here's to happiness {by Jackie}

just because the thanksgiving season is said and done doesn't mean that we no longer have things to be grateful for. so here to continue on with the "here's to happiness" tradition is the lovely...

10 things that make Jackie terribly happy
1. good hair days that just magically happen
2. Skype calls from my deployed loverboy
3. riding my bike around campus and being known as "that girl with the cute bike"
4. turning off the gross overhead lights and spending my evenings in the glow of white Christmas lights
5. The Office marathons with my awesome roommate- we're almost to Season 7!
6. breakfast for dinner when i go home to visit my family
7. a little sister best friend who keeps getting more and more fun to hang out with every time
8. chocolate in any form. namely chocolate ice cream, hershey's chocolate bars with almonds, and homemade chocolate chip cookies
9. pretty nail polish that brightens my day everytime i look at it. i can be having a fat day and a bad hair day all wrapped in one, but it's hard to have a bad nail day
10. beautiful words. i'm a sucker for pretty quotes and love poems

*psst, want to join in on the fun? for the month of december i want to put a "here's to happiness" post together for every saturday. the catch? i want your lists to be centered around december holidays alone! hanukkah, kwanzaa, chrismukkah, you name it. so become a follower and send me your lists, along with a kick butt holiday picture! i'll be waiting ;)

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thanksgiving recap {part II}

keep reading if your eyes have not become blind from the picture overload...

okay, many of you asked so i guess i'll fess up. that beautiful black lip that i sported over this holiday season came from a pillow fight. pathetic, right? cue the underwhelmed response to your curiosity. and now the bruise has decided to invade my upper outer lip. no amount of make-up seems to cover it up so i decided to embrace it as some sort of beauty mark (or at least that is what i am telling myself).

oh, and you see those awesome shots up top? yeah, those are from over the thanksgiving break. it seems my little sister-in-law and i had more fun than i can even share. but it consisted of a lot of shopping, a lot of food / dessert, TONS of abc family christmas movies, boy advice, and laughter. my other big sister-in-law came to visit too, with her adorable family, including that beautiful dog a lot of you were commenting on. yeah...sadly he's not mine. needless to say, my new family is rad!

now that that's out of the way, on to some important announcements:
1. the thanksgiving giveaway closes tomorrow morning, so hurry your little buns over and enter before it ends. trust me, the products you get to choose between are so perfect for that simple addition to your wardrobe. just think of it as a continuation of your cyber monday shopping...but it's free!
2. mr. taylor and his lady has got itself a little TUMBLR account. still figuring this whole new virtual world out, but it's pretty bomb diggity, so make sure to give that a little gander.
3. i have two more medium sized space ads up for grabs. email me if interested.

happy tuesday!

thanksgiving, according to my iPhone

{images via instagram: hislittlelady}

fat lip
macy's thanksgiving day parade
christmas lights
christmas movie marathon
black friday
bed head
temple lights

gobble gobble

happy thanksgiving my loves! the day is finally here. as we speak i am making my designated thanksgiving dish while watching the macy's thanksgiving day parade (obviously). the fire is on, the food is a cookin' and the comfy pajamas are being worn. come noon, this house will be bustling with christmas music galore. can not contain my excitement enough.
but here's to all of you on this happiest and thankful of days. i pray for your safe travels, happy memories with family and friends, great food, and hopefully fast metabalisms to burn off all these calories. but who cares, it's winter time, and winter time means it's acceptable to put on those couple extra pounds for warmth...right?
on that happy note, i leave you with this beauty until Monday. GOBBLE GOBBLE!

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