Today I am a style crush over on my rockin' friend Shannon's blog called GBO Fashion.

I met Shannon through email. Yep, "You've Got Mail" status. We just so happen to have a mutual friend and have been blogger stalking ever since until we made things real. I commented on her blog, and she responded back with just the sweetest email ever. And thereafter our obsessions grew. I mean, seriously, who wouldn't be obsessing over this zumba instructing fashionista?

Now let's be honest here. I'd like to think I can have pretty good style when I want to. But I definitely made sure to be on my best behavior for these photos and make my new friend proud. Extra shout out to the mister who snapped these bad boys for me in the middle of a good ol' Seattle thunder storm.

Well, what are you waiting for? Check it out HERE. You know you want to ::winks::


Between the mister's birthday and a last minute trip up to the Taylor family cabin in Lake Wenatchee, my heart has been very happy. But then I pull out my laptop, open up a new post and sit with a blank stare on my face. My motivation to blog has left. I read others and wonder "How do they always seem to have something so awesome to blog about", "How do they take so many incredible photographs", "How do they have such amazing style", "How do they make such a cool layout", or "How do they have so many followers". I've lost my true motivation to blogging and now hold on to comparisons. I start second guessing if what I have to say is even clever enough, funny enough, moving enough. It's no longer become for me. I guess underneath all of this mumbo jumbo (yep, a saying I got from my momma) is I lost my inspiration and I need your help.

What are some things you do to help you get out of a writer's block? What kinds of things do you like reading about on blogs? What are some posts you are missing on my blog, and ones you are liking? Feel free to leave advice, inspiration and words of encouragement. All is welcome.


Seattle. Is. Beautiful. Our first few days back home were filled of perfect sunshine weather. Quite a surprise this time of year for the northwest. So a trip to the market was to be taken full advantage of. And ever since this beautiful day we have been delivered full on thunder storms and power outages.

But I won't complain one bit. This definitely trumps the 100 degrees of blazing heat we would be engulfed in back in Utah. So thank you Seattle, for keeping my body moisturized in the rain.

I'm still trying to catch up on all of my work and emails since our big move. Slowly but surely I will be caught up. Continue to forgive me for my slack-i-ness self until then.


Okay, have I been hiding under a rock lately? Last night, out of sheer bordom, I was scrounging through new trailers on IMDB and found this little gem. Seriously, wanting to see this movie is now all my brain can comprehend. You're welcome.


I know your sick of hearing it, but seriously, how is July already creeping up on us? The next few weeks have a lot of exciting things in store. The mister's 24th birthday. Moving into our new apartment. Starting up work. Celebrating our one year anniversary. Yep, I'm pumped. But something else to look forward to is new sponsors. So if you want to be apart of this little family just shoot me an email at:

tj.hislittlelady {at} gmail {dot} com

And make sure to check out the sidebar for further info.


To put all those rumors to rest, Seattle delivers sunshine whenever it well desires. And boy, it did not disappoint. With temperatures well into the 70s, and everyone out and about, the Pike Place Market was definitely the place to be. The mister and I had fun exploring, looking at all the beautiful trinkets, eating thai food, smelling the beautiful market flowers, taking boardwalk pictures, finally buying a pair of colored denim (yep, i'm officially unique), and encountering all of the interesting lovely people the bus transits have to offer.
Until we meet again Seattle ...


Twenty lovely pointless rambles on the twentieth of June ...

+ Contemplating dying my hair brown. Thoughts needed!!!!!
+ The mister's birthday is in 6 days. Shout out!
+ We have to wait a whole month until we get to move in to our new apartment. Thank goodness for awesome families who don't mind us crashing with them and eating all their food.
+ Swooning over this, this and this.
+ Went to my first weight lifting class. Surrounded by women 3x my age that were able to lift 3x my weight. Embarrassment is an understatement.
+ I'm rooting for OKC.
+ I want to see Moonrise Kingdom.
+ Thinking of picking up my camera and giving photography a shot. Why not? ha
+ Spending way too much time searching everything interior design.
+ So proud of Emily for giving Ryan the boot.
+ So skeezed out by Ryan, his turquoise shoes, and his inability to understand "I can't give you this rose."
+ Why don't we dress like this anymore?
+ All I can think about is how much I want colored denims.
+ I worked out so I coud have pizza and ice cream for dinner.
+ I want more ice cream.
+ I love waking up to natural light.
+ Running into people from high school is awkward. It just is.
+ I've been living in my basketball shorts for the past three days.
+ I can't let myself finish the third Hunger Games book. I've been working on it for 5 whole months.
+ Our one year wedding anniversary is next month. This has been the best year ever.

blog love: Through The Looking Glass

Happy Tuesday blogging world! I feel like I am still getting back into the groove of things and making time for this here blog, so I'm so very sorry for my absence. I'll be better, I pinky promise. Two things: I'm trying to get those snazzy social media buttons on the side of my blog. If you happen to know where to find those, do share!!! AND the mister and I were approved for our dream apartment. Yeah, no big deal, but I may be peeing my pants a little bit. (TMI?)
Let's get into what today is really about though. Everyone meet the lovely Lissa from Through The Looking Glass. She always has the best instagram shots, has rockin' statement necklaces, and probably the cutest little vlogs around. Yep, but don't take my word for it. Make sure to check her out after this guest post, of course!
xo TJ

iLife as of late

Being back home in Seattle has been overwhelming, but fun to say the least. I have just loved seeing all of our family, eating free food, and playing in all this cool weather. I have loved spending time with my
baby sister-in-law while she was in town for the weekend, taking lots of silly pictures. Missing her already. It's been an adventure apartment hunting with the mister. Our first official apartment. We have our eyes set on this one place. Going in bright and early tomorrow morning. Keep your fingers crossed it's still available, because apparently this place goes quickly. Eeee!
And before I forget, a belated happy Father's day to my own daddio, whose been keeping it real since '88!

on the road again.

today's the day. we're on the road. but i couldn't leave you empty handed, so here's a "windows down, hair blowing in the wind" kind of soundtrack. see you all Monday!

memory lane

after spending hours and hours bubble wrapping and boxing up our life, and staring at an empty and chaotic space i used to call home, i decided to give myself a little break and spend this last full day in provo laying out in the sun, soaking up the UV rays and reading a good book at the park. so in honor of this last day, i wanted to take a walk down memory lane and highlight some of my favorite little moments while living here the past 10 months. miss you already utah!
images via instagram

blog love: As It Seems

happy tuesday my loves! these past few days have seriously been crazy. and the rest of this week i will be a little absent from the blogging world as the mister and i start our big move. two things. one, this site is officially a dot com. yep, i feel extremely official now. and two, we have our first rockin' sponsor for this month. so let's get into that! everyone, meet sue from as it seems. her and her man are absolutely adorable together, she's a fabulous graphic designer, and has the cutest little chihuahua, twink, who makes a frequent appearance on her blog! but don't take my word for it. read on, and see for yourself!
xo TJ

put me in the zoo.

early saturday morning, the mister surprised me with the brilliant idea of having a little date at the zoo. so quickly we got ready for the day and headed to utah's hogle zoo. to say i was as happy as a fat kid loves cake would be a huge understatement. the mister will vouch. i ran to every exhibit, every habitat, every anything. and snap, snap, snap went my camera. but when it was time for the giraffes, my first live giraffe experience, my heart nearly exploded. and boy, they did not disappoint. especially that one that kept making out with the pole (as shown below). moral of the story, zoo = best date ever!

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