q&a revealed

soooo remember that time we did a little q+a for my 1,000 follower celebration? yeah, remember how that was a few weeks ago? well the time has finally come that i have gotten around to answering all of your lovely questions. there were quite a few, so i had to break it into two parts.
this is part 1.
so grab some hot chocolate, a popsicle, a blanket, whatever your fancy, and lets get this party started.

If you could pick one thing about your husband that most people don't know about him but that made you fall deeper into love with him, what would it be?
Something that not too many people know about the mister is that he has a great singing voice! I love when he sporadically learns a new song on the guitar and sings me to sleep. I know, he’s a keeper!

When can we meet in real life so we can be friends?!? 
Whenever you want!

What is your absolute favorite thing to do with your hubby? Why?
I love going on bike rides, and stopping and taking pictures along the way. He’s such a good sport with those. Gotta sacrifice for the blog of course ::winks::

How are you so darn cute!!??
Why thank you, I got it from my momma!

When do you plan on having a baby, and what is one thing your husband hates that you do often?
Well, we’ve only been married for a little over 9 months now, so we’re taking things slow. You have to enjoy that “just the two of us” moment, so important! But trust me, we know all the details and the names. We’ll just have to keep you guys on your toes.
As far as the bad habits, I don’t have any. Hmm, well I know the hubby always corrects me when I say “the other day” while telling a story, but it was really just “yesterday”. Does that count?

Where do you get your inspiration for style??
The blogging world is definitely pretty cool when it comes to this. But you can never go wrong with pinterest or while people watching in big cities. Yeah….definitely people watching in big cities.

Where do you shop!?
Well, I haven’t gone shopping in quite a while (oh the woes of poor newlyweds), but some of my favorite stores are F21, JCrew, Nordstrom, and Anthropologie.

WHAT IS YOUR INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT NAME….that's what I want to know!
@hislittlelady. Find me!!! 

What do you do for a living?
Well, I was a nanny for five years all throughout my college days, did a little radio marketing on the side, but since moving out to Utah I have been jobless. I spend my mornings sleeping in and blogging the whole day away. It’s kind of nice having this little break for a while.

What is your advice to bloggers to have an enjoyable and successful blogging experience? What is a non -blogging hobby you enjoy? 
The best advice I can give for you all to have an enjoyable and successful blogging experience is to remember that this blog is yours. You can do and write whatever you want to write about. Sometimes people will have negative things to say about what you write, but ignore it. This is your little space, keep it positive, and throw out all that negativity people may send your way. All it does is give you wrinkles.
A non-blogging hobby I enjoy is camping. I haven't gone in a few years. Hoping that changes in the next few weeks (cough, Allison!).

What type of Camera do you use and software to edit?
Ever since instagram, most of my photos have been dedicated to my phone. Bad camera owner. But when I do wipe the dust off that bad boy I use my Nikon D500. Still on the hunt for a good photo editor now that picnik has ended. Tears are still being shed people… 

What's in your favorite playlist?
I’m all about the 90’s. I could bust out to some LFO, NSYNC, Alanis Morissette, Nirvana, Counting Crows, and the Goo Goo Dolls all day long if I could.

Favorite accessory?
My wedding rings of course! That or my smarty glasses. So perfect for those days where make-up seems too daunting of a task.

How do you like to spend your free time?
Sometimes my tv decides to hate me, so spending a relaxing night catching up on my favorite trashy shows online is pretty perfect. That or heading to the Frisbee golf course for a nice day in the sun with friends. I’m so bad, but I love making the mister laugh and watching him get my Frisbee out of a high tree, or travel into the massive bushes and be my hero ::winks::

until next time...

the little things

mr. taylor: i heart you.
response: i heart you too.

happy weekend.

may sponsorship

i can't believe we are here again. another month down. the year is practically over people! okay, a little over dramatic right there, but seriously, i can hardly believe that may is just around the corner. only a month and a half left until the mister and i are back on the road, moving our stuff, and headed to the beautiful rainy city of seattle to settle in and start the next chapter of our lives. exciting things are happening people!

but let's get back to the topic at hand. may sponsorships. His Little Lady is now open for may sponsors. things have changed, so make sure to give this a look, and email me at

tj.hislittlelady [at] gmail [dot] com

just plain awkward Thursdays


- i spy the Duggar family (as shown above). only in utah...

- that time you try blowing your nose while having the hick-ups. surrounded by a crowd full of girls who are actually being silent. talk about all eyes on you. plus, it's a pretty impossible task. seriously, try it sometime.

- having the mister wake me up early in the morning to tell me that giuliana and bill are pregnant. glad to know where his priorities are at. i've taught him well. muhahaha.

- those awkward silent phone calls when no one is saying anything for a good minute. "sooooooo... i'm gonna get going..."

- sitting next the worlds most obnoxious couple while seeing The Lucky One. oh hey you guys, you see aaaallll those other open seats you could be sitting in? yeah, how about you move over. and then stop talking extremely loud every time zac efron kisses this women who is clearly to old for him. just because you are uncomfortable, doesn't mean you have to let the whole theatre know. thank you.

- getting burned after twenty five minutes in the sun. talk about norwegian fair skin. boo.

little notes

dear little notes,
i've missed you these past few weeks. thanks for making your grand appearance! let's never part ways again, okay?

dear playlist,
this is the girliest playlist i have made to date and i'm pretty obsessed. i might have listened to you roughly 10x before actually posting. and yes, dancing around in an oversized t-shirt, underwear and knee high socks is mandatory for maximum funness. thank you.

dear baby sister,
a very happy 19th birthday to you today! hope you are loving it in colorado! don't party too hard tonight!

dear mr. taylor,
thanks for your romantic date last night to red robin and dairy queen for dessert. i especially loved people watching all those being active playing ultimate frisbee while we stuffed our faces with chocolatey goodness on the grass. and not feeling guilty one bit ;)

dear real housewives of new jersey,
you started off with a bang and some crazy, crazy ladies. needless to say you did not disappoint.

dear bachelorette emily,
words cannot express how excited i am for your season. you were by far my favorite girl, although i'm still a little sad that you and brad didn't work out. but i must know, does bentley make a little cameo? please tell me you kicked his butt to the curb for every woman in america!!

dear grooveshark,
we were in a fight last week. thank you for your sweet apology and rockin' music. all is forgiven.

blog love: Currently Coveting

happy tuesday everyone! i write this at 11:45 pm, in bed, practically a one eye open classy kind of moment, but i am just so very happy to showcase another lovely sponsor, erin from currently coveting. i have been reading this stylish lady for quite some time now, and i suggest you do the same. after this q&a of course!
xo TJ


remember, to ask for water next i go to that mexican restaurant. sooooo good, but oh so spicy!

remember, to get ready for bed before hitting that passed out, grumpy stage. sorry for last night mister taylor. 

remember, to never rent The Box ever, ever again. possibly the worst movie i've ever seen in my entire life. i mean, aliens? really?

remember, zac efron is those small, black tight boxers. enough said.

remember, to not go back for that second piece of dessert. it always does more harm then good. always.

remember, to call back all my friends later today after being MIA all weekend. i promise i'm alive and almost well. and we have way to much to catch up on.

remember, to keep a notepad and pen next to the bed at all times for those times when you wake up in the middle of the night having a great bloggy idea. i can not tell you how many amazing ideas i've lost because of this. seriously, they were life changing ideas people.

happy weekend!

happy friday everyone! whew, i thought this week would never end. so many lovely, unexpected, tiring, and tummy full activities have been going on the past few days. one of which including the mister's college graduation. so proud of that man of mine.
and might i add, he rocks that potato sack like no one's business ::winks::

today will consist of some more graduation celebrations, mexican food (of course), lots of family photos, and a girls night out to see The Lucky One (just getting my shirtless zac efron fix, nbd).

what are you up to this weekend?

p.s. the winner of the shabby apple giveaway is Hannah, congrats!
email me so we can set you all up!

just a little playlist

hello bloggers. so sorry for my lack of creative posts and absence from these sites. a lot of craziness has been going on over at the taylor's neck of the woods. so today i'll leave you with a little music to get you through your day. it just screams summer fling with that perfect boy. because we all need that playlist every now and again. just a little reminder that the shabby apple giveaway closes tomorrow, so make sure to enter!
and so sorry for the weird layout of the playlist. grooveshark decided to hate me last night and i lost my patience so we are in a fight at the moment.

Sweeter by Gavin DeGraw on GroovesharkI Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz on Grooveshark
After Tonight by Justin Nozuka on GroovesharkAmazing by Josh Kelley on Grooveshark
Carolina by Matt Wertz on GroovesharkMakes Me Happy by Matt White Band on Grooveshark
Colors by Amos Lee on GroovesharkLove by Matt White on Grooveshark

links of love

linking with her. my new blog crush.
thinking of curling up and watching this tonight. oh mandy moore.
missing home. already.
craving this. tacos, tacos, tacos.
more than a little upset about this. still holding out for a jen and brad reunion.
just now realizing that this is the same brooke white from american idol.
secretly obsessing over this video. still.
desperate to have this for all those summer days. (desperate to have a swimmer body).
and this top!

p.s. little notes and playlists coming back next week!

blog love: kristie was here

we have a little guest post over here today, the lovely kristie, of kristie was here! if you want to see pretty pictures, clever writing and fun bucket lists (because i'm all about the bucket lists, as shown above) make sure to head on over to her site after this fun little fill in the blank q & a, of course!

okay, now that you are girl crushing, head on over to her blog!
xo, TJ

my heart lies in Seattle

road trip.
space needle.
taco time.
proof that seattle has blue skies.
teddy the dachshund.
flowers from my momma.
on the road again.

anniversary giveaway!

oh goodness, i can't believe that tomorrow will mark this here blogs one year anniversary (hence another blog facelift). we have been through so much together. so to celebrate we are hosting a giveaway sponsored by the ever so lovely Shabby Apple! one lucky reader will win a $50 gift card to choose any item from their shop, your choice. they are also offering all His Little Lady readers a 10% off coupon for one month!

to enter, please visit Shabby Apple, then come back here and comment below telling us what you'd choose if you win. to be eligible, you must also be a follower of His Little Lady and "like" the Shabby Apple Facebook page.
*all who enter must have a USA shipping address.

some of my favorites:
1 / 2 / 3  

the winner will be announced next friday, april 20.

taco time knowledge

the past few days of being home have been a whirlwind of all my favorite homemade foods, snicker-doodles, concerts, and real housewives of oc marathons. no shame.

but it's been a long day so i'll leave you with a little something that i learned.

an all day movie marathon with my bff was, of course, mandatory while being home. we watched "like crazy", "one day", "easy A", (talk about estrogen overload) and made a quick run to taco time for some refreshments. news flash to the rest of the world, there is such a thing as taco time northwest, and it's the best thing ever. i never knew otherwise until i forced the mister to go with me one day while in utah and almost threw up. swear. you people do not know what you are missing. basically i'm never leaving this town again.

and yes, this post is solely based on food, which makes up 97% of my life. 

p.s. really missing that face above right now. 

currently, instead of little notes

i was over at skunkboy creatures the other day, obsessing over every little thing as per usual, when i stumbled across this lovely "currently" post, so of course i had to join in.

obsessing over: everything josh hutcherson and jennifer lawrence (better know as peeta and katniss). honestly, it's bad. they just need to get together already. and yes, i'm aware she's a good inch taller than him but when has that ever stopped anyone. case in point: katie holmes and tom cruise, nicole kidman and tom cruise or jennifer lopez and mark anthony.

working on: getting through these emails and getting back to having a social life. i haven't been too successful, but i did go to a radiohead concert the other day, and am having an all day movie marathon with my bestie tomorrow. baby steps.

thinking about: my extremely fluffy pillow and how desperately it is calling my name at the moment. confession: even though i am missing my man back in utah, it's been kind of nice to just sprawl out and sleep however long i desire. but shhh, don't tell the mister.

anticipating: the big move back up to seattle in just a few short months and the new little home that my man and i will be creating together. i feel my little heart has been "pinning" everything home decor that i am bursting at the seams!! of course, i know that 97% of those things will never make it into my home. curse you overly priced tables, bedding, and sofa. curse you.

listening to: rock mafia's "the big bang". yes, the theme song to mob wives. secret obsession.

eating: potato soup and home made croissants. aw, so good to be home. i forgot what good meals like this tasted like. thanks mom.

wishing: i was backpacking across europe with mr. taylor. the freedom, the unknown, the excitement, the experience. our first stop, ireland. and no, this isn't actually happening. just let me pretend for a little while.

april sponsors

april is already well underway, and of course a new month means new sponsors. 

so make sure to check out all these lovely ladies down below and the extra beauties 
on the sidebar over here.         
Hi! I'm Natasha and I blog over at Paper Crowns. I'm a Canadian, married to an American, who I met while living in South Korea. I love design, beautiful words, pretty clothes, pretty spaces, and pretty places. I'm an admirer of anyone who lives to create and would love to one day realize my dream of becoming a full-time graphic designer! After almost four years of living abroad and bouncing around, I now call Charlottesville, Virginia home. I live in a tiny but cozy apartment with my husband Kyle and a few guitars. We love long drives, animals, rainy days and each other. Paper Crowns is a place where I write about things I love and things that inspire me. About my adventures and snippets of daily life. I absolutely love meeting new people through blogging and would love if you stopped by! 
Hi! Im Amy from Amy and the City. I live in Melbourne with my Mister and at the moment we are both students, and I am also a child care worker. I blog about all things going on in our lives. You will find photos of Nathan and I, trips around the city, shopping adventures, pictures of food that I consume, the planning of our holiday and all things in between! Come over and say hi, I would love too hear from you!   
Viva la Jussie is my creative sanctuary. You can find me, Justine, writing about my life and all things photography. Oh yes, photography- the hobby that helps me breathe. I'm part amateur photographer, part crazy-obsessed-Aunt, and part boyfriend-lover which adds up to one indecisive twenty-something. Come visit and stay for a while, won't you?   
Hi, I'm Charlotte, a 23-year-old English girl. I blog about my life and loves over on Charlotte's Web, where you'll find everything from relationship stories to cat 'tails' (pun intended) to the things that made me smile and more. Grab a cup of tea and pop on by for a read! I'm looking forward to having you :) 
Hey everyone! I'm Catie from the blog Hello, Love Girl. I'm a fashion design major currently living in a small town on the Central Coast of California. I started my blog to document my life, share pictures of my daughter with distant friends and family,  and to meet other bloggers! I have been hugely inspired by Tanya's blog as well as a few others and thought, how fun would it be to have my own little space with ideas, creations, and pictures?? So there you have it! My entrance into the world of blogging!

happy reading!

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