little notes

dear mr. taylor,
i may be biased but i think you are just about the best husband anyone could ever begin to wish for. growing up i dreamed about who that future man of mine would be. i thought he'd be some super tan, blonde haired, blued eyed, surfer boy, that waited on me hand and foot. what i got was 120x better.
your deep brown eyes draw me in. your brown hair looks pretty nifty running through my fingers. and you seem to fit perfectly like a puzzle piece when we cuddle at night. and even better, you are real. you help me be a better person every day. you have more patience than a nun. i love you.

dear readers,
a lot of you were asking where my blue blazer was from in yesterday's post. i'll let you in on a little secret...anthropology. of course. i would live in the store if i could!

dear 3D titanic commercial,
seriously, i cry every time you show yourself on the tv. the little old couple that hold each other on the bed while the water fills up. and of course, jack and rose. my heart will go on.

dear jack frost,
you seem to make a little appearance every time i need it. everyone else seems to wish you to go away, but i'm enjoying the lovely snowfall you bring sporadically throughout the week. it's okay spring, i can hold off a little bit longer.

dear hugo,
i watched you last night for the first time. the oscars pressured me. but i'm glad they did, because you were just as good as they said you were. love!!

dear meryl streep,
after your speech, you have been added to my "girl crush" list. honestly, could you be any more perfect?!

dear pinterest,
i had a dream the other night that i owned everything on my pinboards. specifically this little number. i was one very happy girl.

dear february,
are you really over? how could this be? but i'm kind of more than excited because march means....BIRTHDAY MONTH! wooooooo!

the weekend

when the little sister-in-law comes to town, tons of laughs, girl talks, snacking, and photoshoots happen. basically it's a party! duh! want to see more of our little photoshoot session? go HERE...we're pros.

blog love: The Life of the Wife

let's meet mommy of the hour, ms. jenna. honestly, she gives fashion posts, tutorials, and even recipes with one cute baby one her hip. and don't get me started on her gorgeous red hair. i just love the gingers guys. probably because everyone in my family rocks the unique color. you own it girl! ::winks::
so before heading over to her lovely site, look through this little q & a session and see why i have dubbed her the modern day "wonder woman"!


1. What are five words to describe your personality?
Crazy, Loud, Funny, Sarcastic, Real 

2. Why did you decide to start blogging?
I quit my job teaching 3rd Grade, and decided to stay home full time with my new baby boy. I was (to be honest) super bored, and I needed a creative outlet. It just started as a fun way to talk about something other than baby talk 24/7 :) 

3. What are some of your favorite blogs?

4. What do you do when you are not blogging?
Hanging with my 7-month old, crafting, drawing, painting, making jewelry, laundry & grocery shopping (exciting I know). 

5. What's your favorite thing about being a mother?
I love being a mom!!! I used to think I would never want to be a mom and have kids, but it's THE BEST. Every time he learns something new, or conquers sitting up or rolling over, it just makes me so happy. I have learned to be a lot less selfish too..because all you care about is your baby's happiness.

6. How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your hubby? hubby was in California for work over V-day..sad day! We celebrated in Hawaii a couple weeks ago, we are good! :) 

7. You're a pretty crafty lady! What are some of your favorite things to make?
Crafty is my middle name. Ha, not AT ALL! I just love to be BUSY and I always have a project of some sort going on. Whether it's re-doing a room in my house, or making jewelry, or painting a huge landscape, nothing makes me feel as accomplished like when I am making something beautiful.  

8. You're also a momma with style. What are your go to pieces?
The days when I DO get "ready", I try to be pretty colorful in whatever I wear (I used to work as a makeup artist, and I could only wear BLACK! Boooring). 
My MUST-HAVE wardrobe pieces are: TONS of jewelry (so I can always dress up a plain T-shirt), boots, leggings, and of course, colorful shirts/sweaters/tanks. I always try to throw a POP of color in whatever I am wearing.  

9. What are your future goals?
I have a lots and lots, but my main focus right now is towards starting my own shop selling some things I design. I just can't decide on a name for it (I will gladly take any suggestions). 

i told you, wonder woman guys! now hurry your buns over and get your recipes, craftiness and
mommy-wood on!

friday giveaway [closed]

as promised, here's a little friday giveaway to all of you from this lovely lady below!

Hi there! I'm Leney and, as you probably guessed, I blog over at A Girl Named Leney
I'm a 20 year old girl figuring out what God's plan is for her life and loving every minute of it. I have more passions and interests than any one person should have probably, and enjoy blogging about all of them! On my blog you can find anything from outfit posts, knitting troubles, weekend's summed up in Instagrams, random lists, thrifting adventures, street style, things I make for my Etsy shop, my fight against human trafficking and photos of my travels (to name a few). I hope you stop by and say hi! I love new blogging friends.

so what's the lovely giveaway that leney is offering for one lucky reader today? 
this beautiful agate necklace shown below!

I have been making a lot of agate and stone based jewelry lately and this is one of my favorite pieces! I love the blue of the stone. Blue is one of my favorite colors so when I saw this piece I knew I had to buy it and make a necklace out of it!

here's how to enter:
(leave a separate comment for each entry)

be a follower of mr. taylor and his lady.
be a follower of a girl named leney.

bonus options:
be a follower of mine and leney's twitter accounts, and spread the word about this giveaway!
like leney's etsy shop.
like leney's facebook page.

just can't get enough of her lovely shop? leney is offering a coupon code for all mr. taylor and his lady readers, a 10% off in the shop. code: MRTAYLORANDHISLADY

giveaway will close Friday, March 2.


mr. taylor is getting home this morning. and when i mean this morning, i mean a 4-am early kind of morning. which basically means i am up yes, it's 3 in the morning and i am still up waiting to go and pick him up. why am i doing this? it's a thing called love. so for the rest of the day i'm going to be doing a ton of this (see below)...and sleeping. see you tomorrow for a little giveaway  ::winks::

little notes

dear adam levine,
....enough said.

dear mr. taylor,
you get home tomorrow and i could not be any more excited to finally get a good night sleep. oh, and to kiss and snuggle you! mostly that ,)

dear readers,
i have a few more sponsorship slots open for next month. email me if interested.

dear blogging world,
you have come into my life at just the right moment. i have adored this little career that has come out of you, and now this new found love with making simplistic, beautiful designs for others. i hope this love / hate relationship continues for a long, long time.

dear pregnant women from around the world (including sue sylvester*),
you are not helping my already intense baby fever. all your cute little baby bumps are making me so giddy for the future. time may need to speed up a bit.

dear self,
you really need to stop waiting to whip something up until you reach that point of starvation. it results in a giant plate of food and one angry stomach afterwards.

dear downton abbey,
i know i'm slow to jump on the bandwagon, but you have got me under your spell. and mr. john bates, you are just the sweetest!!

dear elease,
i have just loved watching our little blogger friendship grow. you are just so perfect! i love our back and forth emails, DM's on twitter, and facebook love. can't wait to officially meet you in just a few short weeks :)

bachelor thoughts and awkward videos

first off, i was 150% sure that kacie b. was going to make it all the way to the top two on the bachelor. and i was just a little bit more than broken hearted to see her go. if i wasn't already married, i'd probably say i have given up on love. i guess it's a good thing the mister snagged me up ;)

speaking of the mister, he is out of town yet again. i'm so very proud of him and all he is doing to succeed for this family of two. at the same time, i don't know how many more of these little business trips i can handle. i'm quickly starting to realize that i'm quite addicted to that man of mine. so what better way to keep yourself pre-occupied than to have a full blown photobooth session? hope you enjoy this late night, and borderline delirious-esque video at my own expense....yep.


so you may have all heard of this little thing called tumblr. well, i made one a little while ago and am starting to get back into it again. take a gander.

blog love: The Happy Hour

oh gosh, i can not contain my excitement much longer. when the lovely ms. meg sent me her blog post last night i quickly starting grinning from ear to ear. i mean look at her and her man! cutest things ever, right!?? and not only that but she has a personality to boot. before you run off to her site, look through this little q & a session and see why everyone is getting "HAMmered with mr. and mrs. ham!"
xo TJ


hello, hello! from a distant blog called "the happy hour", my name is meg, i'm that girl on the right over there riding her bike around. i'm so thrilled to be introducing myself to you today here on this fabulous blog! i hope you enjoy :)

1. What are five words to describe your personality?
loquacious, charismatic, sarcastic, sympathetic, grateful. good golly, sounds like i'm all over the map! 

2. Why did you decide to start blogging? 
guys, it was sheer peer pressure i tell you. on my wedding day the most frequent question i got was, "when are you going to have kids" or "when are you going to start a blog?" since we weren't going to have a honeymoon baby i opted for the blog. now, it's become my journal of what we do day in and day out, well maybe more of what we eat day to day ::winks::

3. How did you name your blog?
when your last name is ham, ham with just one m that is, you just can't take yourself seriously! while, i don't drink alcohol i thought it would be quite the oxymoron to name it "the happy hour, get HAMmered with mr. & mrs. HAM". is it possible to get drunk off reading a blog? i, myself, can name a few blogs i've shamelessly read till you don't see that "older" button at the bottom of the page anymore... i suppose it's the good kind of drunk! hopefully, you'll want to do that with our blog ::winks::

4. What are some of your favorite blogs?
lately, i've been into photography blogs. i love just scrolling down the page and seeing what other people see through the camera. there is a lot to learn from looking at someone else's take on a bowl of pasta, a burger etc. (guys, i'm kidding about the food part.) but, i really enjoy looking at how people achieve great photos. here are some of my go to photo blogs:

rebekah westover (my wedding photographer)

5. What do you do when you are not blogging?
most likely...working, cooking (it's a passion i have), planning our next adventure, riding around town on our vespa, or catching up on some favorite tv shows with my husband!

6. How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your hubby? 
since, we don't know each other formally, i'll keep it [G rated] for you. bahaha! 
we are working peeps which means, we're early to bed and early to rise, so my husband knows me best. he sang "she's got a way" by billy joel, as he slow danced with me. meant more than any present he could buy. that song has special meaning to me, he sang that song to me at our wedding dinner as a surprise! and we may or may not have grabbed a burger with my in-laws on valentines night too :) how romantic.

7. You definitely have style, girl. What’s your favorite go to piece? 
well, thank you very much! this changes all-the-time. right this instant i'd say my favorite thing are my bright red minnie pants from jcrew. maybe because they run huge so i'm a size 4 in them. i think the last time i bought a size 4 was in middle school, no joke.  everyone, and i mean EVERYONE, should go buy a pair and go down 2 sizes from what you regularly are. that'll make your day! it's clearly making mine each time i slip them on!

8. Who are your style icons?
i usually just love looking at catalogs from anthropologie, jcrew, and ruche, or even just people i randomly see, i try to use those as inspiration for what i have in my closet. i love to wear color. just like listening to good music can make one happy, for me, wearing color makes my soul happy! 

9. Food makes a constant appearance on your blog, and I love it. What restaurants should we visit next time we find ourselves in your neck of the woods? might regret asking me this question, the list could be a mile long!

your palate will thank you if you visit a food truck location here in california. it's like the chuck-a-rama of choices, with upgraded food! bruxie, a place where your sandwich comes folded on a waffle instead of bread. the filling station, for the best outdoor cafe-esque feeling. you can't skip pedros tacos, for some good greasy mexican food ordered to-go and eat it on the beach. 25 degrees and shwack burger for mouth watering burgers and fries. best bbq around is phils, p.s.- order to go, for the line is a long one!

hopefully that'll keep you "stuffed" for now... 

10. What are your future goals?
life for me is all about trying to be better each day. make something of who you are and love where you're at in life. i already achieved one of my biggest goals - to be a college graduate! (still boasting myself if you didn't' notice...) i'm trying to prepare to be a mother one day, thats something very dear to my heart. i also want to be able to look back on my life when i'm older and not have wished i'd done this or that, but feel content with how i lived and treated others.
i hope you'll get the chance to come stop by and say hello! p.s. i've got many giveaways all week long for you!!!

i told you, isn't she the cutest?? okay, i know you've been itching with exciting to go and check out her amazing site. well, what are you waiting for? 
let's all get bloggy hammered!

something on my mind lately

...and apparently it's food.

grazing through my instagram photos last night, i started to see a pattern.

 a few things 

1. many of you were asking for pictures of the new do so here it is in all it's glory, a shiny strawberry blonde.

2. yesterday i received an amazing email inviting me to work the sundance london film festival. i almost peed myself. and am still in the works of deciding whether or not to do it (mainly because of expenses).


3. want to sponsor mr. taylor and his lady for the month of March? check out your options here and shoot me an email at:
 mr.taylorandhislady [at] gmail [dot] com
spots are limited.

awkward and awesome Thursdays

(now that's what i call bed head...)

- so fair warning, i think i have the weirdest dreams of all time. but i had a dream the other night that i gave birth to a noodle and then i lost it. what could this possibly mean?!
- the mister and i have been on another LOST marathon run. we just finished season 3 where charlie dies. and no matter how many times i have seen this i bawl every time, resulting in humiliating laughs from my man. i seriously get too into my characters. am i alone here or no?
- someone searching "superman being awkward" and finding my blog. i guess that's pretty cool that someone thinks of me as superman...
- going to pick up the hubs from school yesterday in the ever so classic bright red sweatshirt, basketball shorts, high messy bun, and the man's slippers. we do it classy here.
- playing our minute to win it game at the valentine's day party and getting all excited that we won the stacking golf balls challenge, jumping up and down only to realize that my man totally walked off and didn't see the epic moment. every other couple's look of embarrassment for me was enough to put me to shame.

- spending my first valentine's day as a married woman. and what did our day entail? sleeping in with extra cuddles, mexican for lunch, grocery shopping and holding hands, pasta for dinner with a big glass of martinelli's, and cheesy chick flicks. mr. taylor let me pick any one i want. what a guy :)
- my grandfather being honored as "Sir John" yesterday morning for his efforts in WWII. so proud of you grandpa!
- mr. taylor getting upset that someone else sat next to our cute baby friend at church on sunday instead of us. bless his heart, i think he is starting to finally warm up to babies. not only that, but we were called to fill in for nursery this next week. i'm super pumped! and i think the mister is secretly too.
- discovering that cake bites are perhaps one of the best things ever invented.

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