the ins and outs

many of you had questions regarding my whole experience working the sundance film festival, so here we go. 
i signed up to be a volunteer for the sundance back in late august. i've always been interested in the entertainment industry (you know, the whole PR thing). i wrote an essay, i did a phone interview, took a few quizzes and voilĂ , i was headed to sundance. 

i had no idea what to expect as i had never been there before during this festive time. and i was a little worried to be doing it all by myself, but within minutes i made good friends who were working my shifts. i felt all official as i was strapped on with a fancy headset and clip board. my official title was the sign-up volunteer. i was in charge of delegating to the P&I, directors, producers, and patrons where they were to sign up, to check out their credentials, write them down, and show them to their theatres. basically i was their little chaperons for hours on end. i got to meet and talk with a lot of important people. anywhere from singer, ingrid michaelson, to actor, joseph gordon-levitt, to writer/director, brad bird. look at me, i'm totally name dropping and i love it! ha

i had so much fun, i can't wait to do it all over again next year. and i even plan on volunteering for the academy awards next time around. i could get used to all this glitz and glamour!

have anymore questions? do you want to get involved next year and want the full low down? just email me!

blog love: Kristen Marie

i'm so excited to share this next blog interview, the talented kristen marie. this is definitely one of my top favorite photography sites. and it doesn't hurt either that i've known her since the good ol' school days. she shoots anything from travel, to portraits, to weddings, and everything in between. i highly suggest you check her site out after you read this! i promise you'll find yourself hours in to her beautiful images. 
xo TJ

What made you decide to start photography?

Believe it or not, I've got nursing prerequisites under my belt. My initial spurt of energy growing up came from helping others, I've never liked seeing people suffer (I would run to my room crying when America's Funniest Home Videos came on the TV; I wasn't a fan of watching videos of people getting hurt). When I began doing my clinics for my nursing aid training, I started realizing that it wasn't the best fit for who I was at the time. I took up photography for filler classes and fell in love. From there, I moved onto focusing on people (portraits to family to engagements to weddings). I can say that the need of wanting to take care of people is still being fulfilled, I'm just with people at their highest moments now instead of their lowest. Both nursing and photography are rewarding, I am just able to get in creative mode a lot more easily through photography. 

You recently got engaged. Having photographed many a wedding, any themes you are loving right now?

I do indeed have myself a handsome fiance! He's my best friend and we are very excited. Ultimately, we just want to start a life together. Being in the wedding industry, I've seen a lot of blogs, ideas and magazines. We've decided to make a list of what's the most important : being outside, walks, good music, great food and the spending time with the people closest to us. I think a smaller outdoor wedding with our musician friends playing some tunes will blend really well.  I love simplicity and things that are visually pleasing so it will probably have more of a rustic, minimal feel to it. We were able to find an incredible venue that seems to match all of this. 

What are some of your favorite blogs?

The list on my google reader is incredibly short. I've been sticking to my top 10 wedding photographers for inspiration and a good kick in the pants for my own business :). One of my favorite cooking blogs right now is, not only is the food amazing (maybe it's what got me my fiance in the first place) but the images are clean and fresh. Hugh Forte ( is another wedding photographer who uses composition in a beautiful way and takes the images while his wife creates the recipes. 

A big part of your job is traveling. Where is your favorite location?

I've had some amazing opportunities to travel. Europe is one of my favorites and where we hope to go again after the wedding. We got to travel to Eastern Europe together last year because I had booked a wedding in Hungary and stopped off in Austria. It was magical. I got to travel to Italy the year before and had a wonderful time. SE Asia is incredible too, I am off to Tokyo and Singapore next week. 

What program do you use to edit your photos?

Photoshop seems to do the trick. My 2012 goal is a faster workflow for a quicker turn around time.

What is on the top of your resolutions list this year?

To make life less about me and more about others.

Future dream goals?

Definitely more traveling. There's talk of moving to Europe for a couple of years after Michael's music calms down but that could be more of a dream and less of a goal. I'd love to learn new ways of cooking, visit and meet more people and enjoy the small things. 

What are you doing when you are not taking photos?

Usually editing! I decided to take a month or two off from photography since it was such a big year but now I'm itching to shoot again. These past few weeks off have really helped to put myself first and work on the relationships around me. I've been really grateful for this time. I love a good day of thrifting too, it's amazing what you'll find in secondhand stores outside of the city. One of my favorite pieces is a WW2 locket that soldiers gave their girlfriends called a "sweetheart" locket.  I've been able to furnish my whole apartment with a tiny budget and I am quite proud of the way it looks!

You have great style. What is your favorite go-to piece?

My John Fluevog Radio Boots, Cigarette pants and a nice wool sweater. For summer you'll usually find me in a vintage blouse and skirt with some delicate antique gold jewelry and coral lipstick. 

Any tips for photographers starting out?

Keep shooting and shooting what you like. I think a lot of photographers starting out will be shooting anywhere from landscape to street to babies but don't realize their strengths are in underwater or animals! Keep pushing yourself to utilize light and to see things differently. I am constantly learning and letting my style evolve, it's great to be able to show people how you see them and the world. 

thanks so much for your lovely interview Kristen, and your more than perfect images!

things i've already learned working sundance

1. a lot of these directors, producers and press and industry people are all 35 and under. i don't know why i just assumed they would be older, but one up for the youth.

2. people will do anything to get in line for the films. anything.

3. you must conjure up every bit of simon cowell in you and be firm in what you tell people. "please" does not work around here.

4. your co-workers may possibly be the coolest people on earth.

5. joseph gordon-levitt is shorter in person, but oh so talented, smiley, and all around perfect.


my shift is finally here. after all the planning, anxiety, excitement, and studying, i am ready to impress and work the carpet for all these P & I, directors, actors, and the public. if you are going to see some films for the next three days make sure to come up and say hello! :)

{image via}

little notes

i dare you to take a nap to this playlist and tell me it's not the most relaxing thing you've ever experienced. you can't.

dear self,
you start working for the sundance film festival tomorrow. "this is it, don't get scared now."

dear husband,
so very happy that you are back home from another daunting interview that takes you away from me. i'm starting to really not like those anymore. and it just shows how utterly lost i am without you.

dear twitter,
you have the world under your spell. now no one can escape the hashtag madness. many of which don't even make sense.
real examples follow:
facebook: "reunited!! #anditfeelssogood"
pinterest: "future engagement photo #someday"
text message: "hope your night was fabulous my love!! #NYE"
instagram: "#flashbackfriday, #janphotoaday, #sundance, #staywarm, #dog, #rockchalk, #mint, #yum" get the picture.

dear readers,
i have two more medium ad spaces open for the month of February. information can be found here. email me if interested!

dear alanis morissette,
i've had you on repeat all weekend long. i hope this doesn't mean i have angst inside of me. i just like your twangy voice.

dear pasta,
your about all i have inhaled for the past week. i can feel your carbiness cloggy my heart as we speak. nice.

dear Tylenol,
you've kept me a float for the past few days. please migraines, go away. at least until this crazy month is over. you are making it quite difficult to concentrate, or get anything done for that matter.

dear world renowned scientists from around the world,
why have you not yet invented teleportation? this would make my life so much easier. and i'm pretty sure that would be something worth investing in other than flying cars. just a thought.

dear revenge (the tv show, not the mood),
i have recently become addicted to you. mostly because i just adore emily vancamp ever since the tv show, everwood. but your last episode had me on pins and needles. can't wait to see what else you bring!

dear picnik,
say it ain't so. i've enjoyed your blessed free features for years now. what will i ever do without you? is it something i did? did i abuse you too much? i promise, i'll change if you just come back to me!

blog love: Kristi Payton

today we've got another blog interview, the lovely Kristi of Payton Woodcraft Jewelry Design. all of her creations are just so beautiful and unique. and if you think it looks familiar, that's because it is. her works can be found modeled by the lovely Casey of Casey Leigh! i highly suggest you check out her jewelry and get some for yourself. i promise you won't be disappointed.
xo tj

Describe your jewelry in three words.

What are some of your favorite blogs?

What inspired your collection?
I am inspired by nature.. am a hippy chic, cowgirl at heart and always have been...but live near the city.  So I have always loved leather, wood, silver, turquoise and all natural stones...So this line is all of those things coming together :)

What is on the top of your resolutions list this year?
Letting go of my expectations....  I read this somewhere and loved it!!  " What screws us up most in life is the picture in our heads of how its supposed to be." 

 Future dream goals?
Well, we are currently picking up and moving from Pennsylvania (Philadelphia Suburb) to
live on 5 acres in Nebraska (Lincoln) our workshop and expand our jewelry line....
My in-laws started a vineyard in Nebraska and we will be running the Vineyard and developing a Bed and Breakfast/ Tasting Room on their gorgeous lake front property  Sheah Blue Vineyards (named after our daughters).   My Dream/ Goal  is to do all this and be able to travel the country spreading the word of Sheah Blue Vineyards and Payton Woodcraft Jewelry Design.

What are you doing when you are not designing jewelry?
haha, When I am not designing Jewelry, I am making jewelry, buying supplies (finding suppliers is a full time job in itself), taking pics for website, working on the website, accounting, booking events, inventory, promoting....It has become a more than full time job, but I am blessed to have found a job doing everything I love and working from home!!!
When I went to college I wanted to be a designer, a buyer, a stylist, a photographer...I never would have dreamed that I would be someday doing it all!!  
I am most importantly a full time wife and mommy to my two daughters..Blue 13 and Sheah 4!!

What is your go to piece?
Large Tree of Life on Wood w/ sterling silver chain or my wood heart on sterling.  I always have lots of leather bracelets on too!!

Any tips for crafters starting out?
When you do what you love and you believe in yourself....others will too!!
When we started out we had just wood necklaces...that consisted of a wood pendent hanging on a leather rope with knots...
I look back and can't believe how primitive our designs were, but I believed in our jewelry just as much than as I do now.

thanks Kristi. now go check out her site. you know you want to! 


i've been seeing this floating around the blog-o-sphere for a while now and thought i'd play along. so here are eleven random, funny, and insignificant facts about me for your own entertainment.

1. i've had multiple dreams where i am posing for vanity fair. i'm pretty sure this means it's going to happen now.

2. i'm incapable of getting out of bed in the morning before checking my phone for emails, looking through instagram, twitter, facebook, and playing a round of bejeweled. and you wonder why i sleep in so late. this is a lengthy process people, and it takes a lot of dedication.

3. i'm obsessed with all 90's movies. from the cheesy acting, the high school drama, all the way to the "as if's". Honestly, they don't make them like that anymore.

4. my most embarrassing moment has to do with the eleventh grade, chemistry class, spilt boiling water, and ending up pant-less in front of not one, but two teachers. i became know as "that girl who burnt herself" for quite a while...

5. never have i ever met anyone super famous. i'd like to think i'd be one of those calm, cool, and collected people that can just walk up and start a conversation and end with a picture. but in all honesty, i'm sure i'd end up either a) staring, pointing, and giggling b) peeing myself or c) fainting. i'm not really sure which one is worse.

6. i despise doing dishes with a passion. in fact, i have convinced myself that they have started an ongoing war with me and growl every time i walk by the sink. i'm not making this up.

7. i've been dumped through a blog post. i'm pretty sure this qualifies as worse than through facebook. and maybe even worse than carrie getting dumped through a post-it (10 points to those of you who know what i'm talking about).

8. i randomly came across a tiny plastic troll in my bookcase a few months back. i don't know where it came from but i like to tell myself it must be good luck, that or something right out of "are you afraid of the dark".

9. i like giving fake names when waiting for my order or to be seated. mainly because i don't like seeing people write my name wrong.

10. i have what is called "driving-someplace-new-phobia". it's a real condition. no it's not. basically it means i have a huge phobia of driving to new places and getting lost, because 97% of the time i do. in basic terms, i'm directionally challenged.

11. i tweet, text, skype, and call my husband when he is in the next room, or even sitting right next to me. i haven't decided yet if this is just because i am lazy or because i think it's cute that he responds back.

{image via

(picture taken wedding day, july 27, 2011)

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awkward and awesome Thursdays

- getting hit on by 8 year old boys while at a basketball game. "hey, want to get ice cream later?" yeah, i'm a very desired woman..?
- opening up my laptop to find the most recent tab open reading, is Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart's age gap a problem, resulting in the following conversation.
               me: what is this?
             hubs: oh, didn't you have that open already?
               me: definitely not.
             hubs: (sad face) look what you did to me. you turned me into this.
               me: proud of it!
- having high kick contests with boys. not only are they very competitive, but they'll go to the extremes of nearly splitting their pants!
- while watching the bachelor i look over to see mr. taylor's face during a very tender moment between ben and one of the ladies. he was softly smiling. it seems that men find watching romantic scenes entertaining too.
- watching extreme makeover: home edition and realizing that by the end of the episode you've gone through nearly an entire box of kleenex. you get me every time ty!

- starting up my training for the Sundance Film Festival. so very excited! especially now that the snow has decided to fall. it just makes the whole experience that much more magical!
- looking through this wedding. could anything be more precious?
- having american idol back on the air. i never watch the full season, i just really enjoy the auditions. why people go on national television and completely humiliate themselves? the world may never know.
- still having half my bag of peanut butter m&m's left over. finally putting my self control into good use.
- receiving constant picture texts from friends back home of the "snowmageddon" back home. so extremely jealous. honestly, nothing beats seattle snow!
- mr. taylor braiding my hair. need i say more?

little notes

dear self,
all of these late and sleepless nights are not helping with your goal of waking up early. something tells me that waking up at 10 is a little pathetic.

dear weather,
why haven't you brought me all this snow that i was promised. instead you decided to visit my old stomping grounds with white, fresh powder. my parents enjoy it, you are making me miss it.

dear park city,
i visited you yesterday to start up my experience with you for the sundance film festival. pretty pumped, and ready to get my star gazing on!

dear husband,
you are seriously the cutest. you made me all better by cuddling with me in bed at 3 in the afternoon, brushing my hair and giving me a beautiful braid that i rocked all night. you are the best!

dear readers,
i loved all your words of encouragement. really, you all mean so much to me. and my day definitely got better.

dear bachelor ben,
i thought you were super sweet on ashley's season. i just wish you could see past some of these girls ish. i especially wish you kept shawntel around. i really think you guys would have made it. oh the joys (and anxiety) over the bachelor. love it!

dear little sil,
thanks so much for visiting this weekend. loved having some girl time and getting to watch all my chick flicks with someone other than a complaining mr. someone...

dear peanut butter m&ms,
i forgot how addicting you are. my stomach thanks you. my thighs are not so pleased.

dear crazy bread,
your carbs, cheapness and soft biting dough are all so enticing. and dipped in warm marinara sauce? drool worthy.

dear self {part II},
apparently food is number one on the brain right about now. and i don't mind one bit.

something on my mind lately

while home for the holidays i was reminded of something that has been missing for a while. 


for the five months i've been living out here in utah i have done a lot of sitting, watching tv, eating, and walking. all by myself.

and this is not like me. 

i am an outgoing, bubbly, and confident person to be around. i'm the type of person who is not afraid to make a fool of herself, who does anything and everything for their friends, and likes to be the life of the party. 

i don't know what happened between here and back home. i miss having friends. i miss being active. i miss being busy. i miss the old me. 

i feel that for the past five months i have been playing it "safe". i have been playing the victim, like that one girl in high school we all knew too well who was too scared to show the true part of herself. and i don't want to be like that anymore. it's time to let this bird fly. 

 find myself, set her free.

blog love: The Daily Brielle Lee

today i have an awesome new blog to share with all of you - The Daily Brielle Lee. if you like good laughs, beauty and fashion tips, and cute couples, then head on over to her blog. 
xo, tj

What are five words to describe your personality?
This is ALWAYS so hard for me to answer.  Just like in a job interview where they ask you to name your five best qualities.  These are the five words that popped in my head first.  Artistic, Bubbly, Dreamer, Loving, Procrastinator.

What are some of your favorite blogs?
I have SO many blogs that I love and follow on a regular basis.   I would definitely say my top three favorite blogs to read are The Daybook Blog, Simply Sadie Jane, and Kandee The Makeup Artist. 

Future dream goals?
I would love to attend a fabulous makeup, fashion, & hair design school down in California.  Before I met my sweet husband I was going to attend the Fashion Institute of Design Merchandising in San Diego, but instead I fell in love and got married at the age of 19!  Best decision I ever made.  I did attend Avalon school of Cosmetology in February of 2011 and am now a certified makeup artist in bridal, editorial, commercial and runway makeup.  With the skills that I do have though, I have always wanted to be a professional makeup artist for movie’s and actors.  I am in LOVE with the idea of being on movie sets like Pirates of the Caribbean or Enchanted doing their makeup. 

What is on the top of your resolutions list this year?
You can read my blog post on my New Year resolutions.I am focusing on becoming my best self.  I decided not to make a huge list of things to accomplish; I want to focus on doing things that will benefit my spiritual, mental, and physical growth.  The thing with New Year resolutions is, I only tend to keep them for the first month and then I never accomplish them.  It’s awful!  Hopefully by having this simple motto to live by this year, I won’t feel so guilty about not accomplishing my goals by next New Year. 

What’s your favorite thing to do with your husband? 
The hubs and I have a love for movies and pizza.  My favorite thing to do with him is to have a pizza picnic in the front room, snuggle up and watch a movie.  It’s our time to unwind from the busy day and just spend time together relaxing!  We usually end up giggling and talking for most the movie, but that’s ok! 

What are you doing when you are not blogging?
Working.  HAHA Okay so the question really should be when I’m not working and blogging?  I am a big crafter.  If I could spend my days doing makeup, crafting, drawing or painting I would be one happy woman!  I absolutely love art, which is why I love makeup so much!   I also will spend a lot of time with my husband where we like to go out on dates, flirt and just talk.  Ya know all that cute stuff married folks do. 

What is your go-to piece - lipstick, mascara, top, etc.?
Man this is hard!  I’m a makeup artist so all my makeup is my go-to piece! The thing I love most about makeup is that you can be wearing a hideous outfit, but if you have some rockin makeup on, your outfit will somehow look good.  Weird I know, but pay attention next time you’re walking down the street.  A lot of times it’s the makeup that’s the finishing touch for an outfit.  If I have to pick one go-to piece I would say mascara.  It will open up your eyes and make you look more alert and awake. 

You recently went through a hair makeover.  What was your inspiration?
I am a lover of all sorts of hair color and hair lengths.  I battle what I should do every time I go to get my hair done.  If you know me, you know that I have been every hair color out there and that I can never make up my mind on what I want to do!  I decided I needed a big change for the New Year.  I wanted something bold, sassy, fun, easy, and different.   Diana Agron was my main inspiration!   Also Silver from 90210 (I forgot her real name! Sorry.)  The cut is a short stacked bob and the color is the new ombre (melted) look.  I LOVE it.  I went from a super dark brown to an all over blonde in a matter of hours.  I was completely in shock of what I had just done.  This is the shortest I have ever been, but I absolutely love it!

Now you lovelies know a little more about me! Come stop by my little blog where I talk about love, makeup, life, dreams, beauty, fashion, crafts and everything in between.  Thanks Lady T for letting me drop by!

thanks brielle! now go on and follow her at The Daily Brielle Lee!

love, love, love

"the best love is the kind that awakens the soul..." 
- the notebook

i know it's only the middle of january, but honestly these past few months have gone by too quickly. i mean, did christmas even happen? with that said, i want to do something fun that will awaken the soul for this coming valentine's day. inspired by the lovely miss lauren, i want to create a mega post of love from around the world. if you'd like to join in, send me a photograph with the person (or pet) you love as well as the city and state you are from. i promise it will be fun!

email photograph to:  mr.taylorandhislady [at] gmail [dot] com

all you need is love.

awkward and awesome Thursdays

the other day i recieved an email about doing a guest post for the month of February all about love for valentines day. you were to choose one question out of 16 to answer. and the one i choose was both awkward and awesome.

do you have a special pet name for your crush?

{circa 2009)


Mr. Taylor and I met our junior year of high school. You know, those times when everyone is super serious and genuine (not). I walked into class and one of the first seats I saw was next to him so I walked on over, plopped myself down and introduced myself. Of course Mr. Taylor's response was, "Yeah, I'm never going to remember your name." Nice!

A few days later, and getting chummy with everyone, all the guys I was sitting next to decided that my name was too hard to say quickly so they wanted to come up with something else. After a few seconds they choose the name Butters. Yes, the South Park character that always get picked on. And so it was. From then on out, pretty much everyone in school started calling me Butters, but I didn't really mind because it became this inside joke with me and all the guys, mainly Mr. Taylor.

The next year when the hubs and I became best friends I decided it was time he had a nickname too. I thought hard for a moment but nothing came to mind. I looked into his deep brown, luscious (too far?) eyes, and just blurted out, "Poopface!" Yep, there it was, Butters and Poopface. And so it has stuck for 7 plus years. Best. Pet names. Ever! 

little notes

dear husband,
i just love when you put on snazzy music and dance around while helping with the dishes. it makes the time go faster. and you have the moves like jagger ,)

dear self,
you really need to pry yourself out of bed before 9. seriously, it's starting to get pathetic.

dear goldfish,
get. in. my. belly. *crackers that is!

dear wednesday,
i like you because you bring me modern family and face off. don't watch them? you should!

dear gavi,
thank you for the funny, daily phone calls. you are seriously keeping me sane while all in my lonesome.

dear dishes,
it would be nice if you could start washing yourself from now on. my hands are starting to become permanently pruny.

dear jeggings,
you have been my knight in shining armor. i might have to start relying on you less, however, because this whole "unbutton my pants just to sit down thing" is not attractive anymore.

dear jack shepherd,
i love you. is that too forward? i just think your manliness, doctor smarts, survival skills, and "jack scruff" are pretty sexy. i think it's all these LOST episodes i've been watching lately.

dear facebook,
i'm not a big fan of change. and that timeline you are creating? it's a no go in my book.

dear tina fey,
thank you for the nightly giggles. you end my nights on a high note. #bossypants

                                                                     {image via}

january sponsors

i'm still in shock that it is actually twenty-twelve. this past year was such a whirlwind: my internship, graduating, getting married, moving to utah, and having all the best holidays spent as a married woman. there were lessons learned, friends lost, patience tested, and all the good things that come with growing up. i look forward to this new year and what is to come with this here blog, my amazing marriage, my continued job search, and moving plans. but until then, i want to live in the present. i want to enjoy each month as it comes. and here to kick start this month are just some of my lovely new sponsors, so give them some love! and make sure to check out the rest on the sidebar!

Hello. My name is Bri from The Secret Life of Bee. I’m a photographer, wife, and lover of vintage things. I am often mistaken for Aubrey Plaza or the girl from Parks and Recreation. I am a reader and rice crispy treat eater. 

My blog is a creative outlet for me. I post a lot of photos and I talk a lot about my husband and estate sales. I like to see the world through a camera and my blog is a way to document that.

I am not a big fan of resolutions. I like to make goals on my birthday; which just happens to be in December, so it works. In my 22nd year I want to love more. I want to show more kindness and consideration to the people around me: family, friends and strangers.

See more of my husband and me at The Secret Life of Bee.


hi friends! 

my name is lauren and i’m a freshman in college. i just started my blog in september as a way to share my life with my family back home. i love all things vintage and love to go thrifting in my free time. i write about adventures at school, the things & people i love, and my day to day life. 

i’m most looking forward to opening my big cartel shoppe in 2012 and hope to have some success in doing so. i’ve been working on it for a couple weeks and am really excited to get that rollin’ in 2012.

i hope you stop by and say hello ;)


Hi! My name is Jordan and I started The Sweetest Things as a place to share the things I love. One of those things being my love for all things sweet! You will find everything from recipes to weekend happenings and DIY projects. Oh, and you will probably see lots of pictures of my sweet pup, Sallie :)

I have made several goals for 2012, which you can find on my blog. But, a few key goals are: making more time for reading, trying new recipes each week, drinking more water and running a half marathon! Looks like I'll be busy this year, but I like busy. I wish you all the best in 2012 and don't forget to hop on over and check out more on The Sweetest Things! xoxo

look what happened...

the result of a very boring, and unproductive day. 
what are some things you love to do when you are in a funk?
suggestions needed below.

words to lead your life

{ driving through the montana / idaho border }
Promise Yourself
To be so strong that nothing
can disturb your peace of mind.
To talk health, happiness, and prosperity
to every person you meet.

To make all your friends feel
that there is something in them.
To look at the sunny side of everything
and make your optimism come true.

To think only the best, to work only for the best,
and to expect only the best.
To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others
as you are about your own.

To forget the mistakes of the past
and press on to the greater achievements of the future.
To wear a cheerful countenance at all times
and give every living creature you meet a smile.

To give so much time to the improvement of yourself
that you have no time to criticize others.
To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear,
and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.

To think well of yourself and to proclaim this fact to the world,
not in loud words but great deeds.
To live in faith that the whole world is on your side
so long as you are true to the best that is in you.  
- Christian D. Larson

awkward and awesome Thursdays

- looking like my mom in the above picture. glasses that reach the "above the eye brow" status are mega cool!
- oh hey, remember my skiing trip? yeah, so i did make it down some runs (a total of 2). once i started feeling comfortable, i got a little cocky and thought i was ready for a challenge. i made it down 1/4 of the way and decided i'd make the bold move to fall and cry. yep, i played the baby card and mr. taylor helped me take off my ski's as we walked all the way back up. i cannot tell you the amount of stares we received walking up this slope that everyone was plowing quickly down. yes, hi. i'm that person who chickened out. newbie right here.
- going out for breakfast in wallace, ID and being waited on by a waitress wearing sweatpants. aw, the joys of small town living.
- car rides = air flight-esque sleep positioning. i.e. head tilted 45 degrees backwards, mouth open ever so slightly, lots of car passing stares. allison demonstrates so beautifully above.
- finding ourselves in the butt-crack of Nowhere, MT to fill up on gas while driving home. i thought leatherface would pop out any minute and use my face as his own personal slippers. too much?

- ringing in the new year with my hubby. we kept it simple: went out for mexican, rented a movie, watched all channels of seattle and new york countdowns, drank martinelli's, gave kisses, and watched neighborhood fireworks. we kept it old people style and were in bed by 12:10 on the dot.
- being able to see most of the people i wanted to see over the break.
- coming back to UT with more christmas presents and letters to open. the holidays aren't over yet at the taylor household!
- gaining a little cushion for the pushin' with all the christmas treats. i decided to see this as a plus, because it gives me a goal to reach now that mr. t and i are joining a gym. new years resolutions being completed one by one!
- and finally, coming across this "lipstick for a cause". yes, buying lipstick has now gotten even better! let the obsession continue...

mini getaway

pictures of 2012 thus far...

mr. taylor and i are enjoying the last of our adventure surrounded by a nice roaring fire, a bowl of ice cream in hand, and blasting some good ol' glee soundtracks. for the past two days we have relaxed in a quaint tiny town in idaho, right on the border of montana. we've been getting our reading on, movie watching, lots of walks, lots of great "townie" food, and of course skiing. now i must admit, i have not been skiing since i was seven years old. and being surrounded by basic pros...well, you could say it was not a pretty sight. but i got my groove on and rocked that bunny hill like nobody's business. and the hubs was a good sport and acting as my safety net all the way down. yes, i'm one of those who 'pizza' and 'pretzels' slowly all the way down (ski lingo). i don't like going fast, i don't like hard. just give me the quick and easy.

so far i have been kicking 2012's bootah!

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