new years, 2012

happy new year! 

there is just something so magical about new years eve. perhaps it's the optimism that is in the air, the anticipated midnight kisses, and being surrounded by those who matter most. no matter what the occasion, i am just so happy that it's the beginning of a new year and a fresh start with whole new goals to embrace!

forgive me because i cannot seem to remember where i got this idea but just like how i created my twelve before twelve, this is twelve before thirteen. each month i have designated a goal that i plan to complete and check off my list. one goal for every one month. simple enough right? i highly recommend you join in on the fun and really get around to checking off all those things you are hoping to complete.
make it fun, make it easy, make a change!

twelve by thirteen
(new years resolutions)

start a gym membership and get my booty in shape. 
OH, and unsubscribe from everything that creates clutter in my mail box!!

reach 800 followers! so help make this happen and grab a button.

go on a little mini vacation for my star birthday celebration!

spring cleaning, painting, and reorganizing furniture around the house.

learn a new language. i'm thinking either french, spanish or norwegian.

don't procrastinate and be on time for everything. (this is definitely one of my worst qualities)

one year wedding anniversary. one year down, eternity to go!

connect with friends. make it a point to meet up with friends regularly before heading back down to utah. 

keep a list of things that make me instantly happy every day of the month!

come up with a kick-butt halloween costume to wear to a halloween party.

forgive all grudges that i've been holding on to.

volunteer and give service to one main organization.

here's to a new year!

p.s. for those of you who are sponsoring mr. taylor and his lady for the month of January, make sure to send me your ads today so i can send you all an email with further info. thanks!

the cabin, according to my iphone

building igloos
snowball fights
christmas lights
napoleon the snowman
candlelit christmas dinner
lots and lots of late night snowfall
snow kisses
falling trees
"a christmas story"

romantic two-day getaway to the cabin. priceless.

*notice how the words formed a christmas tree? yeah, totally planned. no, actually it wasn't. that just shows how much i got the christmas spirit in me. adore the holidays!!

holiday guest post {by Jillian}

well my  friends, christmas is over (boo) and it's now time to start prepping ourselves to ring in the new year! i already have my new years goals down and ready to share with you all, but what about the big night when we are getting ourselves dolled up for that fantasized kiss and picture perfect night. well, i have jillian here to help you with all things good and new years-y!!
make sure to check out her blog, she's a doll ,)


Hey ladies & gents,


I'm Jillian over from Boyish Chic & I'm psyched to do a guest post for the lovely & adorable TJ (doesn't her blog rule?)!

NYE in Paris // via
Since I write a style blog, I wanted to have some fashion incorporated into this post. New Year's Eve is a time to go all out. That's right. Bust out the velvet, sequins, lace, bows, glitter, statement pieces! 'Cause NYE is all about bringing the new year in right & celebrating the good times to come. Why not go out in with a bang?!
I was going to post some dresses you could buy, but then realized that it's a little late to buy online for NYE. So instead, I suggest finding those pieces in your closet you never know when to wear - and ROCK 'EM. Add some red or hot pink lipstick and/or a glitter headband, belt or nail polish. Find a sequin clutch at TJMaxx if you don't have one/are on a budget. You don't want to go overboard, but you can certainly push the envelope for NYE on what's over the top versus what's just right. Plus, it's always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

via Free People
Now that we talked a little NYE fashion, you should know I'm not only a style blogger! I'm an entrepreneur, a photographer, a foodie, a daughter, a friend... you get the gist. That being said, I'd also like to share some of my resolutions with you for 2012 (man, it's weird to write that):
  • This past year has been a rollercoaster for me in my personal & business life. It has been non stop! Most of that is good, but some not so great. I tend to be a workaholic & when I get stressed, I take it out on myself. One of my resolutions is to not be so hard on myself & to take some me time. Everyone will benefit from keeping myself sane & heart-happy. 
  • Going along with the above is: learning to say no! Boy, do I strongly dislike saying no. I looooove to say yes. I love to do everything, all at once & help as many people as I can. It's my nature. But, I really need to learn that I can't possibly do everything - no one can. So I need to learn when it's okay to say no in order to keep myself from getting overwhelmed.
  • Letting go of clothes: okay, okay, this is a style one. I hold on to clothes for waaayy too long & they just sit in my closet. I still have clothes from early high school. I'm 23. Ha! I can't let go of the nostalgia! I need to work on that..
  • Exercising more. This will not only make me feel better about myself, but will physically make me less tired & more able to do what I need to. I need to make a plan for daily work outs & stick to it.
There's plenty more, but I'll leave it at that for today. Do you have any resolutions of the new year? Any plans for what you'll wear on New Year's Eve? Post some photos & share! I'd love to see.

Thanks so much for having me! You rock.
And have an incredibly HAPPY NEW YEAR!

xx. Jillian of Boyish Chic

merry belated christmas

"I want an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot 
range model air rifle!"
no, but my fifteen year old brother did get a legit tomahawk and a ninja star for christmas. yeah, i don't know what my parents were thinking either. but it was pretty sweet spending christmas day chucking those things around at the trees out back.
i hope all of you had a merry christmas and very happy holidays! as part of my christmas gift from mr. taylor, we are headed to his snowy covered cabin in lake wenatchee where he'll make me a romantic dinner, we'll play in the snow and cuddle up to some great cheesy movies (just the two of us). yes, i did just break out into dr. evil's love song for his mini me while writing that.
while i'm away, i have an awesome new years guest post lined up for you all tomorrow. and if you just can't get enough of me until then, follow me on twitter, instagram (username: hislittlelady), facebook, or my new tumblr, where you can get all things mr. taylor and his lady. oh joy! ha

see you wednesday!!

blondes have more fun

this is a disclaimer: i do not believe that blondes are stupid by any means. and being a somewhat blonde myself, i can definitely say that i am a highly intelligent lady. but sometimes i have my "blonde" moments where i seem to say things before...thinking. 
so here are a few of my families favorite 'tj moments' that they like to remind me of on a daily basis. enjoy at my own expense.

1. friend: ...we'll have to leave the country then.
        me: yeah, let's move to hawaii!
    friend: (silent stare)

2. {baking cake from box}
        me: katie, i need help baking this birthday cake for my friend.
     sister: sure, what do you need help with?
        me: all of it?

3.     me: do you want anything to drink?
   friend: sure, do you have any coke?
        me: let me go check 
              (goes to the fridge)
              sorry, we don't have coke, we only have coca cola.

4. {cooking in the kitchen}
        me: oh my gosh, jonnie, i just sprayed pam in my mouth, what do i do?
  brother: what do you mean?
        me: well, the back says "if swallowed, seek medical attention."

5. {while playing Outburst Junior}
      hubs: what body parts come in pairs? go!
        me: ears, feet, hands, eyes, nostrils, um, kidney?
      hubs: yep, keep going.
        me: wait, we don't have two stomaches right?
      hubs: no, we are not cows.

6. {while playing Outburst Junior}
        me: name U.S. states that border canada.
      hubs: washington, idaho, montana, minnesota, new york, alaska...
        me: ha, NO! alaska doesn't border canada
      hubs: um, yes it does!
        me: well, that ones just hard because they always show it in a tiny box like hawaii on the maps.

7. {while helping my sister cook}
        me: okay, it calls for two cups of milk.
     sister: here you go (hands me a 1 cup measuring cup)
        me: but it calls for two cups.
     sister: you fill it up twice.  
  brother: are you serious?

happy friday and happy almost christmas!

awkward and awesome Thursdays

{st. maarten, honeymoon, mr. taylor)

- the image above
- running into everyone and their mom at the mall while mr. taylor and i wore our amazing matching sweaters. "oh hi, yes, i haven't seen you in 5 year. and yes, we are wearing matching nutcracker sweaters for santa. thank you for noticing."
- oh, and speaking of those matching sweaters, mr. taylor was definitely sporting my mom's nutcracker sweater for three days straight.
- eating an entire plate of cookies in t-minus 10 minutes. i think my mouth literally inhaled the plate, i'm not quite sure.
- going out to dinner for my brothers birthday celebration and realizing that an old co-worker is now waiting on my table. right out of a movie, the following conversation goes as follower:
me: (whispering into the hubs ear) oh gosh, i used to work with her at ruby's diner. please don't recognize me, please don't recognize me, please don't recognize me.
girl: tanya?
me: oh hiiiiiiiii...

- being home for the holidays. i spent the day yesterday enjoying a three hour lunch date with one of my childhood bff's and her new baby, and then having a two hour play date with the three children i used to nanny and their amazing mom who i consider my sister. honestly, she's amazing. and may or may not have bribed me to move back home to work for her again. love!
- being home for the holidays and being able to eat free food i honestly have gained 7 pounds since being home. i keep telling myself i'm joining a gym when i get back home....yeah.
- hanging out with this girl while being home. she's pretty awesome. plus, with her around i get to watch all the chick flicks i want.
- driving around and seeing all the pretty christmas lights. of course, i'm saving the best for christmas eve! can't wait to share on instagram!
- holiday guest posts, like this one.
- reaching 600 followers! i can't believe it, you all are rockstars!

matching sweaters

hey, do you remember me? 
i feel like i've been pretty quiet around the blogging world lately, and i apologize. i promise, more christmasy pictures and giggles are headed your way. in the meantime, just a few announcements for this wednesday:

1. all of my free small ads are taken up for the month of January for sponsorships. however, i do still have large and medium sized ads open so if interested email me at
mr.taylorandhislady {at} gmail {dot} com

2. my new goal to reach 600 followers by the new year is almost complete. help make this a possibility and spread the word!

3. my little brother turned 15 yesterday, resulting in him acquiring his driving permit. if you live in the king county area you might want to stay off the roads ,)

4. i was featured over here the other day on my secret (but not so much) blog obsession. go and check it out!

5. i am still in denial that this sunday will be christmas! in fact, i may or may not still have a few more shopping excursions to go. and by maybe, i mean a definite yes. so to take my mind of the craziness you should tell me any fun/weird/out of this world ridiculous traditions that you all do. or, if you are like me, any crazy shopping experiences you have encountered this season. go ahead, make my day!

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