut back on the whole reality show bit.
- Doing the "high five" test with the baby SIL for a minute straight. Watching each others elbows does not work. That or we are extremely uncoordinated...

- That time the hubster and I saved a trapped bird in our complex stairwell by letting it into our apartment, to fly out our balcony door. Technically this could fall under awkward, but we call it our good deed for the day. *Short video to follow!
- This tribal watch from the lovely Feral Watches. Seriously, I can't get enough of this bad boy as I'm sure all of you can tell from the blog and instagram. Get ready to see this around the site more often people!
- Having a facial night with the mister and little brother. Nose strips and all. I should have documented their faces while they were pulling the strips off. Hilarious amounts of concentration and watery eyes.
- The return of all my favorite shows!!
- Signs of the Fall season. Hello pumpkin patches and corn mazes!
- Getting prepped for the Sundance Film Festival 2013. If you are interested in volunteering or have questions about the experience, leave a comment below or email me personally!
- Drum roll please, the winner of last Friday's giveaway was announced. See if you are the winner here, and email me!


Happy Thursday love bugs! As we are getting into the final days of September, I just wanted to take this little time to say thank you to all of my lovely sponsors for the month (which can all be found on the left sidebar). And as we venture into our final guest blogger, I just wanted to send a little reminder that there are a few more medium ads open for HLL October sponsors. Also, today marks the final day to enter this giveaway, so make sure to head over there.

Now back to the good stuff. Today we have the lovely Erica from Sea of Blooming Dreams. I've had the privilege to have been blogging buddies with this girl back when I first started HLL last year. This Texas gal is just the sweetest, and has great style along with some rockin' DIY projects. Make sure to check out her site after this!
xo TJ



Two things: Now that both the mister and I have our little jobs, we are missing some serious snuggle time. Not good for this chilly Fall season. Second, looking through all of my pictures has me missing my camera. Why did you have to go and break on me!?? Still on a camera hunt that won't break the bank. Wish me luck.


The first day of Autumn welcomed us with rain showers and head colds. But I'm not complaining. I was finally able to pull out my boots that have been hibernating all summer. A few things, HLL is open for October sponsors, so if you are interested make sure to check that out. Another thing, remember that time I promised to do a vlog Q+A? Whoops. Look for that later this week. Lastly, don't forget to qualify for this lovely giveaway happening over here. Your accessories will thank you for these additions!

iLife Lately (according to instagram)

Nanny life, horseback riding.
My love, my Feral watch. 
Madewell shopping.
DIY projects.


image via.

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Happy Friday!


Today I'm so excited to announce that we have a rockin' giveaway from two lovely bloggers that I have grown to know and adore, Megan and Fabianna. Your accessories collection is going to grow after this one!

Feral Watches has been wrapping wrists since 2011 when it's designer, Megan Hollenback, lived on the North Shore of Hawaii. Inspired by sandy toes, salty hair, and sun kissed faces, this collection of fun and feminine timepieces will add structure to your wild side - by keeping you punctual, you free spirit, you!

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I'm Fabianna and I run the Etsy shop H.Finn. I'm a former PR girl and soon to be lawyer who loves to make sparkly jewelry on the side. If I had it my way, I would sit and make pretty things all day! My stones of choice are druzy agates and cluster amethysts - I just love a stone that naturally sparkles. I'm so excited to be offering TJ's readers the chance to win one of my handmade necklaces of their choice!

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UPDATE: 9/28: Congrats to our winner below!
Please email me your contact information: tj.hislittlelady (at) gmail (dot) com


Happy Thursday everyone! Can you believe it is almost the weekend again!? Before we get into our guest blogger for the day, I just wanted to clue you all in that there will be a special giveaway on the blog tomorrow, so make sure not to miss that!
Moving along, today we have the lovely Pamela from Macdonald's Playland. I have just adored getting to know this hot momma through countless emails, sharing our personal conversion stories, and so much more. She is such a sweet spirit, and so very talented (as you will read below). She has accomplished so much and I can't wait for you all to get to know her more. Make sure to check out her site after this lovely interview!
xo TJ


It's no secret that this month has been a hard one on me. With multiple car troubles, break-ins, house maintenance issues (you know, all the little things that seem to get under our skin), September has not treated me well. But when I saw this trailer on A Cup Of Jo yesterday I got excited. Its a documentary that makes you really reflect on what makes you happy. Many of which ultimately come down to the little things in life: family, friends and helping those in need. My list of things that make me happy are morning work outs, night time cuddles on the couch before bed, and capturing little moments in time through photographs. And when my Mom invites us over to dinner for my favorite home cooked meal. Those are good too! I highly recommend you watch this documentary. Found on Netflix!

What are some things that make you happy?


We had another beautiful weekend here in Seattle! Upper 70's and it looks like it isn't ready to stop. I'm not complaining either. Nothing is beating these crisp Fall air mornings with beautiful weather throughout the day. So as we kick off Fall, here are some of my favorite little trends as of late.

1. Color block jersey dress
2. Braided love.
3. A cozy kiara rug.
4. Succulent flower pot diy
5. Bird house for humans.
6. Geometric necklaces.
7. Chalkboard walls
8. Striped tote.
9. Fall boots


Cheering on the little brother's first high school football game.
Getting crafty.
My Morning Jacket concert at the park.
Rattlesnake Lake Ledge.
Lake Sammamish.
Walking on water.
Kisses for the misses.
Fremont Troll.
Homegrown in Fremont.


image via

Calling all photo junkies, photographers, or just anyone that has a camera!!! After 7 good years my Nikon D50 finally bit the dust yesterday and I am currently on the prowl for a newer and better one. Something that can go well with all of my Nikon lenses I have collected throughout the years. Preferably one that is good for taking portraits and landscape. And if you know any good deals or good web sites to order from, that will be 50 points for Gryffindor... apparently I've been watching a little too much HP over here.

Leave any camera suggestions below!!
Fingers crossed I have a new one in my lap by the end of the weekend!


Happy Thursday everybody! I'm so excited to introduce you all to my first guest blogger of September, Arienne from Gypsy Air. This Texas girl is one talented lady. She's a vintage guru and very crafty when it comes to DIY projects. And let's not even talk about how gorgeous she is. Serious model over here. Make sure to check out this lovely site after the interview, as well as all the other beauties on the sidebar. You know you want to!
xo TJ


Don't let these pictures fool you. Despite the 90 degree weather, that water was ice cold - hence no pictures of me to be found. Good thing the mister and baby-sister-in-law could brave it so these lovely moments could be captured. I was perfectly happy just being the designated picture taker for the day.
So as promised, here is part II of our lovely hike up Rattlesnake Lake from the weekend. If you are ever in the area, I definitely recommend this little gem of a place!

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