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September is finally here! What are your plans this Labor Day weekend? I can't wait to take a little family road trip over to Spokane to celebrate my grandfather's 90th birthday! The man is so popular, over 200 people are flying, driving and walking over just to celebrate! On the to-do list: play a round of "Horse" with the birthday boy, kickball, birthday candles, church singing, bbq's, pool swimming, family portraits, the works! Hope you have a great weekend, and see you Tuesday!


For the next few days I will be babysitting my little brother, being his personal chauffeur (FUN...), and dog sitting my little man, Teddy, while my parents are out of town. So excuse my absence while I slave away cleaning up all of their little messes and play "mom" for the week. In the meantime, I have some lovely links for you all to obsess over while I'm away for the day.
What are some of your favorite sites at the moment?

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The weekend brought more fabulous weather, and the mister and I were determined to get ourselves into the lake before summer came to an end. We found ourselves a little secluded beach landing, some floaties and made a little party out of it. My favorite part was staring at all the speedboats with Mount Rainier in the background. After an hour, we quickly packed up and headed across the lake to our friends going away BBQ. She's moving her and her gorgeous family to the beautiful island of Kauai. Yes, jealous is an understatement, and we will miss her dearly. Good luck Jill!
I also got the chance to see one of my best gals, Gavi, while she was in town visiting from Los Angeles. We chatted, gossiped, and listened to some of her new music that she's been working on wee into the morning hours. Time well spent. Make sure to like her new facebook page here!

What fun things did you do this weekend?


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That's right ladies, September is upon us and I couldn't be more excited! I love the change of season, the cold weather, the layering of clothes, and all the fun holidays that quickly follow. But before I get ahead of myself, let's talk about sponsorships! His Little Lady is open for new sponsors for the month of September. All information can be found HERE.
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I'm so excited to have another sponsor guest blogging here today! We have the lovely Lori from Black Girl with Bangs. This stylish gal is too cute for words, and has a rockin' voice (if I do say so myself). But don't take my word for it, check this out! Yeah, let's not talk about how many times I have had that on repeat just today. Anywho, read on to learn more about this funny girl that I have been emailing as of late! I know you will instantly love her!
xo TJ



Yesterday was filled with giggles, "airplane" rides, cuddles, lots of lovely food, and a spontaneous journey of blackberry picking on the local trail with the mister. Possibly my favorite day in a long time. It's all about the simple things with the ones you love.

Now who wants to send me a very simple blackberry pie recipe for me to try out ::winks:


Happy Tuesday my dears! Just wanted to send a little pretty view your way. I love going out on my patio each morning and seeing all the beautiful trees and sunrise. But this morning I haven't been feeling quite myself. So I'm going to keep it low key today, fold the laundry, take lots of naps, and watch re-runs of Teen Mom. Oh the good life.


On Saturday, the mister and I headed out to a little outdoor co-workers barbecue. I'm still kicking myself for not taking any pictures because the venue was perfect (overlooking the Space Needle in an open garden), filled with so many amazing people. Let's skip over the part where I stuffed myself with way too many chips + salsa + guacamole, cupcakes, cookies, and cake. Yeah, so much for my little healthy streak. I paid for it today with my morning run.

The weekend also included some birthday celebrations, 95 degree weather, dog sitting, little brother chaperoning, laguna beach marathon-ing, and late night driving. What fun things did you do this weekend?

Oh, and a birthday shout out to my dad is in order. Happy Birthday Daddy!


Happy weekend everybody! 

May it be filled with love, kisses, relaxation, friends, sunshine, lake trips, date nights, 
and many new adventures!

And a very special happy birthday shout out to my beautiful mother. 
Happy Birthday Mom, I love you!


Fourteen lovely pointless rambles on the sixteenth of August...

+ Shark Week, so terrible, but I can't look away.
+ Spending way too much time youtubing anything and everything.
+ We have been eating off our coffee table for the past month.
+ Don't know what to do with my life now that the Olympics are over.
+ Wishing The Bachelor would start back up already. I'm missing all my gossip material with the girls!
+ I hate the smell of lily flowers.
+ It's supposed to be 91 degrees today. I just may melt.
+ I like to shout Avril Lavigne songs when I'm upset. It lets me get out that angry wanna-be goth inside of me.
+ I think I'm the only person alive that does not like the show, Breaking Bad.
+ To eat ice cream right now or not... To eat ice cream.
+ The mister is officially obsessed with Vampire Diaries. I walked in on him watching it all by himself. So proud!
+ I'm already counting down until Christmas
+ I need a new book to read. Suggestions?
+ I wanted sixteen bullet points but the mister is forcing me to go to bed now. Fail.


Happy Wednesday my loves! These past few days have been rough for my little family. My poor puppy threw his back out, dachshund problems. Needless to say, he has to be carried everywhere and won't eat. Many prayers needed.

But in the mean time I have been distracting myself with prepping this guest post from one of my lovely sponsors, Allie from Beauty & The Feast. Make sure to check out this traveling, food junkie beauty. I know you will instantly adore her like I did... of course, after this post of course! 
xo TJ


I have a little announcement for you all! The little sister-in-law and I are excited to introduce our baby,
 Den of Thieves. 
Den of Thieves is our new little project that we are starting up. A magical space where we will be designing all things lovely for your blog. Since we are new to this whole process, items of design are limited. All information can be found HERE

Can't wait to start working with you ::winks::


This weekend brought lots of adventures, and a spontaneous and spendy Mr. Taylor [ let me tell you, this does not happen very often people ]. With all the crazy traffic in Seattle due to football season and closed bridges, we headed into Ballard for some scrumptious La Carta de Oaxaca. Seriously people, if you visit Seattle you need to take a lunch / dinner break here. I cannot say enough. And seeing as how the mister spent two years in Oaxaca, Mexico during his mission, of course he's a fan.

After lunch, we walked all along Ballard taking in the scenery and just the energetic atmosphere that it has to offer. We made our way down to the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks and enjoyed all the jumping salmon and boat launches.

The mister then made my inner child happy and took me to the local zoo, Woodland Park Zoo. Yep, I cried over the giraffe's again. Now my second sighting. And I saw my very first hippo. I know, I was deprived as a child I suppose. Needless to say the whole day was incredible. Even better when the hubby decided to spontaneously stop for some slices of pie on our way home. Thanks Mr. Taylor for a fantastic day date!!


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